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About James Drury

James Drury was an American actor who was best known for his starring role in the Western television series 'The Virginian'.
A native of New York City, James Drury was interested in acting from a very young age and studied drama to help launch his career. He lent his acting talents to a number of plays and had small parts in films and shows before getting his big break with 'The Virginian'.
Keep reading to learn more about the actor who used his Western roots to build a successful acting career for himself!

James Drury Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was James Drury’s net worth?

James Drury's net worth today would be around $1 million. His earnings are mostly thanks to his leading role on 'The Virginian', a famous Western television show that ran from 1962 to 1971.

How much did James Drury earn per year?

James Drury is thought to have earned around $400,000 every year, thanks to his various roles in films and television series.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was James Drury?

James Drury was around 6 ft (183 cm) tall.

How old was James Drury?

James Child Drury was born on April 18, 1934, which made him 85 years old at the time of his death on April 6, 2020. He died from natural causes.

Childhood And Education

James Child Drury Jr. was brought into this world on April 18, 1934, by James Child and Beatrice Crawford Drury of New York City. His upbringing was split between New York and his mother's farm in Salem, Oregon.
Drury showed a keen interest in acting from an early age and got his first acting role at the age of 12 in a roadside show of 'Life With Father', put on by a touring company. To further his career, he studied drama at New York University and completed his degree at the University of California, Los Angeles.
James was taken on by MGM in 1954, where he took on small roles in their films. He soon moved over to 20th Century Fox, after which he was taken on by Universal Studios and given the leading role in the Western series 'The Virginian', which gave him his big break.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was James Drury's family?

James Drury was born to Beatrice Crawford Drury and James Child Drury. He was named after his father, who was Professor of Marketing at New York University.

Who was James Drury’s spouse?

James Drury had three marriages during the course of his life. He first married Cristall Orton in 1957, and had two sons with her, named Timothy Drury and James Drury III. They divorced in 1964, after which he married Phyllis Mitchell. He and Phyllis Mitchell divorced in 1979, after which, he initiated a relationship with the actress Mary Ann Mobley, before finally marrying Carl Ann Head in 1979. They remained married for 40 years until Head died on August 25, 2019. James Drury died of natural causes not long after, on April 6, 2020.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

James Drury is best known for having the titular role in the NBC series 'The Virginian', which ran from 1962 to 1971. He also appeared in many other television shows during his career, before officially retiring in 2005.
He was a guest star on 'Alias Smith And Jones', 'The Fall Guy', and 'The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.'.
Before he landed the lead role on the TV series 'The Virginian', he appeared in other Western television shows 'Cheyenne', 'Wagon Train', and 'Broken Arrow'.
He also took on the role of Captain Spike Ryerson on 'Firehouse', however, the ABC television series was unfortunately canceled prematurely. He also starred as Captain Tom Price in 'Walker, Texas Ranger' for the first three episodes.
He starred in a few films as well, with small roles in the films 'The Last Wagon', 'The Forbidden Planet', 'Ten Who Dared', 'Blackboard Jungle', and 'Ride The High Country'. He mostly took on Western film projects, staying true to his 'The Virginian' roots.
His last role was on the television series 'Tales Of The Cap Gun Kid' in 2012.

What awards had James Drury won?

James Drury won a number of awards for his work in film and television over the years. He enjoyed quite a long-lived career, spanning from 1955 to 2005!
He was awarded the Bronze Wrangler by the Western Heritage Museum for his role in 'The Virginian'.
For his work, he was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers, at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma.

James Drury’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from being a proficient actor, James was also an amazing sportsperson and regularly participated in activities like skiing, golf, scuba diving, tennis, and sailing.
He also loved reading books and was a voracious reader even as a child.

Other Interesting James Drury Facts And Trivia

James Drury spent a lot of his younger years on his mother's farm in Salem, Oregon, where his maternal grandfather, John Crawford, taught him everything about marksmanship, woodworking, and horseback riding. He credited these skills for his success in his Western acting career.
James also dabbled in business for a while and was quite involved in the oil and natural gas business in Houston, Texas during the early 20th century.
A movie adaptation of 'The Virginian' starring Bill Pullman, was made in 2000 and James Drury had a cameo role in the film.
James's son Timothy Drury is a musician. He is a guitarist, keyboardist, and singer and has worked with the rock bands Whitesnake and The Eagles.

James Drury Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

James Drury

Date of Birth


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Place of Birth

New York City


183 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?





New York University, UCLA

Net Worth



Carl Ann Head


Beatrice Drury, James Child Drury

Annual Earnings

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