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About James Kennedy

James Kennedy is a famous TV star and personality, he has amazed people across the globe with his stand-up comedy!
James Kennedy is not just a television personality, he has tried his hands at multiple professions. James Kennedy is also a very famous British comedian and actor, and a very successful musician as well.
James Kennedy also goes by the nickname James, which is very famous among fans. He is a television personality and is best known for his acting roles. Kennedy started his career with music and soon he became well recognized across London, he quickly started forming his grip on other platforms as well and today Kennedy is a known figure in England. James has appeared in various reality shows but he is more famous for his music career. Many believe that his DJ skills are a gift from his father who also happens to be a musician. James's mother was also a very well reputed actress.

James Kennedy Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is James Kennedy’s net worth?

This famous DJ and song producer is widely known for his role in 'Vanderpump Rules'. The total net worth of James Kennedy is approximately four million and it's contributed to his many professions. The actor is also well renowned for his role in 'Bravo After Hours With Carrie Keagan'. The famous star is a certified and well-recognized DJ and is known to produce some of the most wonderful electric music. Some of the best works of James Kennedy in the music industry is 'See You Next Tuesday'.

How much does James Kennedy earn per year?

The television and Instagram personality has gathered a lot of money from his role in 'Vanderpump Rules'. The star was being paid between $12000-$15000 per episode for the show. The music career of James is also a big hit. The star is known to perform live concerts for a very hefty price.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is James Kennedy?

James Kennedy is similar in height to his father. The famous DJ and TV star is 5.9 ft (1.8 m) tall, which is a very good height according to Las Vegas standards.

How old is James Kennedy?

James' birthday falls on January 26, 1992. Since he is well-reputed in many fields people think he is older, however, he is only 30 years old!

Childhood And Education

James grew up with his two brothers, Harry and Dylan. His father, Mr. Anders Georgiou was a managing director and had close ties with a famous singer of that time. This influenced James to pursue his career in singing. From a very young age, James was interested in music and wanted to make a career for himself in this industry. The real name of James before getting into the music industry was James Georgiou. James completed his high school at the nearest local school in his hometown. Quickly after completing the basic education James started focusing more on music. From a very young age, James closely watched his parents and was greatly influenced by them. He became a musician from seeing his father's music career and shortly after, he started gaining interest in acting as well since he grew up watching his mothers' work in the acting industry.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is James Kennedy dating?

James has widely known for his role in 'Vanderpump Rules' and that's where he met his co-star Raquel Leviss. The stars have been dating for a long time now. James is not married yet, he however has proposed to his girlfriend in May 2021, and the two love birds currently live happily together. James is very active on Instagram and thus he keeps sharing sneak peeks of their life on social media platforms every so often. However, as of January this month it seems the couple is having problems. From January of this year, news surfaced that the couple ended their engagement, however, the couple didn't comment on it.

James Kennedy's Family

James' mother's name is Jacqueline Georgiou and she was a very famous actress, now retired. James is very close to his parents, he was the closest to his grandmother as well. James grew up with his two brothers, he doesn't have any sisters and he is known to love spending quality time with his family. His mother Jacqueline is known for her roles in 'Ray Donovan' and 'Call Me Crazy'. His father Andros Georgiou is known for his famous music career and his songs such as 'Jive Talkin', 'Golden Soul' and 'Gave It All Away'. The actor doesn't have a son or daughter.

Career And Professional Highlights

With a total net worth of $4 million (as of 2022), the famous actor and musician is best known for his acting work in the all-time famous series 'Vanderpump Rules', the best musical work of this England-based DJ is ' See You Next Tuesday'. The actor has appeared on many shows, 'The Playboy Morning Show', 'Vanderpumped Self' are a few of his widely applauded works.

Best Known For…

Out of all the roles played by this London-based actor, the best-known work is his role in 'Vanderpump Rules'. The actor works as a busboy in the reality show where he briefly talks about his background and early life. The star is also known for his music career.

James Kennedy’s Hobbies And Interests

James is known to share a lot about his life on his Instagram. He also mentioned that he likes going out with friends and spending quality time with his family. James is known to organize some of the most high-profile parties in Hollywood. In fact, at one of his parties is where he met with co-star Raquel and later started dating.

Other Interesting James Kennedy Facts And Trivia

  • James weighs around 165 lb (75 kg) and was born in London, United Kingdom.
  • The star didn't receive any formal college education.
  • The eye color of James Kennedy is brown.
  • James is also a very famous athlete and an entrepreneur.
  • After trying his hand at acting, James decided to be a director and producer, shortly afterward he also started writing as well.
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Raquel leviss


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