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James Michener published over 40 novels during the span of his career.
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James Michener was an American Writer from Pennsylvania.
Michener was a Pulitzer prize-winning Author. He was known for his research on various political, historical, geological, and cultural topics.
Michener was one of the most prolific authors in American history. He was known for penning the 'Tales Of The South,' 'The Fires Of Spring,' 'Hawaii,' and shared his wartime experiences in the South Pacific in a few of his books. He authored over 40 novels during his career, with many a best seller. He was known for embodying the values that the average American can relate to and was often referred to as hardworking and smart. His work was interlaced with pure down-to-earth humanism and goodwill, making him a household name in the literary world for years to come. This article will give you an insight into the life of the best-selling and renowned author, James Michener. From height and age to career and professional highlights, this article will tell you

About James Michener

James Michener was an author from Pennsylvania, USA. He was a fiction Writer, penning over 40 books detailing the lives of various generations, families, localities, and history. Many of his literary works went on to be bestsellers, mainly due to the extensive research he put into his work.

James Michener Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What was James Michener's net worth?

It is estimated that James Michener amassed a total net worth of approximately $120,000,000 throughout his career.

How much did James Michener earn per year?

Michener's annual earnings are currently unknown.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall was James Michener?

Michener's height is unknown

How old was James Michener?

James Michener was born on February 3, 1907. He died on October 16, 1997, when he was 90 years old.

Childhood And Education

On February 3, 1907, Michener was born but did not know where he was born or who his biological parents were. He was adopted by Mabel Michener and raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Michener went to Doylestown High School in 1925, followed by Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. He graduated summa cum laude from Swarthmore college in 1929 with an Arts degree in English and History.
Michener attended the University of St Andrews in Scotland for two years following this.
In 1933, Michener became an English teacher at George School, Newtown, Pennsylvania. In 1936, he attended Colorado State Teachers College and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Education. Following this, he taught at the College High School, Colorado.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Michener did not know his biological parents. He was adopted and raised by Mabel Michener.

Who was James Michener's partner?

Michener was married three times. He married his first wife, Patti Koon, in 1935. They were married till 1948.
In 1948, Michener married Vange Nord. They were married till 1955.
In 1955, Michener married Mari Yoriko Sabusawa. They were married till her death in 1994.

Career And Professional Highlights

Michener began his career while traveling across the South Pacific as a naval historian during World War.

Best Known For…

During his travels, Michener made many notes and impressions. He soon turned these notes into his first breakout literary work, 'Tales Of The South Pacific,' in 1947. He was 40 years old at the time. 'Tales Of The South Pacific' went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1948.
Michener's novels were known for the extensive research he conducted on historical, cultural, and geological concepts and events. 'Hawaii' and 'Rocky Mountains Of The American West' were two of his novels centered around research.
Michener was also known to write very lengthy novels, many of which contained over 1,000 pages.
Michener sold over 75 million copies of his novels worldwide.

Charity Work

During his time, James Michener, the Pulitzer prize winner, was an active philanthropist. He donated 90% of his wealth to cultural, educational, and writing institutions. He even donated $37,000,000 to the University of Texas, making him their largest donor.
In 1989, Michener donated royalties from his novel 'Journey' to establish the 'Journey Prize', a literary competition with a prize of $10,000 awarded to the best short stories by budding Canadian authors.
Although James Michener did not have any children of his own, he provided shelter, food, and education to many underprivileged children.

What awards had James Michener won?

Michener had a prolific writing career, during which he won many awards. These include the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1948, the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 1971, the St Louis Literary Award in 1981, and the US Navy Memorial Foundation Award in 1993.

James Michener's Hobbies And Interests

Michener loved traveling the world, embracing different cultures, and conducting in-depth research on various relevant topics. He also included these topics in his novels and other writing pieces.

Other Interesting James Michener Facts And Trivia

In 1941, Michener enlisted in the United States Navy during World War II. During his time as a naval officer, he traveled across the South Pacific Ocean. His wartime experiences across the South Pacific inspired his very first published novel.
Michener's claim to fame was his novel 'Hawaii,' a combination of intensive historical and geographical research and fiction. 'Hawaii' was followed by a number of best-selling fiction novels that made him a household name worldwide.
In 1960, Michener acted as chairman of the Bucks County committee. In 1962, he ran as a democratic candidate for a seat in the house of representatives but was unsuccessful.
In 1967, James Michener was a member of the Electoral College. This inspired him to write the novel 'Presidential Lottery,' in which he suggested alternatives to the electoral college system, such as using a popular vote by the majority to choose a president. Later, he wrote more fiction pieces.
In 1971, the writer, Michener, wrote the novel 'Kent State: What Happened And Why?', a novel in which he discusses the shooting of college students by the Ohio National Guard in 1970.
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