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About Jane Powell

Back in Hollywood's golden era, there were musical films in which the actors had to perform songs integrated into the storyline and were constantly backed by singing and dancing.
As a result, these musical flicks demand performers who can easily handle their song and dance portions. Today, we'll look at one such actress from the golden age Jane Powell who sang in all her movies.
Jane Powell has appeared in over 22 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical films, 23 stage productions, and several plays, television series, and radio programs. Jane Powell is a renowned actress, singer, and dancer from the golden era with a gentle smile, mesmerizing brown eyes, and classic voice. People from the mid-'50s were drawn to her by Metro-Goldwyn-feel-good Mayer's musical blockbusters.
She co-starred with Howard Keel in 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers,' regarded as one of Hollywood's finest American musical pictures of all time. In the film 'Royal Wedding,' she even danced alongside Fred Astaire, one who is regarded as the greatest dancer in movie history. After a decade of her journey with musicals, she proved herself in television and regional theatres.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jane Powell's net worth?

It is estimated that this Hollywood actress Jane Powell had a net worth of $10 million by the time she died.

How much did Jane Powell earn per year?

After her career took off and this actress obtained more and more roles, it is estimated that she has fetched an annual salary of $400,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jane Powell?

This actress was about 5 ft 1 in (154 cm) in height.

How old was Jane Powell?

This Hollywood actress, singer, and dancer was born on April 1, 1929, and passed away when she was 92 years old. On September 16, 2021, she was buried in Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA.

Childhood And Education

Jane Powell was born in Portland, Oregon, earning American citizenship. She was the only child of Eileen Baker Burce and Paul Emerson Burce, and she was named Suzanne Lorraine Burce at birth. Powell began dance classes at the age of two, and by the age of five, she was on the Portland children's radio show.
She studied dancing at the Agnes Peters School of Dance. The Burce family met a talent scout and dance instructor who encouraged them to relocate to Oakland, California, to attract Hollywood talent agencies. However, after three months, the family returned to Portland, where Powell started singing classes. When Powell was 12 years old, she was chosen as the Oregon Victory Girl. She then began singing on the Portland radio show 'KOIN' and touring Oregon, singing and promoting victory bonds.
Powell began her career at 14 when she was chosen at a Hollywood talent show held in Los Angeles, California. Jane Powell is reported to have accepted to work to appease her parents, although she secretly planned to attend Grant High School in Portland. But her mother discouraged her because she was the only one with good earnings.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jane Powell's partner?

Jane Powell was married to American actor Dickie Moore in 1988 and remained married to him until he died in 2015. However, before meeting Dickie Moore in 1982, she had been married four times and divorced from them. Before marrying, the Dickie Moore and Jane Powell dated for six years to avoid repeating previously failed weddings. After that, the couple lived together cheerfully in New York until their deaths.

Career And Professional Highlights

Jane Powell got her big breakthrough in Hollywood at the age of 14 when she signed a deal with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. Her debut movie was 'Song Of The Open Road,' released in 1944 by United Artists, in which she portrayed Jane Powell and adopted that name as her professional identity.
Following that, Powell arose with films such as 'Delightfully Dangerous' and 'Holiday In Mexico.' Jane Powell was just 19 years old when she landed roles in films such as 'Luxury Liner,' 'Three Daring Daughters,' and 'A Date With Judy.' She also began playing musical comedies like 'Royal Wedding' and 'Rich, Young, And Pretty,' and 'The Girl Most Likely.' Simultaneously, Jane Powell appeared in musical films such as 'Small Town Girl,' Athena, Deep In My Heart,' 'Three Sailors And A Girl,' 'True Love,' and 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers,' to name a few.
By the late '50s, Jane Powell's contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. had ended, and her film possibilities had dwindled, so she moved to stage productions such as 'Oklahoma' and ‘The Most Happy Fella.’
Jane Powell started her television debut with guest appearances on the shows such as 'The Love Boat' and 'Fantasy Island,' and 'Murder, She Wrote.' She worked in soap operas such as 'Loving' and 'The Red Skelton Show,' which garnered her a high reputation, allowing her to continue appearing in multiple episodes for many years. Simultaneously, Jane Powell appeared in theatrical comedies such as 'Next Year; Same Time,' 'The Marriage-Go-Round,' and 'Chapter Two' in the early 1980s. She continued to perform in theater, musicals, and royal weddings until 2010.

Best Known For…

Starting with 1944's 'Song Of The Open Road,' it portrayed Jane Powell as a lovely girl next door, which helped her take her place in future musicals. Jane Powell is most remembered for her role as Milly Pontipee in Stanley Donen's 1954 film 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.' Aside from that, she was most recognized for her roles in 'A Date With Judy,' 'Royal Wedding,' and 'Hit The Deck.' Jane Powell was also well-known for her stage performances in 'My Fair Lady' and 'The Sound Of Music' and her television roles in 'The Love Boat' and 'Growing Pains.'

What awards had Jane Powell won?

Jane Powell was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6818 Hollywood Boulevard to recognize her contributions to motion movies in 1960.

Jane Powell's Hobbies And Interests

Jane Powell had a love of singing and dancing from an early age, which drove her to pursue a career as a good actress in musical movies and as a talented singer and dancer.

Other Interesting Jane Powell Facts And Trivia

  • It has been widely assumed that Jane Powell and William Powell are related since they have the same surname and both worked at the same place; however, they are not.
  • This April-born actress, Jane Powell, rose to prominence with the 1954 musical 'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers,' which was nominated for several honors, including the Academy Award.
  • 'Royal Wedding,' a film by Jane Powell, is another notable movie of hers, reaching an Oscar nomination. In these musicals, she danced brilliantly, heeding the choreographer Gene Kelly, who is well known for his energetic dancing style. Unfortunately, we no longer have him since Gene Kelly died due to health consequences from two earlier heart attacks.
  • Jane Powell sang at the inaugural ball of the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, in 1949, and she has also performed for five further U.S. presidents and the England Queen.
  • Jane Powell was a bridesmaid in Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton's 1950 wedding.
  • Jane Powell's song 'True Love' was the only solo song that reached the top 15 on the Billboard charts and ranked 107 on the pop charts that year.
  • Jane Powell not only established herself through her roles in musicals, but she also appeared in a rare dramatic role in the 1958 Universal Pictures film 'The Female Animal,' which also happened to be co-star Hedy Lamarr's final picture.
  • Jane Powell's autobiography, 'The Girl Next Door' and 'How She Grew,' was published in 1988.
  • Jane Powell juggled her public image while suffering from acute depression and a string of marriages. Despite this, she fought and continued to participate in theater and television programs until the end of her life, a genuine motivation for the future generation to follow.

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Jane Powell Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Suzanne Lorraine Burce

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154 cm

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Actress, Singer


Agnes Peters School Of Dance

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Dickie Moore


Paul Emerson Burce, Eileen Baker Burce

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