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Read Jason Belmonte facts to know more about the major titles and net worth of New South Wales' Jason Belmonte.
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About Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte is a skilled ten-pin bowler from Australia. He was born on July 29, 1983.
He was born in the town of Orange in New South Wales, Australia. In the United States, he competes in PBA Tour tournaments as well as international competitions.
He is well-known for being among the early bowlers who received worldwide recognition for delivering their strikes with a two-handed style.
Jason Belmonte has 29 PBA trophies to his name (eighth all-time), along with a remarkable 14 big tournaments. Jason is one of the very first two PBA bowlers who have completed the Mega Slam, taking over PBA's five major championships while the other bowler is Mike Aulby. He holds six PBA professional player of the year honors, which is almost one fewer than Walter Ray Williams Jr.'s record seven. Jason Belmonte earned a million dollars in his professional career, which is his PBA income, faster and better than just about any other player on record. In the 2019 season, he earned a million dollars. In the game series of 2019, he won 131 events and crossed the 1.5 million milestone. Belmonte owns 25 professional 300-point performances in the PBA Tournament until 2020, as well as the 21st regionally broadcast 300 during 2012 in the PBA. Jason Belmonte has been a professional staff member of Vise Grips, Storm, and 3G Shoes. Belmonte and Storm have teamed up to create the Trend brand of a bowling ball that features the silhouette emblem and the Belmo moniker. In his stellar career path, Jason has achieved 29 PBA Tournament championships, including 14 big or majors. As a result, in the PBA record, this Australian player is the only one to have won 13 big championships, placing Jason in a class by himself. Belmonte, however, has earned three world finals, including the World Bowling Tour (WBT), European Bowling Tour, and World Tenpin Masters.

Jason Belmonte Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jason Belmonte’s net worth?

Jason Belmonte is no doubt a well-recognized ten-pin bowler who has played in many world cups and won many gold medals. Jason Belmonte's net worth in 2019 was $1.5 million, while he was able to earn around $1.3 million in 2018. He is known to do endorsements and is also linked up with many Australian charitable institutions. This player from Australia has a net worth of around $3 million.

How much does Jason Belmonte earn per year?

Jason Belmonte is estimated to earn around $1 million per year. Belmonte has a high net worth and is among the richest bowlers in the world. The richest bowler is Walter Ray William Jr., whose earnings from the PBA events were more than $4.9 million in 2019.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Jason Belmonte?

He stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm). Bowling is an activity that doesn't place any restrictions on size or stature and Belmonte is widely regarded as the greatest player or bowler in history, and not just in his era. Jason was based in the town of Orange, which is located in the middle west area of New South Wales. Therefore, Jason Belmonte is an Australian citizen.

How old is Jason Belmonte?

Jason Belmonte, an Australian bowler, was born on July 29, 1983. He was born in the town of Orange, a regional area of New South Wales in Australia. Taking his birth year, Jason Belmonte is currently 38 years old. He is well known for his traditional style of bowling with two hands. Jason Belmonte's hair color is black, while his eye color is brown.

Childhood And Education

An Australian-born bowler, Jason Belmonte, was born to Aldo Belmonte and Marisa Belmonte. Aldo Belmonte was responsible for establishing the 'Ten Pin Bowl' in the town of Orange, the birthplace of Jason Belmonte and the town he grew up in. When his father, Aldo Belmonte, began the bowling club, Jason Belmonte was only a young toddler. Not much is known about his mother, Marisa Belmonte. Jason Belmonte has a younger sister, Rebecca Belmonte. Throughout his childhood, Belmonte lived with his family and learned the skill of bowling at the bowling club established by his father. He is known to have studied at Kinross Wolaroi School. Jason Belmonte also has a nickname, Belmo. Nicknames where a person's surname is shortened is common in Australia, particularly in regional areas. He has been an active athlete in ten pin bowling since 2000.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jason Belmonte’s partner?

Jason Belmonte is married to Kimberly Shapter. Kimberly Shapter had been known to be in a relationship with Jason Belmonte for a long time, and they got married in 2007. The two are happily married and have four kids, Aria is the eldest, followed by Hugo, Sylvie, and Bowie. Jason Belmonte and Kimberly Shapter had their first daughter after two years of marriage in 2009, while their son, Hugo, was born after three years with his sister in 2012. In 2016, the couple again had a little baby girl, Sylvie. In 2021, they had a son, Bowie and amazed the media. With their four children, the couple, Jason Belmonte and Kimberly Shapter are living a happy life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jason Belmonte is best known around the world for his unique and traditional style of bowling, with a two-hand style or approach. He is known as one of the best Ten-Pin bowler's in the world.

Charity Work

Jason Belmonte is not very vocal about his charity work, but it can be assumed that he does a lot in that regard. After all, being a good person is one of Australia's core values. Some of the charities that he may have donated to in the past include the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He is also known to have donated in support of the devastation caused by the Australian bushfires.

What Awards has Jason Belmonte Won?

Jason has won 29 PBA Tournament championships, including 14 big or majors, in his bowling career. Because of this, in the PBA record, this Australian player is the only one to have won 13 major titles, putting him in a category all by himself. However, Jason Belmonte has collected three global finals, including the World Bowling Tour (WBT), European Bowling Tour, and World Tenpin Masters. He is known to have taken five gold medals in the Junior National Championships held in 2000. He won the AMF World Cup in 2007. He took the silver medal at the World Youth Championships in Thailand.

Jason Belmonte’s Hobbies and Interests

As far as we know, not much information is available with regard to the hobbies and interests of Jason Belmonte. Although being an athlete, he is well known for his unique and traditional style of bowling. He must have a keen interest in athletic activities.

Other Interesting Jason Belmonte Facts And Trivia

Belmonte has 25 career 300-point performances in the PBA Tournament until 2020, along with the PBA's 21st regionally broadcast 300 during 2012. As per recent figures, bowlers with a PBA affiliation earn between $45,000-50,000 annually, not including endorsements. The finest bowlers, such as Walter Ray Williams Jr., and Pete Weber earn substantially higher, with a decent top professional bowler earning between $250,000- 300,000 annual net worth.

Pete Weber's professional life PBA tournament income is more than $4 million during the season of 2019, which ranks him second to just about everyone, trailing behind only championship winner Walter Ray Williams Jr. Pete Weber and Williams have been the only two-three PBA bowlers who have earned more than $4 million in their careers. Jason Belmonte bowling speed is 140 mph (225.30 kph).

Due to the covid pandemic, Belmonte could not travel to United States and missed out some important events.

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Jason Belmonte Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Jason Belmonte

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178 cm

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Ten-pin Bowler


Kinross Wolaroi School

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Kimberly Shapter


Aldo Belmonte, Marisa Belmonte


Rebecca Belmonte
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