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About Jason Dufner

Born March 24, 1977, Jason Christopher Dufner is a well-known professional golfer from the United States who has won five times on the PGA Tour.
He has only ever achieved a single tournament win, the PGA Championship (major championship) in 2013. In 2011, he came second in the PGA Championship, having lost in the final game against Keegan Bradley.
Jason Dufner spent almost around a year among the list of top 10 on the ranking of the Official World Golf Ranking; his golf career was at its peak when he was ranked number six in 2012 in the month of September. Jason Dufner began his undergraduate journey when he enrolled at Auburn University, where he triumphed in three games and, in 1997, was named an Honorable Mention All-American. In 2000, Jason Dufner earned a bachelor's degree with a major in economics from Auburn University. Jason Dufner made it to the playoffs of the US Amateur Public Links in Torrey Pines in 1998 but lost three and two against Trevor Immelman. The first competition Jason Dufner played alongside his long-time playing partner, Kevin Baile, was the US Amateur of 1998. Jason Dufner had an opportunity to earn his first PGA Tour championship in the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale during the initial months of 2011 when he made it to the winner following 72 holes at 18-under par but lost in a match against Mark Wilson. At the second long hole, Wilson recorded a birdie, while Jason Dufner could only manage a par. Jason Dufner had another strong showing at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, where he ranked third after completing 66 rounds. Anders Hansen dropped out following a tournament final in Georgia. Anders Hansen's drop meant Jason Dufner qualified for the US Open of 2011; Dufner had earlier lost in a match to Russell Henley.

Jason Dufner's Net Worth, Earning, And Spending Habits

What is Jason Dufner’s net worth?

The net worth of Jason Dufner, a professional golfer from the United States, is estimated to be around $14 million. In 2000, Jason Dufner graduated from Auburn University, becoming a professional golfer.

How much does Jason Dufner earn per year?

Jason Dufner's annual earnings as a professional golfer are estimated to be around $2,260,000. The main source of his income is his well-paved golf career. He is even known to have made a European tour which led him to further flourish in his career.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Jason Dufner?

Jason Dufner is a professional golfer and has a good body build. Jason Dufner is 5 ft 8 in (178 cm) in height.

How old is Jason Dufner?

On March 24, 1977, Jason Dufner was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Considering his date of birth at present, in 2022, he is 45 years old.

Childhood And Education

Jason Dufner, also known as Jason Christopher Dufner, was born on March 24, 1977, in Cleveland, Ohio. Jason Dufner was born to Frank Dufner and Barbara Schultz. When Jason Dufner was only 11 years old, he shifted to Washington, D.C. Later, when he was 14 years old, he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jason Dufner has enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He is known to have taken up golf as a sport there. It was later when he enrolled himself at Auburn University. It was in 2000 when he graduated from Auburn University and achieved an economics degree. When Jason was studying in 1997, he was also honored with the Honorable Mention All-American.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jason Dufner’s partner?

At present, the professional golfer, Jason Dufner, is single and got divorced in 2015. Jason Dufner got wedded to Amanda Boyd in 2012. Amanda Boyd and Jason Dufner met each other through a few common friends and were in a relationship for almost three years. Due to some unknown reasons, the couple could not continue and finally got divorced in the year 2015.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jason Dufner is best for his PGA Tour. He won the 2013 PGA Championship. Jason Dufner, in the year 2017, won the Memorial Tournament. In the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, Jason Dufner achieved third place.

Charity Work

In Auburn, Alabama, Jason Dufner established the Jason Dufner Charitable Foundation to eradicate child hunger in Lee County, Alabama. This foundation is a nonprofit organization.

What awards has Jason Dufner won?

Jason Dufner has won many awards in his golf career. Jason Dufner won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, the PGA Championship, the LaSalle Bank Open, and the Buy.com Wichita Open, many other events. In 2012, Jason Dufner also made it to the Ryder Cup in the year 2012 and the Presidential Cup in 2013.

Jason Dufner’s Hobbies And Interests

Aside from spending time with his family, Jason Dufner does not have many known hobbies. Apart from his interest in golf, there are no details available for the hobbies and interests of Jason Dufner.

Other Interesting Jason Dufner Facts And Trivia

Jason Dufner and Amanda Boyd got divorced in 2015.
The nationality of Jason Dufner is American.
Jason Dufner lives in Auburn, Alabama, in the United States.
As per the World Golf Ranking, Jason Dufner's ranking is 516, while the FedEx Cup Points ranking is 209.
Jason Dufner is a well-known professional golfer and has been active in his golf career since 2004.
Several wins have been scored, along with major titles and also PGA Tour wins five times. 
He is also known to have set a record at Oak Hill Country Club, where he stroked seven-under-par 63.
Due to Jason Dufner's laid-back demeanor, the word 'Dufnering' was coined to describe a slumped sitting posture with no expression whatsoever. This word was coined after a picture of Dufner went public.
The photograph was of Jason Dufner in a slumped position without any expression whilst addressing a youth club in Irving, Texas, went viral in March 2013, and the word 'Dufnering' was coined.
Following that, Keegan Bradley and numerous fellow professional golfers teased Dufner on Twitter as well as various social media in a respectable manner, and 'Dufnering' quickly became a widespread craze.
Wilson made a birdie on the second long hole, but Jason Dufner only could achieve a par.
At present, Jason Dufner is playing a tournament in Corales Golf Club which is dated to be from March 24 until March 27, 2022.
It is said that Jason Dufner has eight professional wins in total.
Did you know? He was a participant in the Nationwide Tour (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006) and the PGA Tour (2004).
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Jason Dufner Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jason Christopher Dufner

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178 cm

Child Star?



Golf Player


Auburn University

Net Worth



Frank Dufner, Barbara Schultz

Annual Earnings

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