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Jason Michas played Donald in 'Ernest Goes To School'
Age: 1-99
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About Jason Michas

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jason Michas is a Canadian actor.

Jason Michas is best known for playing the voice actor of the character of Zak from 'Dragon Tales.' He is also known to be the additional voice in several animated series like 'Devil Kings.'

Jason Michas was the protagonist in 'Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars' and 'Sabrina.' Apart from playing additional voices, Michas was also a part of 'Lego's Bionicle: Mask Of Light.' He has a YouTube account with over 400 subscribers. Let us take you through the life and living of this voice actor!

Jason Michas Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jason Michas’ net worth?

Jason Michas has garnered a massive net worth of an estimated $4 million throughout his career.

How much does Jason Michas earn per year?

The primary source of income for Jason Michas is his career as a voice actor. However, his net annual income still needs to be revealed to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jason Michas?

The height of Jason Michas has yet to be revealed to the public.

How old is Jason Michas?

Born on April 6, 1972, Jason Michas is 50 years old as of April 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jason Michas was born on April 1972 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Details about his parents, siblings, early life, and education have yet to be revealed. However, it is known that he was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia itself.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jason Michas dating?

Jason Michas is currently single and is not known to be dating anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jason Michas started his acting career in 1983 and is very much active in the entertainment industry. He is known to be an actor and a voice actor in several live-action movies, animated series, and video games. The live-action movie characters included playing Randy in '21 Jump Street', a Teenage Boy in 'Airwolf', Mark in 'Blackout', Josh Jordan, Dewalt, and William Richmond in 'Bordertown', Billy in 'Danger Bay', Moses in 'Draw!', Donald in 'Ernest Goes To School', a Confederate Guard in 'Highlander', the boy in 'Jane Doe', Jeremy in 'Neon Rider', Orrin in 'Stone Fox', Jordan Smith and Silicon Smith in 'The Beachcombers', and Jessie Bienstock in Walt Disney's 'Wonderful World Of Color.'

He played the voice of Takua, Toa Takanuva in 'Bionicle: Mask Of Light', Johnny Speedometer in 'Bratz: Super Babyz', Bucky O'Hare, Bob in 'Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars!', Celery Monster in 'Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z', Henry Hermit Crab in 'Dinosaur Train', Zak in 'Dragon Tales', Metro, Seahorse in 'Little Tikes Land', Eugene, Gardener Elf in 'In Search of Santa', Monster Mash in 'Monster Mash', Slugloafe the School Bull in 'Sabrina: The Animated Series', Giraffe in 'The Busy World of Richard Scarry', and Sales Clerk in 'The Cramp Twins.' He played the additional voices in 'What About Mimi?', 'Video Power', 'Super Trolls', 'Street Sharks', and 'Super Duper Sumos.' He was also seen to be playing additional voices in animated series like 'Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!', 'Camp Candy', and Double Dragon.'

Jason Michas has also lent his voice in video games like 'Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek' playing the character of Zak, and 'Devil Kings' where he played the voice of the character of Irdene.

Other Interesting Jason Michas Facts And Trivia

  • Jason Michas is currently living in Chiayi, Taiwan.

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