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Jay Brazeau has a net worth of about 74 million dollars.
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About Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau is a notable Canadian movie, TV series, and voice actor. He was born on 22nd December in the early '50s in Winnipeg, Canada. Jay is known for her performance as Sam Fisher in the 'Cold Squad' and Harlan in 'Stargate' television series. As a voice actor, Jay Brazeau delivered his voice in several animated series like 'Sabrina' and 'The Adventure of Tom Sawyer'.

Jay Brazeau also appeared in movies like 'We're No Angels', 'Insomnia', 'Horns', 'Watchmen', 'Double Jeopardy', and others. He portrayed the character of a Referee in the 'Air Bud' film series.

Jay Brazeau Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jay Brazeau's net worth?

As per several sources, Jay Brazeau has a net worth of about $74 million.

How much does Jay Brazeau earn per year?

As per several sources, Jay Brazeau earns about $4 million annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jay Brazeau?

Jay Brazeau has a height of 5 ft 6 in (172 cm).

How old is Jay Brazeau?

As of 2022, Jay Brazeau is 69 years old.

Childhood And Education

Jay Brazeau was born in Winnipeg, Canada. His date of birth shows that he was born on December '53. Jay Brazeau made his debut in the mid-70s with 'The Melting Pot' film, where he played the role of General Slam. After that, he debuted in a few television series. He played the role of Baker in 'The Minikins' and Dr. Hollis in the 'Brotherly Love' TV series. Jay also appeared in 'The Magical World of Disney' (Currently known as 'The Wonderful World of Disney') as the Zoo Guard.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jay Brazeau dating?

Jay Brazeau married actress Suzanne Ristic. They are living happily together.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jay Brazeau is best known as a film, TV series, and voice actor. He delivered his voice in a few animated TV series. As an actor, he appeared in several movies. Jay Brazeau portrayed the role of Abe Foreman in 'Dream Man', Doug Sullivan in 'North of 60', and College dean in 'Cafe Romeo' films. Besides these, he also played the role of Stan Roman in 'Good Morning Christmas', Phillip Lorenzo in 'I Do, I Do, I Do', Judge Eric Mueller in 'Bordertown', Suitcase Man in 'Suspicious River', and Doc Riley in 'The Ranger, The Cook and a Hole in the Sky' movies. Jay Brazeau is very popular for his role as Bobby in 'Double Jeopardy' and News Vendor in 'Watchmen'. He shared a screen with Daniel Radcliffe in the 'Horns' movie, where he portrayed the Father Mould essence.

Jay has appeared in several Tv series since the early '80s. He portrayed the role of Colonel Bob in 'MacGyver', Gene Castle in 'The Pastor's Wife', and Al Jennings in the 'Dying To be Loved' TV series. Jay also appeared as a voice actor in popular animated television series. He delivered the voice of Uncle Quigley in 'Sabrina' and Muff Potter in 'The Animated Adventure of Tom Sawyer' television series.

Charity Work

Jay Brazeau is active in charity work with his wife, Suzanne Ristic.

What awards has Jay Brazeau won?

Jay Brazeau won an Honorary Award at the Vancouver Film Critics Circle in 2007. Aside from that, he won the Leo Awards for his performance as 'Best Supporting Character in a Feature Length Drama - Male' in 2011. Throughout his career, Jay Brazeau received several nominations for Leo Awards, ACTRA Awards, Geminin Awards, and Canadian Comedy Awards.

Jay Brazeau's Hobbies And Interests

Jay Brazeau has an interest in writing.

Other Interesting Jay Brazeau Facts And Trivia

  • Jay Brazeau played the character of a store clerk in the 'Going the Distance' movie. He furnished the role of a test instructor in 'The Perfect Score' film. In the 'Spook' film, Jay Brazeau played the character of Big Boss.
  • Jay Brazeau's wife, actress Suzanne Ristic is also a familiar face in Hollywood. She is famous for her role as Eunis in the 'Supernatural', Cleaning Lady in 'Psych', and Tenant in 'The Flash' TV series. Suzanne Ristic also appeared in many movies. She portrayed the role of a Maid in the 'Percy Jackson' series, Mary Freeman in the 'White Noise' and an Airline Woman in 'Fantastic Four and The Rise of Silver Surfer' movie. The couple appeared in numerous TV series and films throughout the year.
  • Jay Brazeau was a part of the Arts Club Theater Company. He portrayed the character of Edna Turnblad for its 'Hairspray' play in the theater. Jay Brazeau suffered a minor cerebral attack while changing costumes on a stageplay of the 'Hairspray' drama in 2011. Later, Andy Toth replaced him 36 consecutive times in the theater. Finally, after a few days, he returned fit to the production company.
  • Jay Brazeau delivered his voice to Stavros Garkos in 'Hurricanes' and Mr. Pretty in 'The Cranp Twins' animated TV series. He also provided his voice for the National Film Board of Canada in their animated short films. Jay delivered his voice in the two animated short films 'Get a Job' and 'La Salla'.
  • Jay also provided his voice to the Doctor essence in 'The Dragon Prince' animated series on Netflix.

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