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About Jayne Meadows

Jayne Meadows was a famous theater, TV movie, and film actress.

Jayne Meadows was the wife of Steve Allen. She was renowned for her partnership with her husband in the entertainment industry.

Jayne Meadows often performed on-screen and off-screen with Steve Allen. She won several awards in her lifetime and career. She was nominated for one Grammy Award and three Emmy Awards in her six-decade career.

Jayne authored several plays, columns, and books. With one of her books, she won the American Book Award. She also received several Doctors of Humane letter degrees from Universities. Jayne Meadows had an intriguing career in Broadway comedy as an actress before starting to star in movies along with other actors like Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck, and Robert Taylor. Jayne had a strong wit and a burst of infectious laughter, which she employed in some of her television shows. Jayne Meadows-Allen made a household name from her TV show 'I've Got A Secret'. She also worked on several other prime-time television shows and movies. She was featured in 'Alice In Wonderland' and 'Meeting Of Minds'. Coupled with her entertainment career, Jayne Meadows was also politically active. However, she retired from entertainment and public service after suffering some illnesses that took a toll on her health. Jayne died in Encino, Los Angeles. Her late husband buried her at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, California, America.

Jayne Meadows Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jayne Meadows' net worth?

Jayne Meadows' net worth was estimated to be $10 million. Her main source of income was the entertainment industry.

How much did Jayne Meadows earn per year?

There is no information online about Jayne Meadows' annual income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jayne Meadows?

The details of her height and other physical features are not available online.

How old was Jayne Meadows?

Jayne Meadows was born in Wuchang, China, on September 27, 1919. The famous actress was 95 years old when she died on April 26, 2015, in Encino, Los Angeles, California, America. According to doctors, her death is of natural causes.

Childhood And Education

Jayne Meadows was born in Wuchang, China. Jayne was born Jane Cotter on September 27, 1919, to Rev. Francis James Meadows Cotter and Ida Miller Taylor. Jayne's parents are American Episcopalian missionaries. She lived with her family along the banks of the river Yangtze. Jayne had two brothers, Frank and Edward, and she is the elder sister of Audrey Meadows.

Jayne Meadows' family moved back to the United States of America in 1927 when the Chinese Nationalist Army attacked and bombed their village. Jayne had to start learning English from scratch; she only spoke Mandarin and other local Chinese languages since she and Audrey Meadows lived there.

In 1930, Jayne's family moved to Sharon, Connecticut. Her father served at Christ Church as the rector while she and her siblings schooled in Connecticut.

Jayne Meadows later moved to New York for her career, where she and her sister got a professional name, 'Meadows', following the requirements of their studio contract. Audrey Meadows, her kid sister, achieved fame as a TV show actress. One of Audrey's notable shows was 'The Honeymooners'.

Jayne Meadows married Milton Krims, a famous screenwriter, from 1948 to 1954. She later married Steve Allen from 1954 until she was widowed in 2000. Jayne had a son with Steve Allen, whose name is Bill, and three grandchildren.

Before marrying Allen, Allen had previously married and had kids. This makes Jayne Meadows the stepmother of Steve's first marriage.

In her later life, Jayne Meadows was actively involved in United States politics. Had a public office and led a public life until 2009. She even attended the 'Early TV Memories First-Class Commemorative Stamp Dedication Ceremony'.

Jayne Meadows later suffered a hip fracture, taking a toll on her health. she managed the condition until her passing away on April 26, 2015, in her Encino, Los Angeles home at the age of 95. As she wanted it, Jayne was buried next to her lovely husband, Steve Allen, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jayne Meadows's partner?

Jayne Meadows was initially married to Milton Krims from 1948 to 1954. She later got married to Steve Allen (1954-2000).

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jayne Meadow became interested in acting when she took part in the summer stock theater as a teenager. She moved to New York with her family and found herself in Broadway comedy. She Jayne was in the 1941 'Spring Again'.

Starting her movies career, Meadows got an MGM contract to feature in movies like 'Undercurrent' in 1946 as Sylvia Lea Burton and 'Enchantment' in 1948. In 1949, she got the Cosmopolitan Award for Finest Dramatic Performance of 1949 for her tremendous performance in the movie 'Enchantment'.

Jayne's film career reached a climax in 1952 when she got a role in the 'Danger' series. She took off and was featured in almost every blockbuster television movie, show, and series. With her outstanding talent and charm, Jayne Meadows outdid virtually every famous actor and actress. She also got the panelist role for 'I've Got A Secret', a famous game show, in 1952.

In 1954, Jayne married Steve Allen. The couple started their partnership on-screen and off-screen. They worked on 'College Confidential' together in 1956 and started many other television shows and stage plays. Some of their notable productions include 'Hotel', 'Meeting Of Minds', 'Homicide', Life On The Street', 'Dark Delusion', 'The Love Boat', 'General Electric Theatre', and 'Alice In Wonderland'.

Jayne Meadows guest-starred in 'Tonight', the original show created by her husband, Steve Allen. She also featured in the series 'High Society' as Alice Morgan and 'The Fat Man' as Jane Adams.

In 1979, Meadows got the first 'Women's Equity Day Award' for the role she played in the television show 'Meeting Of Minds' as a women's rights activist. The name of her character in the show was Susan B. Anthony.

Jayne Meadows' last on-screen role was in the famous 1999 movie 'The Story Of Us'.

What awards did Jayne Meadows win?

  • Jayne Meadows got the Cosmopolitan Award for Finest Dramatic Performance of 1949 for the movie 'Enchantment'.
  • Jayne also got the first Women's Equity Day Award for 'Meeting Of Minds'.
  • Meadows was nominated for a Grammy Award and three Emmy Awards.

Jayne Meadows Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Jayne Allen Meadows

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Steve Allen


Rev. Francis James Meadows Cotter, Ida Miller Taylor


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