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Jean De La Fontaine is known for his Contes and Fables as a seventeenth-century French poet and fabulist.

About Jean De La Fontaine

Jean De La Fontaine (8 July 1621 – 13 April 1695) was a French fabulist and one of the most extensively read French poets of the seventeenth century. Jean De La Fontaine is well known for his Fables, which served as a model for succeeding fabulists across Europe and spawned a slew of alternate versions in France and regional languages. He studied religion and law before gaining fame. Jean De La Fontaine married Marie Hericart in an arranged marriage. He and Hericart had a son together, but they spent most of their lives apart. Jean De La Fontaine was admitted to the French Academy after a long period of royal distrust, and his renown in France has never waned since. Many collections of paintings and statues of the author and later many portrayals on a medal, a coin, and a postage stamp bear witness to this. 'Jean De La Fontaine - Le défi', a 2007 French movie featuring Lorant Deutsch, told his life story.

Childhood And Education

Jean De La Fontaine was born in the town of Château-Thierry, France. His father was Charles De La Fontaine, a deputy-ranger, and his mother was Françoise Pidoux. Both branches of his family were from the upper provincial middle class, and his father was reasonably affluent while not being nobility.

Jean De La Fontaine, the eldest child, was educated at College Château Thierry, France. After completing his education, Jean De La Fontaine attended the Oratory in May 1641 and the seminary of Saint-Magloire in Quebec, Canada, in October of the same year; nevertheless, a brief stay convinced him that he had made a mistake in his calling. Jean De La Fontaine went on to study law and was allegedly admitted as an avocat/lawyer.

Family and RelationshipCareer And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Contes and Fables are the works of a seventeenth-century poet and fabulist from France. In 1669, Jean De La Fontaine published Les amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, a fiction. As per author Flaubert, Jean De La Fontaine has been the only French writer to fully master the poetic use of the French language before Victor Hugo.

Other Interesting Jean de La Fontaine Facts And Trivia

  • 'Jean de La Fontaine - Le défi', a 2007 French film starring Lorant Deutsch, told his life story.
  • According to author Flaubert, he was the only French writer to thoroughly understand the poetic use of the French language before Victor Hugo.
  • Jean De La Fontaine's father renounced his rangership in his favor in 1647 and arranged for him to marry Marie Hericart, a fourteen-year-old girl who brought him 20,000 livres and expectations.
  • Before notoriety, Jean De La Fontaine studied religion and law before discovering his actual calling as a writer.

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Jean de La Fontaine Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Jean de La Fontaine

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French Fabulist


Marie Héricart


Charles de La Fontaine, Françoise Pidoux


Anne de Jouy, Claude de La Fontaine
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