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About Jeff Loomis

Jeff Loomis was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, US, on September 14, 1971.
Jeff Loomis is a musician from the United States known for being the lead guitarist of Nevermore, the progressive metal band. The band, Nevermore existed from 1991-2011.
After Nevermore got dissolved, Jeff Loomis joined Arch Enemy in 2014. Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band. In 2021, Jeff Loomis joined Alcatrazz, the band formed by Graham Bonnet. Jeff Loomis has also worked as a solo artist and released one EP and two albums. Jeff Loomis also auditioned to join Megadeth, the popular band; however, at the time, he was 16, and due to his young age, he was denied a position.
He performed with other artists like Alissa White-Gluz, Michael Amott, Daniel Erlandsson, and Sharlee D'Angelo during his Arch Enemy days. Jeff Loomis has a huge fan following on social media like Facebook and Instagram. The songwriter and musician got his first guitar when he was around nine years old. It did not take much time for him to get started as he joined local black metal bands to start his journey as a new guitarist.
Jeff Loomis' music genres include progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal, groove metal, melodic death metal, instrumental rock, black metal, and neoclassical metal. Throughout his career, Jeff Loomis has been associated with Nevermore, Fear-Tech, Experiment Fear, Sanctuary, Conquering Dystopia, System, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Alissa White-Gluz, Arch Enemy, and Jason Richardson.
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Jeff Loomis' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jeff Loomis' net worth?

The net worth of Jeff Loomis is estimated to be around $2 million. He has done many shows and worked with many personalities and bands throughout his life, which adds to his net worth.

How much does Jeff Loomis earn per year?

His annual income is not known. However, his net worth is relatively high. He earns most of his money from his collaborations and band performances/tours.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jeff Loomis?

Jeff Loomis is 6 ft 1 in (186 cm) tall.

How old is Jeff Loomis?

Jeff Loomis was born on September 14, 1971. As of May 2022, he is 50 years old.

Childhood And Education

Jeff was born in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Jeff Loomis got his first instrument when he was around nine years old. However, he only started playing on a serious note when he was around 15 years old. He played in many cover bands in his teenage days in Wisconsin while also working in three death metal bands. He later joined more bands that were established. Guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, and Brian May influenced Jeff Loomis.
Jeff also auditioned for Megadeth when he was 16 after Jeff Young was fired from the band. He and Dave Mustaine played a few songs together, but Mustaine rejected him at the time as he was too young for the role. Nevermore's other guitarist Chris Broderick got the part when he auditioned.
Years later, he was asked by Dave Mustaine to join the band, but Jeff declined the part.
He went to Menasha High School.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jeff Loomis dating?

Information regarding the name of his partner is unknown. But it is known that he got engaged in 2008, and they married later.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jeff Loomis is known for his genres of progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal, groove metal, melodic death metal, instrumental rock, black metal, and neoclassical metal.
His Nevermore albums and songs include 'Nevermore' in 1995, 'In Memory' an EP in 1996, 'The Politics Of Ecstasy' in 1996, 'Dreaming Neon Black' in 1999, 'Dead Heart In A Dead World' in 2000, 'Enemies Of Reality' in 2003 which was again remixed in 2005, 'This Godless Endeavor' in 2005, 'The Year Of The Voyager' in 2008, and 'The Obsidian Conspiracy' in 2010.
The Arch Enemy credits of the guitarist include 'Stolen Life,' an EP in 2015, 'As The Stages Burn!' in 2017, and 'Will To Power' in 2017.
His solo career was also great, and his solo album and solo records include 'Zero Order Phase' in 2008, 'Plains of Oblivion' in 2012, and 'Requiem for the Living,' an EP in 2013.
The technical death metal group 'Conquering Dystopia' was co-founded by Loomis in 2014.
He has also collaborated with the band Rorschach Test (album 'Peace Minus One'), God Forbid ('Gone Forever'), singer Pamela Moore – (Stories from a Blue Room'), Annihilator – (Metal'), singer Warrel Dane ('Praises To The War Machine'), singer Marty Friedman ('Future Addict'), Switchblade ('Invictus Infinitum'), 'Tim' Ripper' Owens (Play My Game'), the band Periphery ('Periphery') singer Keith Merrow ('Heart Of The Sea Nymph'), guitarist Glen Drover ('Metalusion', 'Magna Carta'), 'Single Bullet Theory (metal band) ('IV'), Keith Merrow ('Spice-Dealer'), Stephan Forté ('The Shadows Compendium'), 7 Horns 7 Eyes ('Throes Of Absolution'), 'Leander ('Szívidomár'), 'Ihsahn ('Eremita'), 'David Maxim Micic ('Bilo 3.0'), Hannes Grossmann ('The Radial Covenant'), 'Tony MacAlpine ('Concrete Gardens'), 'Jason Richardson ('I'), 'Rob Scallon ('The Scene Is Dead'), 'Scale the Summit  ('In A World Of Fear'), 'Jason Becker ('Triumphant Hearts'), Andy Gillion ('Skyless'), 'Amaranthe ('Do Or Die'), and Kvaen ('The Great Below').
The musician is signed with Century Media Records and Wrong Again as a member of Arch Enemy.
Jeff used 7-string guitars to create some sound techniques that other artists use today.

What awards has Jeff Loomis won?

He won the Guitar Wars contest of Wisconsin at the age of 16.
Other awards are not known.

Other Interesting Jeff Loomis Facts And Trivia

  • Jeff went on a North American tour in 2012 with Chimp Spanner, The Contortionist, and 7 Horns 7 Eyes.
  • He left Schecter Guitars as he wanted to move on and be a free agent.
  • For amplification, the guitarist uses Peavey 5150 head.
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Jeff Loomis Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jeff Loomis

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186 cm


Musician, Guitarist


Menasha High School

Net Worth

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