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During the '90s, Jerry Wexler lived on David's Lane in East Hampton, New York, with a Chinese family.
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About Jerry Wexler

Jerry Wexler was an American national, a music journalist, and producer born in the Bronx, New York City, United States of America.
Jerry Wexler had worked with the classical musicians, including Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Dylan. In 1987, Jerry was enrolled in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
In 2017, Jerry was enrolled in the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. Jerry Wexler was involved in many plays of his era and associated with singing or production. Jerry's best movies include 'Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years: Busy Being Born Again' as a music producer. At 91, Jerry Wexler died on August 15, 2008, due to congestive heart failure in Sarasota, Florida, the United States.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Jerry Wexler's net worth?

At the time of Jerry Wexler's death, his net worth was around $16 million.

How much did Jerry Wexler earn per year?

Jerry Wexler expired on August 15, 2008.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jerry Wexler?

Details about the height of Jerry Wexler are not available.

How old was Jerry Wexler?

Jerry Wexler died on August 15, 2008, at the age of 91.

Childhood And Education

Jerry Wexler was born in Bronx, New York, the United States, on January 10, 1917. His father was a German Jewish, and his mother was a Polish Jewish. His parents bought up Jerry Wexler in Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan. At 15, Jerry dropped out of the City College of New York after two semesters. After serving in the Army, Jerry Wexler became a serious student and later completed his graduation with B.A. Journalism in 1946 from Kansas State University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jerry Wexler dating?

Jerry Wexler was first married to Shirley Kampf in 1941 and later was divorced in 1973. Later, Jerry Wexler married Renee Pappas in 1973, and the couple got a divorce later. Jerry's third wife was Jean Arnold, whom he married in 1985. Jerry has three children from his first wife, Shirley Kampf, named Lisa, Paul, and Anita. Anita died in 1989 of AIDS. Jerry's third wife was a playwright novelist.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known for ….

Having a degree in Journalism, Jerry Wexler started his career as a music journalist in the '40s.
While being an editor and reporter for Billboard Magazine introduced the term 'Rhythm and Blues.' Later, the name of Race Records was changed to Rhythm & Blues Records by the magazine, considering Jerry's suggestion.
Jerry has put a lot of effort into promoting the soul music genre and started as a producer. Jerry became a music producer and was one of the major players in the music industry between the' 50s-'80s. In 1953, Jerry Wexler became a partner in Atlantic Records and built the company into a driving force in the industry. Until 1966, the public remained lukewarm about American singer and songwriter Aretha Franklin's talent.
However, record producer Jerry allowed her to sculpt her own musical identity when she switched to Atlantic Records after her contract with Columbia recording expired. Aretha was later referred to as the 'Queen of Soul' and became a successful singer by 1968, and Atlantic Records became known for soul music.
He and Ahmet signed 'Led Zeppelin' to Atlantic Records in the same year based on Singer Dusty Springfield's recommendation. Along with Ahmet Ertegun and Nesuhi, Jerry took the Atlantic recording company to greater heights by signing with famous artists.
The original track of the early version 'Careless Whisper' was recorded in 1983 by Wexler with UK pop star and singer George Michael and was recorded in Muscle Shoals. Since George was not happy with the original version produced by Jerry, the song was re-released on July 24, 1984, on the 'Wham!' album 'Make It Big.' George produced and sang the song, released it as a single in a second version, and was number one in over 25 countries.
Being a music producer, music journalist, and partner in Atlantic Records, Jerry became a significant force in the music industry during his time. Jerry Wexler retired from the industry at the end of the decade in 1990.

What awards did Jerry Wexler win?

'Gotta Serve Somebody' by Bob Dylan won a Grammy in 1980. This song was produced by the famous music producer Jerry Wexler. His other awards include Grammy Trustees Award, Grammy Award for the Best Album Notes, and Grammy Award for the Best Cast Show Album.

Other Interesting Jerry Wexler's Facts And Trivia

  • Jerry Wexler's zodiac sign was Capricorn.
  • He was nicknamed Gerald Wexler.
  • Jerry Wexler, a legendary music producer, coined the term rhythm and blues for a magazine.
  • Jerry was cast in the film 'Ray' by Richard Schiff, released in 2004.
  • David Cross had also portrayed the character of Jerry Wexler in season three of the television show' Genius.'
  • Jerry was named 'Record Executive' for turning around Aretha Franklin's career in 1967.

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Jerry Wexler Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Gerald Wexler

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New York City


Music Journalist, Music Producer


Kansas State University

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Jean Arnold
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