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Jess Gabor had starred in the TV series 'Shameless'.
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About Jess Gabor

Jess Gabor is a famous American actress, writer, and social media personality.

Jess Gabor is famously known for performing the role of Kelly Keefe on the popular showtime TV series 'Shameless'. Jess was born on October 23, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, US.

Other famous personalities in the Showtime series are William H and Emmy Rossum. Jess Gabor is the daughter of Michael Gabor and Vicki Gabor. The famous actress made her debut appearance in 'Veiled Reality' at the age of 18. She is the youngest daughter of her parents. Jess has two elder sisters named Abby Gabor and Madison Gabor. She is of American nationality. Her zodiac sign, according to the horoscope, is Scorpio.

Jess Gabor's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jess Gabor's net worth?

Jess Gabor is estimated to have a net worth of about $150,000. Her primary source of income has been from acting in movies and television series.

How much does Jess Gabor earn per year?

The famous actress' annual income has been kept under wraps and away from the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jess Gabor?

Jess Gabor is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

How old is Jess Gabor?

Jess Gabor was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 23, 1996. This means that Jess Gabor is 26 years as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jess Gabor was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She grew up with her two sisters, and she is the youngest of them. Jess's father's name is Michael Gabor. Her mother's name is Vicki Gabor. Jess Gabor's mother, Vicki Gabor, once worked at Disney.

Jess Gabor's eldest sister, Abby Gabor, works as an interior designer, while her middle sister, Madison Gabor, works as a chef. Not much is known about her family members.

According to the media, Jess Gabor is distantly related to the late Zsa Zsa Gabor. Zsa Zsa Gabor was a famous Hungarian-American actress and socialite.

Jess Gabor graduated from a local high school before proceeding to the university. The famous American actress graduated with a bachelor's degree from the prestigious Loyola Marymount University and Moscow Art Theatre.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jess Gabor dating?

Jess Gabor is believed to be single as of 2022. Jess keeps her love and romantic life personal and out of the media. Fans believe that the actress is currently focused on her acting career.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jess Gabor seems to be vast in acting and began appearing in short films around 2014. The actor was schooled at Moscow Art Theatre to sharpen her acting skills and to get professional in acting. Jess made her debut on-screen appearance in the film 'Veiled Reality' in 2014. The famous American actress was 18 when she made her debut appearance in 2014.

Still, in 2014, Jess Gabor also worked on some short movies titled 'Last Seen' and 'Unspoken'.

In 2015, the American writer was also featured in the mini-series 'Roommates'. The same year, she was also featured in 'Criminal Minds'.

In 2016, Jess Gabor had a guest appearance in the movie 'Notorious'. She played the role of Samantha Voss in the episode titled 'Kept And Broken'. Some other short movies featuring the famous actress include 'Honor Council' (2017), 'Golden Age' (2017), 'Her Story' (2018), and 'Faith' (2018). She also made a pictorial debut in the mystery/horror movie titled 'The Twin'.

In 2017, Jess Gabor played the role of Eve in 'Ctrl Alt Delete'. She played the role of Jocelyn Rose as she acted alongside the likes of Timothy Granaderos, Brigid Brannagh, and Louis Mandylor.

Not only did Jess Gabor feature in the performance of the movie 'Her Story'. She was also the writer and director of the movie.

In 2018, Jess played the role of Kelly Keefe in the television comedy series 'Shameless'. Other famous actors and actresses in this series are Emma Kenney, fallen White, Shanola Hampton, and steve Howey. Jess Gabor was on 14 episodes of the series up until 2019. 'Shameless' is her most successful project so far. Paul Abbott created 'Shameless'. The film is a comedy-drama with a British series of the same name. The series features the dysfunctional and low-income family of Frank Gallagher. Frank is doing all it takes to raise six children all alone. The film was first aired in January 2001. Since then, 'Shameless' has released 10 seasons of the series.

In 2019, Jess Gabor was featured in the film 'Breckman Rodeo'. Wendy Stanzler directed this movie. Jess Gabor had a leading role in the film. Some other actors in this project are David Meunier, James Tarpey, and Kayla Wallace. Jess Gabor was also featured in one of the 'Noches Con Platanito' episodes.

She made a cameo appearance in the 2020 movie 'FBI: Most Wanted'. This television series got tons of comments online. In the series, Jess Gabro plays the role of Molly Werner.

Molly is a villainess, always there to support Doug Timmons, her half-brother. Doug wants to destroy the government officials, being anti-government. He believes dirty government officials are taking advantage of school shootings to scare the youth.

In the story arc, Molly Werner is against Doug's plan; she opens her brother's crime to the detectives. In the climax of the series, it is revealed that Molly is not the angel she appears to be; instead, she has been her brother's partner in crime all along.

Still, in 2020, Jess starred in the horror-thriller movie 'Run Sweetheart Run', and the sci-fi action movie 'Battle In Space: The Armada Attacks'. She also performed in the 2020 drama project 'Gringa'. The movie stars Roselyn Sanchez, Steve Zahn, and Judy Greer.

Other Interesting Jess Gabor Facts And Trivia

  • Jess Gabor is also active on social media, having more than 40,000 followers on her Instagram account as of 2022.
  • The actress' favorite color is red.
  • Greece is the actress' favorite place to visit while on holiday.
  • Jess Gabor, as an actress, became famous for playing the role of Kelly Keefe in the famous television series 'Shameless'.
  • Despite her activities in the entertainment industry and on social media, Jess Gabor never reveals her love and romantic life to the media.
  • Jess was born, raised, and lives in Los Angeles, California, as of 2022.
  • Jess Gabor made her on-screen debut at the age of 18.

Jess Gabor Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jess Gabor

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Los Angeles



170 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?



Loyola Marymount University

Net Worth



Michael Gabor, Vicki Gabor


Abby Gabor, Madison Gabor.
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