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About Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie is a famous radio personality, actress, sportscaster, and American television hostess.

Jillian Marie Barberie was born on September 26, 1966, in Burlington, Ontario in, Canada. She was Canadian by birth, but she later gained American nationality.

Jillian Barberie was adopted soon after birth. She later found out that her biological parents were married, and two daughters were born. Jillian Barberie got her diploma from a two-year program in broadcast journalism at Mohawk College. She worked as a weather host for 'Fox NFL Sunday' on Fox Sports from 2000 to 2005.

Jillian also worked as a co-host in an entertainment program named 'Good Day L.A.' on Fox and the Los Angeles television morning news from 1995 to 2012. On Fox Reality Channel, Jillian starred as an 'American Idol' extra host in March 2009.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jillian Barberie's net worth?

Jillian Barberie's total estimated net worth is $10 million.

How much does Jillian Barberie earn per year?

The salary of Jillian Barberie is not available as of now.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jillian Barberie?

Jillian Barberie is 5 ft 3 in (161.5 cm) tall.

How old is Jillian Barberie?

As she was born on September 26, 1966, Jillian Barberie is 55 years old as of June 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jillian Marie Barberie was born as Jillian Warry in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Soon after her birth, Jillian was adopted.

Jillian Barberie, later on in her life, discovered who her biological parents were. She knew that they had married and given birth to two daughters. Jillian Barberie was Canadian by nationality.

As a child, Jillian Barberie suffered from abuse. She later graduated from Mohawk College, situated in Hamilton, Ontario, and secured a diploma in a two-year program in the broadcast journalism field. After her graduation, she worked at various television stations, including The Weather Network in Montreal, Quebec, Florida, KTTV in Los Angeles, California, and WSVN in Miami.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jillian Barberie dating?

Jillian Barberie is currently not dating anyone and lives a single life.

From 1996 to 2002, Bret Barberie, who was a former Major League Baseball player, was the husband of Jillian Barberie. She decided to keep his surname after the divorce.

Later on July 8, 2006, she married Grant Reynolds, who was previously a Marine sniper, and then proceeded with his career as an actor. They both got married in a private ceremony. People magazine reported in December 2006 that Jillian Barberie Reynolds was pregnant with her first child, who was due July 7, 2007.

Jillian had openly announced her pregnancy on December 18, 2006, for the 'Good Day L.A.' broadcast. The same source announced on July 9 that Jillian was blessed with a baby girl named Ruby Raven Reynolds, who was born on July 6, 2007.

Jillian later announced on 'Good Day L.A.,' on July 6, 2009, that she was pregnant with her second child, and on January 11, 2010, she was blessed with a baby boy named Rocco Rio Reynolds.

On March 15, 2013, Jillian announced that she and Grant Reynolds were divorcing each other. On February 14, 2014, the divorce was finalized.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jillian is best known for being a fantastic radio personality. She has starred in several famous films, namely 'Melrose Place,' 'Clueless,' and 'VIP.'

Jillian was also a contestant in the Fox reality television series named 'Skating With Celebrities'. Jillian had also made her appearance in many commercials.

She was also featured along with her ex-husband Grant Reynolds in the original series 'Househusbands of Hollywood' on the Fox Reality Channel.

With a fellow KCOP-TV/KTTV personality named Mark Thompson, Jillian Barberie became the co-host of KTTV's show, ' That's So Hollywood.' Alongside previous NFL players Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino, Jillian is the former spokesperson of NutriSystem.

Jillian is a 55-year-old journalist who got famous as a correspondent on 'Fox Sports,' 'Good Day L.A.,' and 'Fox NFL Sunday.' Barberie started her career in 1995 as a co-host in L.A. in the entertainment program 'Good Day L.A.' on Fox and television morning news.

Jillian is a radio personality, actress, American television hostess, and sportscaster. In 2006, Jillian participated as a contestant in 'Skating with Celebrities,' a Fox reality television series partnered with a professional skater named John Zimmerman and secured second place. Jillian also made her appearance twice on the Maxim magazine cover.

Jillian starred as an actress in several films, including 'Melrose Place,' 'Clueless,' and 'VIP.' Jillian was also featured in various commercials in 2008.

Earlier in February 2014, she co-hosted with John Philips 'Midday Live' on 790 KABC in L.A. Jillian also hosted 'Hollywood Mix' on KTLA, a short-lived entertainment program.

Charity Work

Any information about charity work done by Jillian Barberie is unavailable as of now.

What awards has Jillian Barberie won?

Jillian Barberie has not won any awards up until now. She also didn't receive any nominations.

Jillian Barberie's Hobbies And Interests

 Jillian Barberie loves ice skating, acting, and many other fun activities.

Other Interesting Jillian Barberie Facts And Trivia

  • Jillian was fond of ice-skating until her early teens when she lived in Canada.
  • In 1992, Jillian, who then worked as a weathercaster, provided 48 hours of live reports on the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew.
  • Jillian Barberie is said to be committed to the prevention of animal cruelty.
  • In 2006, Jillian told the T.V. Guide many times when people have seen her on T.V., they have claimed her to be very irrelevant, opinionated, and glib.
  • She also said many people love her, and some hate her, but many think she is annoying.
  • Jillian has two kids, the first one being a girl named Ruby Raven Reynolds and the second one being a boy named Rocco Rio Reynolds.
  • Jillian's first husband was a Major League Baseball player named Bret Barberie and her second husband was a marine sniper who chose to become an actor named Grant Reynolds. She divorced the former in 2006 and the latter in 2014.
  • Jillian is not a meteorologist, despite some rumors claiming that she was.
  • Jillian has a podcast named 'Ask Jillian.'
  • Jillian has secured two nationalities, American and Canadian.
  • Jillian currently lives in Burlington, Canada.
  • 'Melrose Place,' 'Clueless,' 'VIP,' 'Skating With Celebrities', and many others are some of the movies and TV Shows that Jillian did.
  • Jillian was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and revealed that it had spread to her lymph nodes. However, she got a double mastectomy just two weeks after the diagnosis and is doing well currently.

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Jillian Barberie Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Jillian Marie Warry

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161 cm

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Television Hostess, Radio Personality, Actress, Sportscaster


Mohawk College

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Jim Warry, Mariel Warry
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