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49 Jimmy Page Facts: Learn About Led Zeppelin's Guitarist

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James Patrick Page is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

James Patrick Page, born on January 9, 1994, is known for his brilliant work in bands like Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds. He, along with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, are the only members of the band still alive.

Jimmy Page was a mostly self-taught guitarist. In the early phase of his career, he started as a session guitarist. Once the band fell apart, he founded Led Zeppelin. Known to have magic in his fingers, his playing style could be considered stardust.

As a guitarist, a wide number of electric guitar models were used by Page; however, he is significantly known to have mostly used the Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe, a Fender Telecaster, and the iconic double-neck Gibson EDS-1275.

Facts About Jimmy Page

Are you interested in learning about the life of Jimmy Page? Keep on reading!

  • James Patrick Page started music from a very early age and bought his first guitar at the age of 12.
  • He was so deeply inspired by music that he decided to pursue music and make it a career.
  • Page has often mentioned that the first guitar he bought, in his early days, was a Futurama Grazioso model guitar.
  • Jimmy Page studied at the Sutton Art College, during this time he played guitar focusing, particularly on acoustic music.
  • He initially took guitar lessons. However, he soon stopped and became a self-taught guitar maestro.
  • Often considered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, James Page has also performed with the iconic band The Rolling Stones for a few years during 1960.
  • 'Diamonds' is one of the earliest songs he worked on, in 1963 it became a number one hit on the charts that year.
  • Page was a session musician before and mainly played rhythm guitar.
  • During this period, Page was often known as an insurance guitarist. He replaced the second guitarist of any band and performed or recorded their work in the studio.
  • The Yardbirds once had three iconic guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page during the same time; however, this iconic trio never played in the band together.

Jimmy Page's Career

The life and career of musicians are often filled with the most unique and entertaining facts, and for the case of Jimmy Page, it was also the same.

  • The musical career of James Patrick Page began at a very early age. 1960 was the era that marked the start of Page's career as a musician.
  • In 1963, Page was a session musician who often played with other musicians.
  • As Page started gaining popularity for his work, he slowly transformed into a full-time session guitarist rather than being an occasional session musician.
  • The major break in the career of Page came in 1964 when there was a possibility of him joining the iconic rock band The Yardbirds. Page would have replaced the magnificent musician, Eric Clapton.
  • Page denied the opportunity since he was a very close friend of Clapton.
  • The possibility of joining The Yardbirds was officially an option to Page when Clapton left the band.
  • However, Page still denied joining the band as he didn't want to leave his job as a full-time session musician and explore the possibility of fatigue that a band member endures after strenuous tours.
  • The Yardbirds finally continued with Page and Jeff Beck as the two guitarists.
  • However, though this group was a fan favorite, it failed to hold its members together. During the Scandinavian tour in 1968, Page was the only member left in the band.
  • He immediately hired Robert Plant to be the vocalist, John Bonham as the drummer, and John Paul Jones to play the bass.
  • With this fresh and new lineup came the new Yardbirds; however, they soon decided to change that name and thus formed one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Led Zeppelin.
  • Led Zeppelin produced numerous albums and singles, and all of them became a commercial success.
  • A large attribute for this goes to the individual four members of the band. Each of the quartets had its different styles, inspirations, and different playing types, which formed an unique blend of classic rock with a wonderful mix of blues to it.
  • This different yet highly entertaining and blissful music struck not only in the heart of the listeners but also steadily climbed on the Billboard Album chart.
  • James Patrick Page's career at Led Zeppelin came to an end in 1980 when John Bonham, the drummer of the band, passed away at Page's home and the band decided that they were not going to continue as a band.
  • All the remaining three members of Led Zeppelin decided to pursue their music in other ventures.
  • Though Led Zeppelin discontinued in 1980, there were four major reunions. After the passing of Bonham, a grieving Page refused to touch his guitar and produce music.
  • He spent some time doing small session work. It was during this phase of life that he concentrated more on charity and philanthropic work, with small work in music that included composing background scores and soundtracks for movies.
  • From 1980 to 2010, Page performed in countless shows and tours; however, those were all special appearances, reunions, and further collaboration works.
  • After Led Zeppelin, Page was not involved to his maximum capacity as a musician for any band.
Jimmy Page facts are highly interesting and informative.

Jimmy Page's Accomplishments

The legacy and accomplishments of Jimmy Page are high.

  • The iconic 'Rolling Stone' magazine once ranked Jimmy Page as the ninth-best guitarist in their list of 'The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.'
  • Page gained popularity with his charity work in Brazil's Children's Trust after making significant contributions.
  • On behalf of the British Empire, he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
  • Brazil gave him honorary citizenship for his selfless contributions.
  • Jimmy Page was introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.
  • He received this honorary feat owing to his two iconic bands. The Yardbirds were introduced in 1992, while Led Zeppelin was inducted in 1995.

Jimmy Page And Led Zeppelin Facts

There isn't any hard rock music lover who hasn't heard of Led Zeppelin or is unfamiliar with their music. Considered as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Led Zeppelin was in a league of their own. Here are some cool facts about Led Zeppelin and about Jimmy Page.

  • The four musicians, Jimmy Page as the guitarist, Robert Plant with his majestic vocals, an incredible drummer in the likes of John Bonham, and musical virtuoso John Paul Jones, who took care of bass and keyboard, created a wonderful amalgamation of different styles of music genres and textures.
  • After The Yardbirds fell off, Page wanted to create a new band and thus is considered as the founding member of Led Zeppelin.
  • Though Page founded Led Zeppelin in 1966, the band became most active from 1968 and continued till 1980.
  • During this time, they made eight studio albums, four live albums, and 10 compilation albums.
  • The self-titled 'Led Zeppelin' debut album was released in 1969 and became a huge commercial success along with the other albums that preceded this.
  • Often considered as pioneers of hard rock, Led Zeppelin has etched their name in the history of rock music. The band serves as an inspiration to numerous artists all over the globe.
  • Their music is often used in recent movies. The four individual members are considered geniuses by music learners.
  • Jimmy Patrick Page has inspired many people, upcoming guitar learners consider him to be their guitar idol and inspiration.
  • However, a sudden misfortune ended the run of Led Zeppelin when the band was at its pinnacle of fame and creativity.
  • The drummer John Bonham passed away, and the other remaining members mutually decided to discontinue the band as they could never think of replacing Bonham with anyone else.
  • However, Led Zeppelin had reunion shows where the members reunited with Bonham's son, who replaced his dad as the drummer in reunion shows. The reunions took place in 1985, 1988, 1995, and in 2007.
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