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Jimmy Stewart was a part of the U.S. military in the Vietnam War and World War II. Dive in for more!
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About Jimmy Stewart

James Maitland Stewart, born on May 20, 1908, was a very talented man who was an actor and an air force pilot.
By the time he retired from the military, he rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve. He grew up in Indiana, Pennsylvania with his two sisters, Virginia and Mary, where his father owned a hardware store.
Jimmy's cinematic career lasted for about 80 films from the year 1935 to around 1991. He was known for his unusual drawl and unforgettable movie image. He typified the 'American ideals' during the half-century with the strong morals he showed both on and off the screen, which was regarded as the golden age in film history.
He was named third on the American Film Institute's (AFI) list of the finest American male performers in 1999. Stewart, born and reared in Indiana, Pennsylvania, began acting while attending Princeton University. He began a career as a theater performer after completing his graduation in 1932, starring on Broadway and then in summertime stock shows.
He received his first supporting part in a film in 1935. Jimmy, the famous and very talented man, was single until his late 40', and because of this, he earned the title of 'The Great American Bachelor' from the tabloids. After a few years, Jimmy met a beautiful woman named Gloria. Soon after, he decided to marry Gloria Hatrick McLean.
She was a great model of her time, and she enjoyed her modeling career. The couple decided to adopt Gloria's two kids from her former marriage, and later, the couple had two twin daughters named Kelly and Judy, and later Ronald and Michael. The couple remained married until McLean died in 1994. After three years, our beloved Jimmy passed away because of a very rare pulmonary embolism.
Jimmy's performance in the comedy known as 'The Philadelphia Story' (1940) was plausible, and it had Katharine Hepburn working alongside him. Later it was revealed that Cary Grant had also been a part of their teamwork, and this earned Jimmy his lone Academy award in the category of Best Actor.
Jimmy Stewart, a qualified amateur pilot, volunteered in the Army Jet Fighters shortly after the United States entered WWII on March 22, 1941. He was promoted to an upper rank and became colonel after his service in Europe. He won various accolades for his efforts.

Jimmy Stewart Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What was Jimmy Stewart’s net worth?

Jimmy Stewart had a net worth of $29.7 million.

How much did Jimmy Stewart earn per year?

Jimmy Stewart's income cannot be ascertained.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall was Jimmy Stewart?

Jimmy Stewart was 6 ft 3 in (191 cm) tall and had blue eyes.

How old was Jimmy Stewart?

Jimmy Stweart was 89 years old when he died on July 2, 1997 in Beverly Hills, California. 'The Murder Man' was Jimmy's debut movie with Spencer Tracy in 1935.

Childhood And Education

Stewart, began acting while attending Princeton University. He began a career as a theater performer after graduating in 1932, starring on Broadway and in summertime stock shows. He had his first supporting part in a film in 1935, and his breakthrough came in Frank Capra's ensemble comedy in 1938.
In that famous breakthrough, Capra's 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington' the following year, Stewart received his very first academic nomination for acting as an idealistic and moral man who became a senator. Stewart, a bashful kid, spent most of his after-school time in the underground rooms focusing on model airplanes, mechanical designs, and chemicals, all hoping to pursue a career in aviation. He studied at the Wilson Model Academy for middle and high school.
In the fall of 1923, Stewart started attending Mercersburg Academy prep school, as his dad did not feel he would've been admitted into Princeton. Jimmy was involved in many extracurricular activities while at Mercersburg. He competed on the track and field team.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Jimmy Stewart’s partner?

Jimmy Stewart was married to Gloria Hatrick McLean from 1949 to 1994.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

George Bailey, in Frank Capra's 'It's A Wonderful Life', was his first postwar role that year. Even though the film was not a box office hit upon its initial release, he received an Oscar nomination for it, and it has now become a Christmas classic. Around the 1950s, Jimmy starred in the most famous Anthony Mann films 'Winchester '73' (1950) and then in 'The Glenn Miller Story' in the year 1954, among others, in which he played darker, more ethically problematic roles.

Charity Work

For many years, Stewart was very much involved in the sector of philanthropy. He was the nationwide deputy of the entertainment section representing the most famous fundraising drive for the country of Vietnam, one of which was a fundraising drive aimed at helping the injured troops belonging to the country of Vietnam, and this is where Stweart is known to have invested a lot.
Jimmy contributed huge sums of money to his birthplace in Pennsylvania for upgrades and restorations. Throughout 1982, his hallmark fundraising event was known as the one and only Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon Race. Surprisingly, it collected hundreds and thousands of dollars for the St. John Development Center Health Center for the child and family development sector.

What awards did Jimmy Stewart win?

Jimmy's first-ever role in a movie was in Frank Capra's 'It's A Wonderful Life' as George Bailey, and this was after the famous World War. Even though the film was not a box office hit upon its initial release, he received an Oscar nomination for it, and it is now considered a classic Christmas movie and is also one of his best-known roles. In the 1950s, he was nominated for an Oscar for Harvey's Broadway adaptation and the famous drama of 'Anatomy Of A Murder', both of which were beautifully directed by Jimmy himself.
He was one of the most well-known movie stars of the 1950s, with the majority of his movies being hits at the box office. The other honors he has won are the Croix de Guerre Academy award (1945), Presidential Medal of Freedom (1985), Cecil B. DeMille award (1965), and Golden Globe award for 'Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama' in 1974.

Jimmy Stewart’s Hobbies And Interests

According to historian Scott Eyman, Jimmy Stewart kept his personal life private and avoided the emotional bond in interviews that he was renowned for. He preferred to keep his feelings and thoughts to himself in his movies. Jimmy had a reputation for being an introvert who was not interested in having many close friends. Stewart had varied assets in various sources including real estate, oilfields, Southwestern Airlines, and participation on key company boards. All of these contributed to him becoming a billionaire. He was also an ardent amateur pilot with a pilot's license certificate and a commercial airline pilot license before he enlisted in the Air Corps.

Other Interesting Jimmy Stewart Facts And Trivia

  • Jimmy wanted to get into Princeton, but his father did not believe that he could get accepted there.
  • Jimmy was a millionaire.
  • He wore a glass eye for Mattie Appleyard's movie 'Fool's Parade'.
  • He received an Oscar award and several Grammy nominations as well.
  • His final acting assignment was to provide the voice of the character Wylie Burp in the animated feature 'An American Tail: Fievel Goes West'.
  • When Frank Capra noticed Jimmy Stewart in 'Navy Blue And Gold', he selected him for the movie 'You Can't Take It With You'.
  • His supporting role in 'The Shootlist' won him appreciation from fans across the world.

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Jimmy Stewart Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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James Maitland Stewart

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191 cm

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Actor, Military Personnel


Princeton University

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Gloria Hatrick McLean


Alexander Maitland Stewart, Elizabeth Ruth


Virginia, Marry
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