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Joe Kay is the radio host of Beats 1, a collective radio station available on Apple Music.
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About Joe Kay

Joe Kay is a famous radio host and the co-founder of Soulection.

He is the radio host of a popular show, Beats 1, that earned him a lot of fame. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Instagram influencer Joe Kay and his life.

Joe Kay Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joe Kay's net worth?

According to different sources, the net worth of Joe Kay is estimated to be around $1-5 million. 

How much does Joe Kay earn per year?

Joe Kay manages to earn approximately $1 million per year by being a successful radio host, which is his primary source of income. Joe Kay's annual earnings have been published in Forbes Magazine. 

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How old is Joe Kay?

Since he was born on October 12, 1989, Joe Kay will celebrate his 33rd birthday in October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Joe Kay was born on October 12, 1989, in the United States. Although there is not much information available about his childhood, it is known that he had a keen interest in music from a young age.

However, he did not know how to sing, nor could he play any instrument. Young Joe Kay did not know how to pursue his passion in a career but being a radio host became his way in. When he was in college and only 18 years old, he took the bold step of trusting his guts and started a podcast as a platform for emerging artists, and the rest is history. 

There is not much information available about his family, as Joe Kay prefers to keep his personal life private. However, he seems to be inspired by his grandmother a lot.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Joe Kay dating?

Joe Kay is not dating anyone at the moment. However, he had a partner named Amy. Kay shares a daughter named Maliyah with his former partner.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Joe Kay is best known as a famous radio host. His career began with the podcast Illvibes, a weekly show at a local nightclub. He is also the host of Beats 1, a radio station available on Apple Music.

The show also featured popular guests such as BJ the Chicago Kid, Omarion, and others. He is one of the most famous radio hosts in the USA. He also has a self-titled SoundCloud account where tracks from artists such as Miguel Macedo and Jaden Smith have been remixed. 

Other Interesting Joe Kay Facts And Trivia

  • Joe Kay launched Soulection Radio in 2011, at his college radio station on Apple Music.
  • In May 2016, singer JMSN starred as one of the guests on the Soulection Radio show.
  • Joe Kay also has a SoundCloud account where he remixes the works of artists like Miguel Macedo and Jaden Smith.
  • In 2017, Joe Kay was featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 list under the music category.

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Joe Kay Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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