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Joel Grey has won a BAFTA, a Tony award, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe award.
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About Joel Grey

Joel Grey or Joel David Katz is an American actor who has had a great run in the entertainment industry.

He started his journey towards becoming an actor through the Cleveland Play House, which is located in the same city wherein he was born and brought up. Joel Grey is known as an actor who has made his mark in the film, television, and stage roles that he has played in his extensive career.

He became especially famous through his depiction of the Master of Ceremonies in the film adaptation of 'Cabaret'. He also earned fame and money through his work as the Wizard in 'The Wizard of Oz'. He has won an Academy Award, a Tony Award and a Golden Globe award among many others. Joel Grey is known for being just an Emmy award short of becoming an EGOT, which stands for Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar and Tony.

Joel Grey was married to Jo Wilder until 1982. He famously came out and declared his homosexuality at the age of 82, which was a big personal step for the actor, and also inspired the entertainment industry. The actor had a very long run in the entertainment industry of the United States of America, which has earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Keep reading to learn more about Joel Grey, his career as an actor, and his personal life!

Joel Grey's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joel Grey’s net worth?

Joel Grey's net worth is thought to be around $10 million. He amassed this great fortune through his career as an actor.

How much does Joel Grey earn per year?

Joel Grey's annual income is not known, since the actor has refrained from sharing such details with the media or his fans.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Joel Grey?

Joel Grey's height is 5 ft 4 in (165 cm). His hair color is light gray and his eyes are dark brown.

How old is Joel Grey?

Joel Grey was born on April 11, 1932. He is 90 years old, as of 2022!

Childhood And Education

Joel Grey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, which is also where he started his journey toward becoming an actor. His parents were Mickey Katz and Goldie Epstein. Joel Grey also grew up around a brother named Ronald A. Katz. Not much else is known about the actor and his family life.

He attended Alexander Hamilton High School. However, his degree of education remains unknown.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Joel Grey dating?

Joel Grey was married to Jo Wilder from 1958 to 1982. He also fathered two children with Wilder - James Katz and Jennifer Grey.

His daughter, Jennifer Grey, is famous for her role in the movie named 'Dirty Dancing'.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Joel Grey is best known as the actor who played the Master of Ceremonies in the film adaption of the Broadway musical named 'Cabaret'. His role in 'Cabaret' also won him a bunch of awards and established him as a seasoned actor in the industry. He has also been part of several Broadway shows such as 'Chicago' and 'Wizard Of Oz'. He also played a role in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

Charity Work

Joel Grey has been involved with a number of charitable organizations, but his favorite seems to be one named 'Friends in Deed'.

What awards has Joel Grey won?

Joel Grey has won a bunch of awards, including a BAFTA, a Tony award, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe award.

Other Interesting Joel Grey Facts And Trivia

  • Joel Grey was named Joel David Katz at birth.
  • He was born on April 11, 1932.
  • His hometown is Cleveland, Ohio.
  • His parents were Mickey Katz and Goldie Epstein.
  • He has won an Academy Award for his performance in the film adaptation of 'Cabaret'. In this 1972 movie, he played the role of the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Joel Grey played the same role in the Broadway version of the movie.
  • He was also nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in 'Brooklyn Bridge'.
  • Joel Grey played the title role in 'Jack And The Beanstalk'.
  • Joel Grey also took part in a Broadway called 'The Grand Tour'. This took place in 1979.
  • In a Broadway musical named 'George M!', he played the role of George M. Cohan.
  • He has also received a Tony Award and a Golden Globe Award.
  • Joel Grey started his career by performing in the Cleveland Play House.
  • He also played the role of the Wizard in a staged concert.
  • His film debut was made in 1952 through a musical called 'About Face'.
  • Joel Grey also played a lead role in a 1975 movie named 'Goodtime Charley'.
  • Joel Grey was part of a Broadway project called 'Chicago'.
  • His daughter, Jennifer Grey, is also an actress who appeared in the famous movie named 'Dirty Dancing'.
  • Joel Grey won a BAFTA Award for Best Newcomer.
  • In 2011, Joel Grey and Sutton Foster participated in the revival of 'Anything Goes'.
  • Grey played the role of 'Moonface' Martin in the revival.

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Joel Grey Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Joel David Katz

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




165 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown




Alexander Hamilton School

Net Worth



Mickey Katz, Goldie Epstein


Ronald A. Katz
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