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We will learn all about Joel Schiffman, the American entrepreneur, in this article.
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About Joel Schiffman

Joel Schiffman is an American economist, financier, and entrepreneur from Colorado.

Joel works for an investment management firm as the Head of US Defined Contribution and Insurance Sales. He was also Director of Financial Institutions and vice president at Janus Henderson Investors for almost three years prior to his present position.

Joel graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor's degree in 1981. After a few years, he went to the University of Pennsylvania. Joel studied at Wharton School of Business, a private Ivy League university. This is where he earned his bachelor's degree in 1995.

Joel Schiffman is a very private person. Therefore, not much information is available about his family life. The American entrepreneur came into the limelight when he started dating Hoda Kotbh, an NBC news journalist. The couple got married and adopted two babies together. They are Haley Joy Kotb and Hope Catherine Kotb. However, recently, the couple has decided to get separated.

Joel Schiffman has been married before. He has a daughter named Kyle Schiffman from his previous marriage.

Joel's business pursuits have also helped him earn recognition. The American entrepreneur has previously worked as a Financial Adviser and Investment Management Analyst. He works at Janus Financial Group as a director and vice president. The financier also worked as a Senior Relationship Manager at Columbia Thread Needle Investment, a financial management firm.

Joel Schiffman Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Joel Schiffman’s net worth?

Joel Schiffman is an American entrepreneur, financier, and former investment analyst. He has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

How much does Joel Schiffman earn per year?

Joel Schiffman earns around $2 million per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Joel Schiffman?

Joel Schiffman is 5 ft 9 in (175.2 cm) tall.

How old is Joel Schiffman?

Joel Schiffman is 63 years old. His birthday is on March 21, 1958.

Childhood And Education

Joel Schiffman was in Colorado in March 1958. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Joel received a BA in Economics from UCLA. He also received a degree in Investment Management Analysis from Pennsylvania. Joel attended both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, as well as the Wharton School.

Joel Schiffman was a member of the UCLA rugby team in college. He is a great supporter of the team to this day. Joel thinks that playing the sport taught him some very significant life skills, which he believes everyone should learn. He has taken these teachings with him throughout his life and put them into practise.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Joel Schiffman's family?

Joel Schiffman was born in Colorado to his parents. He grew up with a sister named Beth Schiffman. However, not much information is available about his family and early life.

Who is Joel Schiffman dating?

Joel Schiffman was married to his then-girlfriend, Hoda Kotb. She is a broadcast journalist and news presenter. They had been dating for six years when he proposed to Hoda Kotb. She accepted, and they were set to marry in November 2019.

In 2017, the couple welcomed a girl into their family. She was named Haley Joy Kotb. In April 2019, Hoda Kotb adopted a baby girl named Hope Catherine Kotb.

Joel Schiffman initially met Hoda Kotb in 2013 at a book signing at Wall Street Professionals event. After the event, they kept in contact through email. Hoda Kotb subsequently said that attending the event was the finest choice she had ever made.

In January 2015, 'The Daily Mail' broke the news of their romance. Since then, Hoda Kotb has talked publicly about the connection on multiple occasions.

Joel Schiffman and Hoda Kotb have parted on good terms and have been peacefully co-parenting.

Joel Schiffman and Hoda Kotb have both been married before. Joel's first wife died in 2007. He has a daughter named Kyle from his former marriage.

Hoda, on the other hand, was married to Burzis Kanga. He is a former tennis coach at the University of New Orleans. They were married from 2005-2008.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

As of 2022, Joel Schiffman is the Director of Financial Institutions and vice president of Janus Capital Group. He also has a lot of expertise in the area.

Joel has worked for companies like Trail Ridge Capital LLC, Reed, Conor, and Birdwell, and Lord, Abbett, and Co. LLC. He held numerous roles in these businesses.

Joel Schiffman joined Kidder Peabody in Los Angeles as senior vice president in 1987. He evolved the retail investment brokerage firm into an institutional consulting practise during his seven-year tenure. In 1994, he joined Smith Barney as a Consulting Group Director in Denver, Colorado.

In November 2003, Joel Schiffman departed the firm to work as the Principal, Director of Marketing at Trail Ridge Capital, LLC. The business was also in Denver. He was in charge of establishing and executing insurance sales and marketing strategies for a new hedge fund for over two years.

Joel Schiffman returned to Los Angeles in September 2005 to work as a Senior vice president for Business Development and Client Services. He held the position at Reed, Conor, and Birdwell.

Joel Schiffman went to Jersey City, New Jersey, in June 2008. He worked as the Director of Retirement Platform Relationships for Lord, Abbett, and Co. LLC.

Joel Schiffman began working as a Senior Relationship Manager, National Accounts at Columbia Management in the Greater New York City Area in August 2013. He joined Janus Henderson Investors US in August 2015 as Director of Financial Institutions and vice president. He has still been holding that position.

Joel Schiffman’s Hobbies And Interests

Joel Schiffman loves to play rugby. He was on the rugby team at UCLA in college.

Joel is also a soccer lover. He argues that although all sports offer life lessons, rugby teaches things that cannot be learned anyplace else.

Other Interesting Joel Schiffman Facts And Trivia

  • Joel doesn't travel much for his profession. However, he has experienced a lot of issues with United Airlines. The financier has sworn to never fly with them again.
  • Joel Schiffman is of American nationality.
  • Joel Schiffman proposed to Hoda in November 2019 while on a romantic holiday in Mexico. Hoda was overjoyed as she shared a romantic photo from her engagement. The proposal looked to take place on the beach, with the joyful couple standing in front of their names carved in the sand. Hoda displayed her magnificent ring in the picture.
  • The epidemic forced the couple to postpone their wedding twice.

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Joel Schiffman Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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