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John Butler has shaped modern folk music's tone, and his influence can be recognized in the work of many contemporary musicians.
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About John Butler

John Butler is a singer-songwriter and music producer of Australian origin.
John is the front man of 'The John Butler Trio' which is a band that was formed in 1998 in Australia. His band has released five music albums and three of them have reached number one on the Australian charts.
The singer-songwriter was born in the US but he moved to Australia during his childhood. He learned to play guitar at the age of 16 when his grandmother gave him a dobro that belonged to his grandfather. John Butler has received immense fame due to his music and has been awarded by the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

John Butler Net Worth, Earnings And Spending Habits

What is John Butler’s net worth?

John Butler has a net worth of $1 million.

How much does John Butler earn per year?

The yearly income of John Butler is not yet known.

Height, Age And Physical Attributes

How tall is John Butler?

John Butler is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old is John Butler?

Born on April 1, 1975, John Butler is currently 46 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

The singer-songwriter, John Charles Wiltshire-Butler, was born in the city of Torrance in California. He had an Australian origin father named Darryl Wiltshire-Butler and an American mother, Barbara. John Butler also has British, Bulgarian, and Greek ancestry through his father, and was named after his grandfather, John Wiltshire-Butler, who was a forest worker who laid down his life fighting a bushfire in Nannup.
After his parent's divorce in 1986, John went to Pinjarra, Australia. John completed his schooling at Pinjarra Senior High School. After finishing school in the year 1996, John enrolled at Curtin University to pursue Arts but he dropped out soon. He also participated in skateboarding and was also involved in the 'Woolstores' street spot.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is John Butler’s partner?

Butler married Danielle Caruana, an Australian singer, and songwriter who goes by the stage name Mama Kin, in the year 1999. The pair has two children, a daughter named Banjo and a son named Jahli.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

John Butler made a cameo appearance in the 2009 Australian film, 'In Her Skin' and has also sung three songs with his band namely 'Caroline', 'Ocean' and 'What You Want'.
John also performed for refugee children in a class at Perth's Highgate Primary School in the documentary 'Destination Australia – Bridge Between Two Worlds'.
After high school, John Butler moved to California to live with his brother Jim for two years.
His first paid event as a singer was at the Metaphor Cafe in Escondido, California, where he started his music career in a band named Vitamin.
In 1994, Vitamin recorded two tracks, 'Deadhorse' and 'Mary Jane.' Vitamin performed in San Diego in the year 1995.
John along with the drummer Jason McGann and bass player Gavin Shoesmith formed 'The John Butler Trio'. They recorded the 'John Butler' album and released it in the year 1998.
Their second album 'Three' was released in April 2001.
John along with the members of an Australian band 'The Waifs' founded Jarrah Records in July 2002. Butler was able to maximize artistic control over his records as a partner in a record label.
The song 'Zebra' was released in December 2003. It received mainstream radio airplay and reached the top 30 on the ARIA Charts. In March 2004, 'Sunrise Over Sea' debuted at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart.
'Grand National', their fourth album, was released in the year 2007. It was a massive hit and it debuted at No. 1 on the charts.
In February 2011, at the Fremantle Arts Centre's Gimme Shelter, an annual fundraising event for the homeless was held in which John Butler and his wife Danielle performed for the first time.
In 2013, the initial sessions of the band's sixth album commenced followed by the band's biggest tour of the United States. Instead of using Butler's first ideas, the members came up with a blank songwriting idea for the first time in the band's history.


Charity Work

John is a supporter of global peace, environmental protection, and harmony. He's also a supporter of the 'Save Ningaloo Reef' and 'The Wilderness Society' campaigns.
In 2005, John and his wife co-founded the 'JB Seed Grant Program', which was renamed 'The Seed'. The pair put $80,000 into the project to get it started.
He's also an active supporter of the 'Save The Kimberley' project and has performed at a concert in Melbourne for the same.
He also starred in the 'Sounds For The Reef' album which was created to raise funds for the legal team that was formed by World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
In 2014, he had a concert in Bentley in favor of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

What awards has John Butler won?

Singer-songwriter John Butler won APRA Awards Song Of The Year in 2004 for his song 'Zebra', and Most Performed Blues & Roots Work in 2006 for 'Something's Gotta Give'. He also won Blues & Roots Work of the Year for 'Good Excuse' in 2008, for 'Close To You' in 2011, and 'Only One' in 2014. In 2020, he won Most Performed Blues & Roots Work of the Year for 'Just Call'.
In 2004, he won the ARIA award for Best Male Artist for 'Sunrise Over Sea'.

John Butler’s Hobbies And Interests

From the age of 16, John Butler started learning electric guitar and had an inclination towards music.

Other Interesting John Butler Facts And Trivia

On one episode of the TV show 'Who Do You Think You Are?', John's ancestry was traced with the help of his grandfather's diaries to his ancestors in Bulgaria and the events of the 1876 April Uprising.
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John Butler Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

John Wiltshire-Butler

Date of Birth




Place of Birth




173 cm

Eye Color

Light Brown


Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer


Curtin University

Net Worth



Danielle Caruana


Darryl Wiltshire-Butler, Barbara
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