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John Knowles is the winner of the prestigious 'William Faulkner award.'
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About John Knowles

On September 16, 1926, John Knowles was born to a West Virginia-based couple.

John Knowles is regarded as a famous novelist owing to his works like 'The Paragon,' 'A Separate Peace,' 'Peace Breaks Out,' and many more as well. Before becoming a novelist, John Knowles worked as an assistant editor for the renowned Holiday magazine.

A lesser-known fact about Knowles is that he was once a part of the U.S. Army Air Forces and served during the end days of World War II. John Knowles is believed to have written his first novel after encouragement from the American novelist Thornton Wilder. Scroll down to know more about this Rosenthal award winner.

John Knowles' Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was John Knowles' net worth?

Knowles' net worth was believed to be around $1.5 million.

How much did John Knowles earn per year?

The annual income of John Knowles was undisclosed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was John Knowles?

There is no information on his height.

How old was John Knowles?

John Knowles was born on September 16, 1926, in Fairmont, West Virginia, U.S. The novelist last celebrated his 75th birthday before he passed away on November 29, 2001.

Childhood And Education

John Knowles spent his early life in Fairmont, living with his parents. He was a student at St. Peter's High School from 1938 - 1940 in his hometown itself. Knowles completed his graduation in 1945 from Philips Exeter Academy, located in Exeter, New Hampshire. John Knowles then spent around eight months as a part of the U.S. Army Air Forces during the end of World War II. Later on, John Knowles graduated from Yale University in 1949. During his time at Yale University, he excelled at swimming and held several records as well.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was John Knowles's partner?

John Knowles married Beth Anne Dyment Hughes after celebrating his 19th birthday.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Knowles is best recognized for his 1959 novel 'A Separate Peace,' the 1981 novel 'Peace Breaks Out' and several other novels.

What awards did John Knowles win?

John Knowles won the prestigious Rosenthal Award of the National Institute of Arts and Letters and the 1961 William Faulkner award.

Other Interesting John Knowles Facts And Trivia

  • When John Knowles kicked off his career, he wrote for the newspaper publishing house 'Hartford Courant' and, at the same time, worked as an assistant editor at the Holiday magazine. After these stints, Knowles went on write novels and earned a great name, and amassed a huge net worth.
  • Regarding Knowles' family life, his father worked as a coal company executive while his mother was a homemaker hailing from Concord, New Hampshire.
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John Knowles Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Beth Anne Dyment Hughes


Mary Beatrice Shea Knowles, James M. Knowles
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