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John McCain's service to his country was fascinating, and various facts about John McCain easily prove the statement.
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About John McCain

John McCain was a very popular American politician, Naval Officer, and statesman well-known for his works for the country.

He was born in a naval air station named Coco Solo located in Panama and grew up alongside Navy people because his father was a Navy Officer. After his education, he walked his father's path and became a Naval Aviator and then a Navy Officer.

After his retirement, he involved himself in politics. He was initially in the United States House of Representatives for two terms, and then he became Senator John McCain for more than three decades and six senator terms. In the meantime, he had also been a presidential candidate during the 2008 elections.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was John McCain's net worth?

John McCain started in the United States Navy and then became a politician and served as the United States Senator for around three decades. At the time of his death in the year, his net worth was calculated to be approximately $16 million.

How much did John McCain earn per year?

John McCain had multiple sources of income. He got paid around $220,000 for being a senator and including a pension for serving in the United States Navy. Besides this, he had numerous other income sources because he published multiple books and was in the real estate business.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was John McCain?

John McCain was not the tallest of the lot, and his height was known to be 5 ft 8 in (175 cm), which is considered to be just an average man's height.

How old was John McCain?

The birth month and year of John McCain are August 1936, and he passed away in August 2018. So, based on the birth date, his age was 81 when he passed away.

Childhood And Education

After being born to John S. McCain Jr. and Roberta (Wright) McCain, they named him John Sidney McCain III. Since his father was a Naval Officer, he was born at a Naval Air Station called Coco Solo. He spent his childhood in numerous cities alongside his younger brother Joe McCain and his elder sister Sandy McCain because of his father's naval postings.

Also, because of his father's naval postings, he was known to have attended more than 20 schools in various cities. Ultimately, he completed his schooling in 1954 at a renowned boarding school named Episcopal High School located in Alexandria. After schooling, he enrolled in the United States Naval Academy and completed his studies in 1958. In the year 1960, he also completed flight school.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was John McCain's partner?

John McCain was first married to Carol Shepp, a model and secretary, in 1965. John was the biological father of one child, Sidney McCain, and he also accepted Carol Shepp's two other children from her previous husband named, Douglas McCain and Andrew McCain. It was almost after 15 years, and in the year 1980, they broke the marriage and parted ways.

John met and started dating Cindy Lou Hensley, now Cindy McCain, in 1979, and immediately after parting ways with Carol Shepp, John got married to Cindy Hensley. John and Cindy McCain were blessed with three children Meghan McCain, John "Jack" Sidney McCain IV, and James "Jimmy" McCain. In 1991, they adopted a Bangladeshi baby girl and named her Bridget McCain.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

John stood as a Republican nominee during the 2008 presidential election, while Barack Obama stood as a Democratic Party nominee. But he lost in the general election.

Senator John McCain was known to go against a few of the Republican Party policies like the campaign Finance Reform, gun regulations, and a few others. He is also well-known for the passage of the McCain–Feingold Act and the restorations of Vietnam's diplomatic relations.

John started his career as a naval aviator aboard two different aircraft carriers. In the middle of 1967, he got his first combat mission during the Vietnam War. Later in the same year, he became the lieutenant commander aboard the USS Forrestal. John was taken prisoner during a bombing mission over Vietnam, and he was released after more than five years in the year 1973. He was made the commanding officer in 1976, and it was in 1981 that he retired from the Navy as a captain. He made up his mind to join the congress.

After his retirement, he worked as the Vice President of his father-in-law's company. He was elected to the House of Representatives, and he served two terms in the House Committee of Interior Affairs and House Foreign affairs committee. In 1987, John became a senator by defeating Richard Kimball and was a member of the Indian Affairs Committee, Armed Services Committee, and the Commerce Committee. He had served six terms and over 30 years as a Senator. He was known for his works like the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Campaign Finance Reform, the McCain–Feingold Act, the Line Item Veto Act, the 9/11 Commission, Aviation and Transportation Security Act, Climate Stewardship Act, and numerous more.

He was in favor of John Roberts and Samuel Alito for becoming Supreme Court justices. In the year 2000, he stepped forward to become the president of the Federal Government. Still, he lost to George W. Bush, and later in the year, he again stood as a Presidential candidate but eventually lost to Barack Obama in the General Election. In 2017, he suffered from various forms of cancer and infections but continued to serve the nation as Senator John McCain until he died in 2018.

Charity Work

John McCain and his entire family have always been supporters of various charities, and he was well-known for making huge donations to charities. In the year 2007, John gave a donation of $1.7 million to a charity, and these were the earnings he had made from selling his books in the year 2007. In 2008, John gave away almost $9 million to a charity, and these were the unused donations during the 2008 elections.

What awards did John McCain win?

John McCain had been awarded various military medals for his service and acts of bravery. They include The Navy Commendation Medal, the Prisoner of War Medal, two Legion of Merits, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, one Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, a silver star, and a total of three Bronze Star Medals.

Other than military awards, he had received a Profile in Courage Award, an Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Government, a Liberty Medal, the Paul H. Douglas Award, the Order of Freedom Medal, the Order of Liberty Award, the Eisenhower Leadership Award, Order of the National Hero Award, Bruce F. Vento Public Service Award, the Policymaker of the Year Award, and the Henry M. Jackson Distinguished Service Award.

John McCain's Hobbies And Interests

John McCain used to have a love for sports. During his high school days, he was into Scholastic wrestling, otherwise called Folkstyle wrestling. He also used to be a lightweight boxer while studying at the United States Naval Academy.

Other Interesting John McCain Facts And Trivia

• During his education, John was never good at intense subjects like mathematics, so he used to make sure that he did his best in other more accessible subjects like literature.

• He was not the best candidate in the navy academy; John ranked 894 out of 899 candidates.

• John was initially not a good pilot either. He was known to have improved his abilities over time.

• John McCain was taken prisoner during a Vietnam bombing mission, nicknamed "Hanoi Hilton," and he was severely ill-treated and interrogated. He was a prisoner for more than five years and was released in 1973.

• Five and a half years as a prisoner in Vietnam were the worst years of his life. He had multiple broken bones and heat exhaustion, and various other physical troubles.

• John McCain passed away due to cancer in the year 2018. Memorial services took place in the North Phoenix Baptist Church, Washington National Church, and the Naval Academy Chapel. After the services, he was buried at the Naval Academy Cemetery. Various important people from political parties joined, but John particularly did not want Donald Trump to attend the services.
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John McCain Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

John Sidney McCain III

Date of Birth


Date of Death




Place of Birth



170 cm

Eye Color

Hazel Green


Politician, Statesman, United States Navy Officer


Episcopal High School

Net Worth



Cindy McCain


Roberta (Wright) McCain, John S. McCain Jr.


Joe McCain, Sandy McCain

Annual Earnings

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