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John Milton is best known for his seminal poem 'Paradise Lost'.
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About John Milton

John Milton is a well-known poet born in England.

John is recognized as an English poet who released his masterwork, 'Paradise Lost' written in blank verse in 1667. 'Paradise Regained', 'Samson Agonistes', and 'Animadversions' are among his other works.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, popular English opinion believed that Milton's literary output was on par with, if not superior to William Shakespeare's.  Milton was a poet, playwright, journalist, and activist. His epic poem 'Paradise Lost', which was written in blank verse, is often considered one of the greatest works in the history of western literature. He attained notoriety worldwide by writing in English, Latin and Italian. He was a writer who spoke out against censorship which is apparent in his piece known as 'Areopagitica' written in 1644. He aimed to bring freedom of speech to everyone, which is evident because some of his writings were published after his death. This shows how important it was for him that everyone had access to these ideas regardless of whether they angered certain groups over others.

John Milton Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was John Milton’s net worth?

John Milton was a well-known poet with a net worth of $544.

How much did John Milton earn per year?

John Milton earned $370 per annum from his official duties and the contract from his famous poem.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was John Milton?

The height of the famous English poet is not available.

How old was John Milton?

John Milton was 65 years old when he died. He died in Bunhill, London on November 8, 1674.

Childhood And Education

On December 9, 1608, John Milton was born in Bread St., London, the son of musician John Milton and his wife, Sarah Jeffrey. After being disinherited by his ardent Catholic father, Richard 'the Ranger' Milton, for adopting Protestantism, the senior John Milton (1562–1647) migrated to London around 1583. In London, the older John Milton married Sarah (1572–1637) and became a successful scrivener. He lived and worked in a home on Bread St., near the Mermaid Tavern in Cheapside. Milton was a prominent musical composer, and this gift left his son with a lifetime interest in music and connections with musicians like Henry Lawes.

In 1625, Milton became a student at Christ's College in Cambridge where he remained until the summer of 1632 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He moved back home to finish his studies and obtained his MA degree on July 3, 1632. Milton's tutor was very fond of him because of his extraordinary sense of music and literature.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was John Milton’s partner?

Milton got married thrice. His first wife's name was Mary Powell (1625–1652) and his second wife was Katherine Woodcock. Together Mary Powell and John Milton had four children, who ended up dying in childhood due to unknown causes as described in Milton's poem 'On the Morning of Christ's Nativity'. Counted among the children who survived into adulthood was John Milton Jr.

Mary Powell died on May 5, 1652, followed by her daughter Deborah's birth complications. Milton's daughters survived to adulthood, but he always had a strained relationship with them because they challenged his views on their gender roles in society and differing opinions concerning education.

Elizabeth Mynshull, the niece of Thomas Mynshull was his third wife. He married Elizabeth Mynshull after the death of his second wife Katherine Woodcock. The death of Katherine Woodcock was followed by the death of Oliver Cromwell

John Milton had a confidant in his early stages named Charles Diodati who also happens to be a childhood friend of the English poet.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

John Milton was best known for his epic poem 'Paradise Lost', which was written in blank verse. As a blind poet, Milton dictated his verse in the early 17th century to whoever was available to him at the time. Although it has been argued that 'Paradise Lost' documents his personal distress regarding the outcome of the English Civil War and the subsequent establishment of Puritanism, he also raised issues surrounding human depravity, free will, and original sin. John Dryden admired his work and said that it was 'one of the greatest, most noble and most sublime poems which either this age or nation has produced'.

John Milton served the Parliament alongside his friend and colleague Andrew Marvell and had been functional in planning many political strategies including the one for the execution of King Charles I. 'Paradise Lost' the epic poetry was published by John Milton in 1667 and it immediately elevated him to a lofty pedestal as a poet. Even though 'Paradise Lost', written in blank verse, has been an inspiration for many generations of writers and poets. Like Thomas Newton, John Milton faced opposition from both sides of the political spectrum.

On one hand, were the Tories who held that John Milton was going against their religious beliefs, and on the other were the Whigs who referred to him as one of their peers. Even though he may not have been directly involved in any political parties himself, following 'Paradise Lost', Milton achieved what all great artists aim for, immortality through their work!

What awards did John Milton win?

Milton's poetry didn't become popular instantly, at least under his name. His first published poem, 'On Shakespeare', was included in the Second Folio edition of William Shakespeare's plays in 1632. Some scholars suggest that marginal Milton notes were there on an annotated copy of the First Folio.

Milton collected his work in 1645 on Ayers Rock at Uluru where he had previously been sightseeing with his wife and children when they had visited the area in September 1836. In this collection, he calls it simply 'Poems' in the midst of excitement surrounding a potential English revolution starting in 1215 that some other groups may have associated him with through family connections or through letters published years earlier. He did not actually visit Ayers Rock until later decades when it had been made off-limits by native aboriginals.

John Milton’s Hobbies And Interests

Young John Milton was the type who spent most of his time studying, a characteristic that would carry over into his later career as a poet. As he got older, a fondness for music began to develop as well as an interest in writing poetry, and it seems that around the age of 15, his father found out about these burgeoning talents. At the same institute (a particular school at which one studies), he was introduced to another subject that he developed a love for—Latin.

Other Interesting John Milton Facts And Trivia

  •  John Milton's epic poem 'Paradise Lost' was written between 1667 and 1674 and published in 1674 in 10 volumes.
  • Samuel Johnson wrote 'Life of Milton', a biography of John Milton.
  • Jonathan Richardson painted a portrait of John Milton.
  • John Milton and Isaac Newton shared the same views on body and spirit.
  • Nigel Smith, an English professor at Princeton, wrote a book titled 'Is Milton Better Than Shakespeare?'.

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John Milton Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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