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Jonathan Morgan Heit is an American actor.
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About Jonathan Morgan Heit

Johnathan Morgan Heit is a former American teen actor.

He is the son of Melissa Segal and Jay Heit. Born on July 16, 2000, Heit made his acting debut in the television series 'Close to Home' in 2006.

The American teen actor was well-known for his role in Adam Sandler's film. He played Patrick in 'Bedtime Stories,' a 2008 Disney fantasy comedy movie. Jonathan Morgan also played a lead role in the TV series Granite Flats. Apart from acting, he directed a short film, 'It Happens'. The short movie was about a man having a terrible day.

Johnathan Morgan Heit gave voice to many animated series and films. He was a voice actor in 'Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure and Santa Buddies.' Later, Jadon Sand took over the voice role. He left acting in 2016 to work as a gallerist. He undoubtedly made his unique presence felt in the American TV industry and contributed to many popular shows and films.

Jonathan Morgan Heit Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jonathan Morgan Heit's net worth?

The estimated net worth of Jonathan Morgan Heit is $1.5 million as of November 2022.

How much does Jonathan Morgan Heit earn per year?

There is no information about his annual earnings, but his estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1.5 million.

Height, Age and Physical Attributes

How tall is Jonathan Morgan Heit?

Jonathan Morgan Heit is 6 ft 2 in (189 cm) tall.

How old is Jonathan Morgan Heit?

Jonathan Morgan Heit is 22 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jonathan Morgan Heit was born on July 16th, 2000, in the United States of America. Melissa Segal and Jay Heit are the parents of Heit. He was six years old when he made his professional acting debut in the TV show 'Close to Home' in 2006. He appeared in one episode of the series as Frankie Waters.

In the same year, he appeared as a little boy in another TV show, 'General Hospital'. No decent information about his educational status or school or college life is available.

He bagged one of the most famous roles in 2008. He appeared in the Adam Sandler film 'Bedtime Stories' and played Patrick in the movie. Johnathan Morgan Heit did many TV shows and played minor roles in many of them. Apart from acting, he gave voice to many series and directed a short film, 'It Happens,' about a man having a terrible day.

He finally got a leading role in the 2013 showbiz 'Granite Flats.' Heit portrayed the role of Arther Milligan. He received a positive response for this role from his fans.

After a 10-year exposure and a successful career in the entertainment industry, Johnathan Morgan Heit decided to quit acting and work as a Gallerist. He owns the Heit Gallery in the United States of America.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Jonathan Morgan Heit dating?

Jonathan Morgan Heit seems to be single, as no records suggest that he is seeing somebody.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

Jonathan Morgan Heit is a famous actor who debuted in the TV show 'Close to Home' in 2006.

He appeared in a TV talk show, 'The Showbiz Show with David Spade' in an American Idol Camp Skit in 2007.

Jonathan Morgan Heit is best known for his role as Patrick in 'Bedtime Stories,' an Adam Sandler film. The film revolves around a hotel handyman. His life changes when the lavish bedtime stories that he narrates to his niece and nephew start to magically come true. He also appeared in the episode 'Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap' of 'How I Met Your Mother' as a boy.

He also directed and wrote the short film 'It Happens,' about a man who has a bad day. For the first few episodes of season one and the beginning of season three of the Disney Junior show 'Jake and the Never Land Pirates,' Jonathan Morgan Heit provided the voice of Cubby.

Charity Work

Jonathan Morgan Heit was always actively involved in Charity work. On his 11th Birthday, he started a campaign to raise a minimum of $11,000 on the well-known fundraising website Crowdrise. The fundraising was for improving the lives of children in Africa.

Johnathan Morgan Heit also traveled to Kenya to interact with children at the Kawangware Vision Center and encourage activism from his classmates and supporters back home. Heit and Soles4Souls came together and partnered to aid the organization spread awareness for the 300 million kids worldwide who lack access to or cannot afford proper footwear.

What awards has Jonathan Morgan Heit won?

Jonathan Morgan Heit has won no awards but was a Nominee for BTVA Television Voice Acting Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series - Children's/Educational in 2014 and 2015.

Other Interesting Jonathan Morgan Heit Facts And Trivia

  • The singing voice of MudBud in the movie 'Santa Buddies' was by Jonathan Morgan Heit.
  • Jonathan Morgan Heit founded and co-owns Heit Gallery. It is an online gallery that sells beautiful art created by some of the most well-known artists.

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