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About Josh Lucas's

Initially known as Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer, Josh Lucas was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. He was raised by his parents, Don Maurer and Michele, along with his younger siblings, Devin Maurer and Kate Maurer. Lucas attended the Kopachuck Middle School and graduated from the Gig Harbor High School in 1989. He started his acting career at age 19 and made his acting debut in 1990. Josh Lucas has appeared in several television sitcoms and movies since then.

He is famously known for his roles in films such as Craig McDermott in 'American Psycho' (2000), Rudy Kolinski in 'You Can Count on Me' (2000), Darby Reese in 'The Deep End' (2001), Martin Hansen in 'A Beautiful Mind' (2001), Jake Perry in 'Sweet Home Alabama' (2002), Glenn Talbot in 'Hulk' (2003), Sheriff Crane Curtis in 'An Unfinished Life' (2005), Don Haskins in 'Glory Road' (2006), Dylan Johns in 'Poseidon' (2006), Dr. Sam Nelson in 'Life as We Know It' (2010), Ted Minton in 'The Lincoln Lawyer' (2011), John Grant in 'Red Dog' (2011), Charles Lindbergh in 'J. Edgar' (2011), Mat in 'The Mend' (2014), Brain Smith in 'Breakthrough' (2019), Leo Beebe in 'Ford v Ferrari' (2019), and Dylan Tucker in 'The Forever Purge' (2021).

Some of his lead television series roles include Mitch McDeere in 'The Firm' (2012), Jake Broderick in 'The Mysteries of Laura' (2014–2016), Douglas in 'Mrs. American Pie' (TBA), and Luke McGregor in 'Snowy River: The McGregor Saga' (1994-1995). Josh Lucas is also the owner and promoter of Filthy Food with his friends Marc and Daniel Singer. Lucas received the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Liplock for his outstanding portrayal of the character Jake Perry in the 2003 film 'Sweet Home Alabama.'

Josh Lucas's Net Worth, Earnings, and Spending Habits

What is Josh Lucas's net worth?

Josh Lucas has amassed an excellent net worth from his acting career. As of 2022, Josh's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

How much does Josh Lucas earn per year?

Josh Lucas has acquired a great sum of earnings as a renowned actor. Though he has not yet publicly disclosed his earnings and spending habits.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Josh Lucas?

Josh Lucas stands 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is Josh Lucas?

Josh Lucas was born Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer on June 20, 1971, in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. As of 2022, he is 51 years old. Lucas belongs to the American nationality and is a Gemini by birth.

Childhood And Education

Josh Lucas was born Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer on June 20, 1971. He is also called by the name Joshua Lucas. Initially, he lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, with his younger siblings, Devin Maurer and Kate Maurer. Lucas is the son of Don Maurer, an ER doctor, and Michele, a nurse midwife. Lucas and his younger siblings spent most of their childhood traveling the South with their parents, who were antinuclear activists. So by age 13, Lucas had lived in 30 locations, including Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms, in South Carolina. Regarding his educational background, Josh Lucas went to Kopachuck Middle School, then enrolled in Gig Harbor High School, where he graduated in 1989. Lucas used to take part in high school plays as well.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Josh Lucas's partner?

In 2011, Josh Lucas came across a freelance writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez at a park. They became engaged six weeks later and eventually married in Central Park on March 17, 2012. The couple welcomed their firstborn son Noah Rev Maurer in June 2012. However, in 2014, his wife, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, filed for a divorce that was finalized in October 2014.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Josh Lucas began his acting career at 19 when he moved to Hollywood after graduating high school. In his early '20s, Lucas appeared as a guest star on several television sitcoms, including 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose,' Fox's sitcom 'True Colors,' CBS's private-eye show 'Jake and the Fatman,' and the family drama series 'Life Goes On.'

Josh Lucas played the role of John L. Jordan III in the horror-thriller 'Child of Darkness, Child of Light.' The filmmaker adapted the storyline from James Patterson's novel Virgin, a tale of two young teenage girls finding themselves pregnant under supernatural and mysterious circumstances. Following this appearance, Lucas worked with executive producer Steven Spielberg and then-unknown actor Clive Owen in the TV movie 'Class of '61,' which was about the tragic consequences faced by three West Point cadets and friends in 1861 after the breakout of the civil war. Lucas played the character George Armstrong Custer.

Soon after that, Josh Lucas made his feature film debut in the 1993 film 'Alive,' directed by Frank Marshall. The storyline was about a team of Uruguay's rugby players who respond differently after a plane crash in the Andes mountains and face a dilemma; whether to eat their deceased teammates to stay alive, or die. After appearing for a brief role in Patrick Swayze's comedy film 'Father Hood,' Lucas relocated to Australia to play the leading role of Luke McGregor opposite Guy Pearce and Andrew Clarke for fifteen episodes of the drama series 'Snowy River: The McGregor Saga.' Still, in a later interview, he claimed that despite the friendly environment, he felt homesick for the United States. The filmmakers had killed off his character in the second episode of season 2.

After this, Lucas returned to the United States, still receiving offers as a high school/college boyfriend. When Lucas was working with George C. Scott on the TV series 'In the Heat of the Night,' Scott told him to take acting lessons and develop his talent for the stage and screen. Soon afterward, he left Hollywood and moved to New York City, where he privately took classes with various acting coaches.

In the second phase of his career, he received a grand opening in the British sports drama film 'True Blue,' performing the lead role of a hotshot Navy rower appointed along with three other fellow Americans to help Oxford win their annual boat race against Cambridge. Later, he played the role of Sheriff Crane Curtis in the 2005 film 'An Unfinished Life.' Lucas taped into comedy dramas with 'The Definite Maybe,' where he played the role of a recent college graduate who gets fired from his first job and schemes with an old mate to purchase a house in the Hamptons.

Josh Lucas appeared as an American businessman in Jule Gilfillan's 1998 romantic comedy-drama film, 'Restless.' Lucas then appeared playing the role of Judas and the character of Jesus (named Joshua) and his disciples in an off-Broadway play by Terrence McNally in his controversial 'Corpus Christi.' Right before the play was about to open, Lucas was mugged and beaten on his way to the theater for dress rehearsal. However, he still played the role of Judas with bandages over his broken nose and black eyes. Though, the audience thought that the bandages were part of the play. Lucas went through various surgeries to fix his nose. After this, he began receiving more prominent roles in films such as 'You Can Count on Me,' 'Session 9,' 'American Psycho,' 'The Dancer,' 'The Weight of Water,' and 'When Strangers Appear.'

Josh Lucas acquired extreme exposure after playing roles such as Jake Perry in 'Sweet Home Alabama,' Glenn Talbot in 'Hulk' and Martin Hansen in 'A Beautiful Mind.' Afterward, he received leading roles in films such as 'Poseidon,' 'Glory Road,' and 'Stealth.' His next project was 'Death in Love' (2008), 'Peacock' (2009), and 'Tell-Tale' (2009), a movie based on the short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart,' by Edgar Allan Poe and produced by Ridley Scott.

Earlier that year, Lucas also gave a stage performance in the off-Broadway run of 'Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell.' Lucas also completed his second collaboration with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns after being involved in Burns' 'The War.' His other documentary work includes 'Trumbo,' 'Operational Homecoming,' and the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award winner, 'Resolved.' In February 2010, he was cast as a single father of a boy with cognitive disabilities in the Anders Anderson thriller film, 'Stolen,' starring alongside Jon Hamm and Rhona Mitra. In the 2010 film 'Shadows and Lies', Lucas co-starred alongside Julianne Nicholson and James Franco.

In 2011, Lucas appeared in the film 'Red Dog,' along with his co-star Rachael Taylor. The filmmakers adapted the storyline from the true story of an Australian Kelpie. Lucas received an Inside Film Award for his role. He also starred in the NBC television show 'The Firm,' based on John Grisham's novel. The show lasted one season.

In 2013, Josh Lucas played the lead role of Mat in the independent comedy-drama, 'The Mend.' Lucas received positive reviews for his portrayal in the movie. From September 2014 to March 2016, Josh Lucas played the lead role in the NBC crime drama 'The Mysteries of Laura.' In 2018, Lucas played the recurring role of the younger version of John Dutton in 'Yellowstone,' which was portrayed by Kevin Costner.

Besides his acting career, Josh Lucas has done voice-over work with Breathe Bible. He played the role of Major Jace 'Flash' Dillon in the 1994 video game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. Also, Lucas is the owner and promoter of Filthy Food with friends Marc and Daniel Singer.

What awards has Josh Lucas won?

Josh Lucas won Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Liplock for his role as Jake Perry in the 2003 TV movie 'Sweet Home Alabama.' He also received an Inside Film Award for his role in the 2011 'Red Dog' film.


Josh Lucas supported president Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, as he volunteered to help potential voters register at colleges in Pennsylvania. As a part of the campaign, Lucas knocked on people's doors and phone banked, wearing an Obama shirt for 45 days. Lucas was also present in Denver, Colorado, for the 2008 Democratic National Convention with a group of actors called the Creative Coalition.

Other Interesting Josh Lucas Facts And Trivia

  • Josh Lucas's mother, Michele, attended Emerson College with Jay Leno.
  • Lucas portrayed George Armstrong Custer in the TV movie 'Class of '61', where he worked with the producer Steve Spielberg and actor Clive Owen.
  • According to the horoscope, Josh Lucas is a Gemini by birth.
  • For his leading part as a basketball coach Don Haskins in the movie 'Glory Road,' Josh Lucas had to gain 40 lbs (18 kg).
  • Lucas played the role of Tom in a theater play, 'The Parisian Woman' (2017-2018).

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Josh Lucas Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Joshua Lucas

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Little Rock



180 cm

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Gig Harbor High School

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Don Maurer, Michele


Devin Maurer, Kate Maurer
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