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Originally Published on Jun 14, 2022
As per the Forbes and Business Insider analysis, Kaci Campbell from Calabasas is one of the richest reality stars.
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About Kaci Campbell

Kaci Campbell, the reality star, was born in Calabasas, United States of America, brought up in California, and now settled in Hawaii in 2016.

The Calabasas beauty, Kaci Campbell, was born to Gina Schmaltz Campbell and Mr. Campbell on October 7, 1989. Kaci likes to keep her personal life very private and thus has not revealed many details.

Talking about her current time, Kaci is enjoying a good life with a set of real friends in Los Angeles.

Kaci Campbell's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kaci Campbell’s net worth?

As per the sources, the net worth or net income of Kaci Campbell is $1.5 million. The main source of her income is real-life television series.

How much does Kaci Campbell earn per year?

As the earnings or income of Kaci Campbell are from real-life shows which keep fluctuating, a fixed annual income cannot be calculated, and thus it is still under review.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kaci Campbell?

The celebrity reality star, Kaci Campbell, is a slim and tall beautiful lady blessed with gray eyes and blonde hair. Her height is unknown.

How old is Kaci Campbell?

Born on October 7, 1989, Kaci Campbell is a 33-year-old reality star as of June 2022, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Childhood And Education

Kaci Campbell, a reality star by profession from Hawaii, went to a local private school in California. Kaci has not revealed more details regarding her higher education.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kaci Campbell dating?

Kaci Campbell used to date her 'Temptation Island' colleague Evan Smith in 2009 until they broke up in 2019. They were a reality star couple. As per the sources, Kaci Campbell is currently single and does not have any children.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

By profession, Kaci Campbell is a celebrity reality star. Kaci Campbell was a cast member of the popular real-life television program 'Temptation Island.' Temptation Island was a real-life program where in each season, new couples are left to live separately on an island in Hawaii for a fixed time, with a group of singles hoping that their partners can prove their loyalty. It was first telecasted in 2001 on the Fox channel. Kaci entered Temptation Island with her longtime boyfriend Evan Smith, only to break up with him on its sets in 2019. As per the review, Kaci and Evan were the most interesting couple in that season, and Kaci was very confident about their relationship.

Kaci Campbell started her career and rose to fame through Temptation Island, as a cast member, in 2001. Tim Wauters also started his career through Temptation Island.

Kaci Campbell’s Hobbies And Interests

Internet surfing, traveling, and photography are some of the hobbies of reality star Kaci Campbell.

Other Interesting Kaci Campbell Facts And Trivia

  • Kaci Campbell is one of the richest reality stars and is listed among the most popular reality stars.
  • The celebrity reality star Kaci Campbell is active on social media and does have a self-named YouTube channel. Although the main source of her income is real-life programs, income from social media is also accountable.
  • Kaci and Evan dated for almost 10 long years before they split in 2019.

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