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About Kate Jackson

Lucy Kate Jackson is an American actress and TV producer who is known for her TV characters as Sabrina Duncan in the series 'Charlie's Angels' (1976-79) and Amanda King in the series 'Scarecrow And Mrs. King' (1983-87).

Jackson started her profession in the last part of the ’60s in 'Summer Stock' prior to handling her first significant TV roles in 'Dark Shadows' (1970-71) and 'The Rookies' (1972-76). She also showed up in the movie 'Night Of Dark Shadows' (1971).

In this article, we have gathered all the information there is to know about Lucy Kate Jackson. We have covered her birthday, age, height, professional details, and personal life. And discover more detailed information about her current net worth as well as her yearly salary.

Kate Jackson Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Kate Jackson’s net worth?

As of 2022, Kate Jackson's net worth is assessed to be around $10 million. She rose to prominence in her profession due to her hard work. Obviously, she has done a great job at figuring out how to bring in a decent income from her acting profession.

How much does Kate Jackson earn per year?

She has earned a huge sum of money through compensation from her job in the acting profession. The essential source of her income comes from her acting career. She has proactively gathered an extensive sum from both movies and television shows. However, her annual earnings remain unknown.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kate Jackson?

Birmingham-born actress Kate Jackson is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Kate Jackson?

The actress' full name is Lucy Kate Jackson. She was born on October 29, 1948, which makes her 74 years of age as of 2022. Kate hails from Birmingham, Alabama in the U.S.

Childhood And Education

Kate Jackson's birth took place in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the daughter of Ruth and Hogan Jackson. Her father, Hogan Jackson, is a business executive. She attended The Brooke Hill School for Girls while living in Mountain Brook. After The Brooke Hill School, Jackson proceeded to study at the University of Mississippi as a history major where she was a part of the Delta Rho part of the Kappa Gamma sorority. Halfway through her sophomore year, she moved to Birmingham-Southern College to study the speech and history of the theater. Toward the end of her academic year at Birmingham-Southern College, Kate Jackson made her transition to the Stowe Playhouse in Stowe, Vermont and afterward moved to New York City to concentrate on acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kate Jackson’s partner?

Kate Jackson lived with and was engaged to Edward Albert during the ’70s. She was then in a relationship with producer Robert Evans, stuntman Gary Quist, and entertainers Dirk Benedict, Nick Nolte, and Warren Beatty. After a six-month romance, Jackson wedded actor Andrew Stevens (the child of actress Stella Stevens) in August 1978.

Andrew Stevens and Kate separated in 1981. Jackson was then seen with actor Gary Pendergast and screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz. She wedded New York businessman David Greenwald in 1982. Kate and David Greenwald together made Shoot The Moon Productions together, the organization that created Jackson's series 'Scarecrow And Mrs. King'. The couple separated in 1984.

After the separation, Kate Jackson was habitually seen by dermatologist Arnold Klein. While recuperating from her second session with breast cancer disease and an extended vacation in Aspen, Colorado in 1989, Jackson met Tom Hart, the proprietor of a Utah ski shop. Both Kate and Tom Hart wedded in 1991. The couple lived in Los Angeles and Park City, Utah. Jackson became the stepmother to Sean, Hart's child from a past relationship. Kate Jackson and Hart separated in 1993. In 1995, Jackson adopted a child named Charles Taylor Jackson.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

At first, actress Kate Jackson filled in as an NBC page and local escort at the network's Rockefeller Center prior to handling a character as the puzzling, quiet ghost Daphne Harridge on the ’60s supernatural daytime drama 'Dark Shadows'. In 1971, Jackson had a main role job as Tracy Collins in the horror film 'Night Of Dark Shadows', the subsequent feature movie to that of the daytime drama. This film was more focused on the series than the main feature movie, and it didn't do well at the box office. That very year, Kate Jackson showed up in two episodes of the fleeting sitcom 'The Jimmy Stewart Show'.

Kate Jackson then showed up as nurse Jill Danko for four seasons on the ’70s drama show 'The Rookies'. As a supporting cast member, Jackson occupied her spare time by studying directing and editing. She also showed up in a few TV movies during this period. Jackson's presentation was welcomed in the 1972 independent movie 'Limbo', perhaps the earliest drama film that addressed the Vietnam War and the spouses of troopers who were POWs, MIA, or killed in action. Moreover, Kate showed up in 'Death Scream', a 1975 TV drama about the conditions encompassing the 1964 homicide of Kitty Genovese.

In 1975, actress Kate Jackson met with rookie filmmakers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg to examine her legally binding commitment to star in one more television series for Spelling/Goldberg Productions upon that show's retraction. Jackson was initially given a role as Kelly Garrett, which at last went to her co-star Jaclyn Smith, yet was given to Sabrina Duncan instead. The enormous achievement of the show saw Jackson, Smith, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors (who played Jill Munroe) show up on the intro page of Time magazine. The show circulated as the 'Film of the Week' on March 21, 1976, before appearing as a series on September 22, 1976. Since Kate Jackson was viewed as the star of 'Charlie's Angels', following her experience and four years on 'The Rookies', her unique character of Kelly Garrett was highlighted noticeably in the pilot movie.

Kate Jackson facilitated the 13th episode of season four of 'Saturday Night Live', which circulated in February 1979. During her speech, she alluded to being an NBC page a decade before, where she drove voyages through the studio. At the start of the third film of 'Charlie's Angels', Jackson was offered the Meryl Streep character in the movie 'Kramer Versus Kramer' (1979), yet she had to turn it down since Spelling told her that the show's shooting timetable couldn't be revised to give her a chance to do the movie.

In the wake of going through breast cancer treatment, Kate Jackson circled back to 'Scarecrow And Mrs. King' by taking on the starring role in 'Baby Boom', a 1988 TV sitcom rendition of a 1987 film of a similar name. The television series endured short of one season and was dropped with episodes that were left unaired. In 1989, Jackson was featured in the movie 'Loverboy'.

In 2004, the TV film 'Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story Of Charlie's Angels' was broadcast with actress Lauren Stamile depicting Kate Jackson. In August 2006, Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith, the three unique Angels, made an unexpected appearance together at the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards in recognition of the late departed Angels maker Aaron Spelling.

In 2007, Jackson played the mother of FBI specialist Emily Prentiss on 'Criminal Minds'. In August 2008, she was a visitor judge on an episode of Jaclyn Smith's Bravo reality series 'Shear Genius'. On August 3, 2010, Gallery Books declared an agreement with Jackson to distribute her memoirs. The book, which was expected in 2011, has been repeatedly deferred, with the most recent update detailing a planned release for two days before 2021. She has not shown up in film or TV starting since 2009.

What awards has Kate Jackson won?

The memorable progress of Kate Jackson's character as Sabrina Duncan on 'Charlie's Angels' saw her show up on the intro page of Time magazine, along with co-stars Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, while her character as Mrs. King won her Germany's Bravo Golden Otto award for 'Best Female TV Star' three times (1986-88). She was then continuously featured in various TV films, including the 'Quiet Killer' (1992), 'Empty Cradle' (1993), and 'Satan's School For Girls' (2000), a revamp of the 1973 TV film of a similar name in which she was likewise featured. She was the only Angel to be named for an Emmy during the run of 'Charlie's Angels' (1976). As a matter of fact, she and fellow artist David Doyle were the main cast persons to earn the nominations.

Other Interesting Kate Jackson Facts And Trivia

  • Kate Jackson is an alumna of the AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts), Class of 1970.
  • She was considered for the character of Captain Katherine Janeway on 'Star Trek: Voyager' (1995).

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Kate Jackson Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Ruth Shepherd, Hogan Jackson


Jenny Jackson
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