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Kate Rodriguez is known for her TV series roles in 'El marginal' (2019), 'Existir' (2019), and as Kate in the comedy show 'Polemica En El Bar' (2016).
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About Kate Rodriguez

Kate Rodriguez is an American dancer, popular model, actress, and television personality who initially gained fame after appearing on the television variety show, 'Showmatch'.

Kate Rodriguez is also a social media personality active on Instagram and Twitter. Read this article to learn all about the model and rising star actress, Kate Rodriguez, from her childhood to her career and net worth.

Kate Rodriguez Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kate Rodriguez's net worth?

Argentinan model and actress, Kate Rodriguez, has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. It includes her income, assets, and money from all sources.

How much does Kate Rodriguez earn per year?

Kate Rodriguez earns approximately $750,000 per year, primarily from her career as a model, actor, and singer.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kate Rodriguez?

Model Kate Rodriguez stands at an approximate height of 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

How old is Kate Rodriguez?

Born on November 5, 1989, Kate Rodriguez is 32 years old. She turns 33 on November 5, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Kate Rodriguez was born on November 5, 1989, in Samaria, Panama. She grew up in a small town in Samaria, Panama.

Kate Rodriguez moved from her home as a teenager and completed school while staying with her grandmother. Soon after graduation from a local high school in Panama, Kate Rodriguez moved to Argentina and worked part-time at clubs. Not much else is known about her personal life.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kate Rodriguez dating?

Kate Rodriguez is currently not dating or engaged to anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kate Rodriguez is a famous model, television personality, and singer from Panama. She is known for her TV series roles in 'El marginal' (2019), 'Existir' (2019), and as Kate in the comedy show 'Polemica En El Bar' (2016).

Kate Rodriguez also worked as a model and promoted many well-known brands. Kate Rodriguez began her media debut, gaining her popularity through the variety dance show 'Showmatch'. After her appearance in Showmatch, Kate Rodriguez started receiving offers from Quiero and TyC Sports. Besides, it also led her to various opportunities to appear as a host in series and movies. Notable among them is the comedy show 'Polemica En El Bar' (2016). She appeared as Kate in 'Polemica En El Bar'.

Other self-credited performances of Kate Rodriguez are Guest Panelist in TV series 'Con Amigos Así' (2017-2020), Guest in 'PH: Podemos Hablar' (2017-2019), Guest Panelist in TV series 'Incorrectas' (2019), and Panelist in 'Tocala' (2016).

Kate Rodriguez has over 950,000 Instagram followers, as of 2022 with more than 1,600 posts featuring her modeling photos and media as an active social media personality.

What awards has Kate Rodriguez won?

Kate Rodriguez has over 19 IMDb credits as an actor and model. Some of the credited performances includes 'Existir', 'El marginal' (TV Series), '100 Days to Fall in Love' (TV Series), 'Polémica En El Bar' (TV Series), 'Susana Giménez' (TV Series), 'Confrontados' (TV Series), 'Mejor De Noche' (TV Series), and 'Nunca Es Tarde' (TV Series).

Kate Rodriguez's Hobbies And Interests

Kate Rodriguez is passionate about singing, dancing, modeling, and acting.

Other Interesting Kate Rodriguez Facts And Trivia

  • The November-born celebrity model Kate Rodriguez was born and raised in Samaria, Panama. Her nationality is Panamanian.
  • Kate Rodriguez left for Argentina from Panama when she was 22 to pursue her modeling career. However, she initially took dance classes and worked multiple jobs before making her debut in a variety show.
  • Before her fame, Kate Rodriguez worked at a finance company, and she aimed to move to Wisconsin. However, Kate Rodriguez's plans changed when she saw a YouTube video of the popular host, Marcelo Tinelli, in an Argentine entertainment variety show.
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Kate Rodriguez Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Kate Rodriguez

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175 cm

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Actress, Dancer

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