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Katie Kelly is an American actress and social media personality.
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About Katie Kelly

Katy Kelly, or Katherine Grace Kelly, is an American-based actress, model, entrepreneur, and media personality.

She is also a popular TikToker and Youtuber. She became famous after portraying 'Kristen' in the 2020 Sno Babies movie.

Katie Kelly owns two fashion brands, selling demanded products at reasonable prices. She has a huge fanbase on social media. Kelly keeps her fans engaged by posting daily vlogs or humorous videos on YouTube. She also posts lip-sync, comedy, or fashion-related videos on TikTok. Katie Kelly made her film debut in 2011 with the movie 'Language Of Broken Hearts,' where she portrayed 'Lucy.' She was just 11 years old during her film debut. Now, she has reached a greater milestone with her work.

Katie Kelly's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Katie Kelly’s net worth?

Katie Kelly primarily earns from her profession as an actress and her merchandise, which is between $50-60 thousand and $30-35 thousand. Her self-titled fashion brand primarily sells clothes ranging from jeans to dresses. She also acquires monetary gains from YouTube and TikTok videos and even commercials. Therefore, the estimated net worth of Katie Kelly is $5-6 million as of now.

How much does Katie Kelly earn per year?

The annual earnings of Katie Kelly are yet to be discovered. Most of her earnings came from her acting profession and her fashion brands available on the Poshmark website and named 'Girl With Green Beanies.' Katie Kelly also earns from social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. She also commercializes several products on her Instagram.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Katie Kelly?

Katie Kelly is 5 ft 4 in tall.

How old is Katie Kelly?

As of January 2023, Katie Kelly is 23 years old.

Childhood And Education

Katie Kelly is an actress born on January 24, 2000, in Arlington, Texas, USA. Her full name is Katherine Grace Kelly. She completed her elementary education at the local Texas school and was admitted to a reputable college to pursue her bachelor's. However, she never revealed much about her higher education.

Katie Kelly is very close to her mother. Her name is Beth Kelly, and she runs a real estate business. Katie is the sole sister of three brothers, Kevin Kelly, Kolby Kelly, and Kyle Kelly.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Katie Kelly dating?

Katie Kelly is a beautiful young actress who has worked with renowned actors. However, she has never revealed her relationships. Possibly, she is single and focusing on her burgeoning career.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Katie Kelly, or Katherine Grace Kelly, is well-known for portraying 'Kristen' in the 2020 film 'Sno Babies.' She was cast alongside renowned actors like Paola Andino, Dominic Costa, and Molly Logan Chase.

Katie made her film debut in 2011 with 'Language Of Broken Heart,' in which she played Lucy. She was cast as 'Young Jess' in David Hudgins' 'Game Of Silence.' It was her first prominent role. The film is a slam-bang revenge tale with a terrible secret. It is said to be adapted from the Turkish series. She worked with Conor O' Farrell, Larenz Tate, Demetrius Grosse, Claire Van der Boom, and Bre Blair in this film.

Her 2020 movie 'Sno babies' was the first movie in which she played the lead role. Bridget Smith directed this movie. The movie is a gripping and passionate tale that showcases the harsh reality of addiction. Most people found the movie relatable and loved Katie's character. This helped her gain enormous recognition after the movie. After that, she got several renowned projects. She appeared as 'Mara' in the 2021 movie 'Deceived By My Mother-in-Law.'

Her other notable roles include 'Carly Bragg' in 'Prisoner Of Love,' 'Jenny Bogan' in 'Deadly Seduction,' 'Sarah' in 'The Retaliators,' 'Chloe' in 'Murder In The Vineyard,' 'Abigail' in 'A Gift Horse,' and 'Sleeping Beauty' in 'Advice.' She also portrayed 'Violet,' in the short movie 'Grace Gautstad BLKBX.'

What awards has Katie Leclerc won?

Katie Kelly has never won any awards yet. However, she was nominated for the 'Dreamer Awards' in 'Outstanding Female Performance' for the movie 'The Retaliators' at the 2021 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Festival.

Katie Kelly’s Hobbies And Interests

Katie Kelly likes to spend her summer on the beachside. She also likes to spend time with her best friend 'Leah Hoffman.' She loves watching live matches of her favorite sport, 'Basketball'. Besides, her other interests include shopping and eating, including night-outs and hangouts with friends.

Other Interesting Katie Kelly Facts And Trivia

  • Katie Kelly is of white ethnicity and believes in Christianity.
  • While staying at home during Coronavirus lockdown, Katie Kelly spends her time posting videos in TikTok. She usually posts comedy, lip-sync, lifestyle, and fashion videos. Her account girlwithgreenbeanie has over 1.5 million followers.
  • On March 21, 2014, Katie Kelly joined YouTube community. She gained about 3.62 thousand subscribers until now. She mostly posts videos like daily vlogs, which are filled with humor, on her YouTube channel. Her last video, 'Remaking A Viral TikTok,' became tremendously popular.
  • Katie Kelly runs a self-titled fashion brand on the Poshmark website. On her website, she sells jeans, heels, dresses, skirts, tops, and tanks ranging from $600-700. Katie Kelly also owns a fashion brand named 'Girl With Green Beanie.' She sells pants, speed rope, hydrated water bottles, and hoodies under this fashion label.
  • Katie Kelly once worked with NBC Dallas Wall of Fame.
  • Katie Kelly loves eating food and desserts. Doughnuts are her favorite food.
  • Katie Kelly also has a pet dog named Khlomonayyy. She loves to play and go on a walk with her dog.
  • Katie Kelly also likes spending time and going on a vacation with her family.
  • The zodiac sign of Katie Kelly is Aquarius.
  • Katie Kelly owns a jeep, which her parents gifted in 2016.
  • Katie Kelly is also a fitness enthusiast. Her YouTube channel also includes a lot of fitness videos.
  • She also has a lot of followers on the famous social media platform Instagram. She has around 82.5 thousand followers on this platform. She posts motivational and positive quotes on this platform.

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Katie Kelly Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Katherine Grace Kelly

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Arlington, Texas



163 cm

Eye Color


Child Star?




Net Worth



Beth Kelly


Kevin Kelly, Kyle Kelly, Kolby Kelly
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