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Katie Noel is an American YouTube star.
Age: 1-99
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About Katie Noel

Katie Noel, or Katie Noel McGalliard, is an American music artist and YouTube star.

She rose to prominence with her incomparable rapping skills. Her song 'Diesel Gang' became a country hit, with the video getting nine million views quickly.

Born on December 14, 1999, in Asheville, North Caroline, in the United States of America, she is also a songwriter and singer. The fame from the first song opened the door for her music career. She released several other songs like 'Snow White,' 'Catch Hell,' 'Jeep Gang,' and 'Pillow Fight.' She even launched a clothing line called 'Diesel Gang Apparel.' The fashion site specializes in the Diesel/Jeep Communities through its music and clothing lines. The Asheville-born singer uploaded a cover of Billie Eilish's song 'Ocean Eyes.' The cover helped her gain popularity in the industry.

Katie Noel's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Katie Noel’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of rapper Katie Noel is $1-5 million. She primarily acquired this net worth from her profession as a singer, songwriter, rapper, and YouTube star.

How much does Katie Noel earn per year?

The annual earnings of Katie Noel are yet to be discovered.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Katie Noel?

Katie Noel is 5 ft 4 in tall.

How old is Katie Noel?

As of December 2023, Katie Noel is 24 years old.

Childhood And Education

Katie Noel was born Katie Noel McGalliard in Asheville, North Carolina, on December 14, 1999. She attended McDowell High School in North Carolina and discovered her passion for music. She used to participate in the competition.

Like any other emerging musical artist, YouTube played a significant role in Katie's success. Taking her friends' advice, she created a YouTube channel in 2014 and began sharing her songs. She was entirely unaware that it would change her life forever and for good. Katie used to upload videos of her rap covers. She used to play the guitar and sing along. In 2017, she uploaded Lil Pee's song 'Black Beetles' cover in her own lyrical version. It is called 'Girl Slays Black Beetles.'

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Katie Noel dating?

Katie Noel has been engaged to her long-time girlfriend Autumn Brooke. She is also a renowned musician and internet celebrity. She is a country singer known for her songs like 'Hate This Town' and 'Hey Cowboy.' According to some sources, Katie Noel got engaged to Autumn Brooke in 2020.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Katie Noel is best known as a country rapper, singer, and songwriter who delivers energetic songs and music videos on her YouTube channel. In her extensive musical career, she has launched various songs and videos.

In the beginning, Katie Noel used to upload acoustic covers of famous rap and country songs on her YouTube. Her journey in the music industry began when she launched her cover version of a song titled 'Girls Slays Black Beetles Cover.' It was an acoustic cover of Rae Summond's 'Black Beetles.' The likes and views in that video encouraged her to continue uploading videos ranging from country songs to rap music.

On May 16, 2918, Katie released her first single, Diesel Gang. The song went viral and instantly became a country-rap hit. It was Katie's version of Lil Pee's song 'Gucci Gang.' The song gained 9.5 million views. It also played a crucial role in Katie's musical journey. The popularity of the music gave her tremendous fame.

That same year, Katie Noel released her mixtape called 'Just Gonna Send It.' The album includes several hit songs like 'Love Me Like Rock and Roll,' 'Alone,' 'Country Valet,' 'Boondocks,' 'Betrayed,' 'I'm On One,' 'Scars,' 'Twisted Poetry,' 'Who I'm,' 'Chop'em,' 'Good Enough,' and 'I Sing Better When I'm Drunk.'

In 2019, Katie Noel released another album called 'Rap the South,' containing 11 songs. The songs on this album are '660,' 'Carolina Gang,' 'Silverado,' 'Snow White,' 'Virginia Gang,' 'Face Time,' 'The Moment,' 'Whistling Dixie,' 'General Katie,' 'Running on a Dream,' and 'Whitening Light.'

The cover artist Katie Noel also released single hits like 'Jeep Gang' and 'Blood Red' in 2019. She also covered Billie Ellish's 'Ocean Eyes' and uploaded it to her YouTube channel. The video became the most viewed one of all her videos.

Furthermore, her collaboration with 'The Upchurch' became a super hit. Her songs like 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl' became a single hot of 2019. She also dropped the 'Queen Of The South' song with Cheatham County and Ryan Upchurch. Katie again surprised her fans by re-collaborating with 'Upchurch.' She released her next song 'Dance With The Devil.'

Recently, Katie Noel released a new song 'Miss Tennessee' with her fiance Autumn Brooke. Her hard work and talent have enabled her to gain massive stardom in the music industry.

What awards has Katie Noel won?

The information concerning the awards won by Katie Noel is not yet mentioned.

Katie Noel’s Hobbies And Interests

Katie Noel loves being fit, and so she enjoys gym sessions. She is also pretty much fond of running and swimming. Katie likes to do adventurous things in her life. Therefore, in her free time, she likes to do dirt racing.

Other Interesting Katie Noel Facts And Trivia

  • Katie's popularity has been increasing tremendously. She has over 287 thousand followers on her verified Instagram account.
  • Katie also has over 316 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • Katie likes to interact with her fans through social media platforms. She posts and updates about her personal life through these platforms. She also promotes merchandise and upcoming songs on her Instagram handle.
  • Katie Noel is the owner of the clothing line called Diesel Gang Apparel. It includes products ranging from youth clothes, music CDs, and phone cases at a reasonable price. It also sells trendy apparel like sweatshirts, tank tops, hats, and shirts.
  • Katie Noel's favorite movie is 'Commando 1985.'
  • Katie also loves to eat pizza.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Katie's favorite actors are Alyssa Milano and Tom Hardy.
  • Born in December, Katie Noel's zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Katie is the only daughter of her parents.
  • Through her Instagram posts, it is known that Katie is fond of huge monster trucks.
  • Katie Noel is a huge dog lover. She also has a dog named Dixie. According to some sources, Katie also has a different Instagram account for her dog. It's called i_am_dieseldog.
  • Katie loves to play the guitar. She also considers it her favorite musical instrument.

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Katie Neol Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Katie Neol McGallired

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Place of Birth

Asheville, North Carolina


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McDowell High School

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Autumn Brooke
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