Keeping Comfy: What Are Joggers And How Should You Wear Them?

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Be it for casual dress or a workout regime, you can pair your joggers with any sneakers and sweatshirt if you find out the answer 'what are joggers and how you should wear them?'

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We are often confused about what to wear every day and if the clothing we choose is conformable enough.

Well, there is a new trend in activewear that people are really talking about. Joggers are no doubt comfortable to wear and people who wear joggers can look really cool.

Although joggers are the new wear that everyone is fond of, if paired wrong, they can be a disaster. Joggers were made to wear while exercising, but because of people taking them as a trend, they are now worn for all different occasions. Joggers are traditional sports pants that are comfortable to wear and give a slick, athletic appearance. Joggers are quite lightweight and shaped wide at the top with tapered ends down the leg. They fit the ankles closely and the waists in joggers are either secured with elastic or drawstring. The ends at the legs often use elastic too. Joggers started as a form of sweatpants but now have evolved with different materials used and they are made to fit the demand of the trendsetters.

Joggers were invented by Emile Camuset, a French designer and founder of a sportswear company. He invented joggers as he loved running, but was devastated by the use of fabrics not meant for sports. He tried to create the perfect pair of pants for his running needs and experimented with a lot of different types of material and cuts. Ultimately, he was satisfied with the jogger sweatpants we see everyone wearing today. They have now evolved into something which a person styles for parties and workouts alike. There are different types of joggers that fashion designers have come up with in recent years.

Sporty joggers, lounge joggers, smart joggers, and everyday joggers are the four categories that have taken the fashion industry by storm and people are loving the different styles and options that joggers have brought into their lives. A pair of slim-fit casual wear joggers worn with a fitted hoodie, sweatshirts, or baggy jackets can work wonders for your confidence. Joggers are cozy when needed to be and can give a proper athleisure classic look too.

You can even pair joggers casually with shirts or tee-shirts when going to meet friends or for some other leisure activity. Joggers are made for physical activities with maximum mobility and comfort in mind. They are made with cotton, fleece, and polyester which can give you that flexibility and breathing space needed while running or playing sports. Men and women have both accepted this style statement, have you?

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What is the difference between joggers and sweatpants?

It is important to note that joggers and sweatpants are not the same things. The difference between joggers and sweatpants is immense, which many people do not realize.

Sweatpants are cut evenly and do not take much pride in a shaped outfit. Sweatpants are almost shapeless. Sweatpants are made of thicker cotton material, while joggers are more sporty and made with materials like soft cotton and polyester. Joggers are shaped beautifully with wider legs towards the thigh and slimmer near the knees. This stylish outfit staple should even taper at the ankle with a tight fit around the ankle. The main difference between joggers vs sweatpants is the fabric used.

Like sweaters and sweatshirts, sweatpants are made for winter and cold weather. In winters, you would need a cozy outfit such as a thick pair of cotton sweatpants to keep you warm while performing your athletic duties. Sweatpants can match the comfort provided by joggers and even the flexibility to some extent. You can dress sweatpants brilliantly with a sweatshirt or a hoodie. They can be casual, however, the thick material of the sweatpants can be less of a stylish choice. With the rise of athleisure fashion, both sweatpants and joggers are styles that people love to wear.

You can choose from a variety of graphic printed sweatpants or joggers, but remember to wear a pair of sweatpants in the colder seasons. Joggers started as a version of sweatpants but later strayed away to be something more stylish. This should put to rest the question; are sweatpants joggers? The main difference between joggers vs sweatpants is the use of them in an outfit in different situations and the weather difference.

What are joggers used for?

The jogger, although primarily made for wearing during athletic activities and exercises, is now widely used both for casual and leisure events.

Joggers vs sweatpants has always been a source of discussion, but we should distinguish what each type of clothing is actually known for. Remember to choose a cozy pair that gives you breathing space. Although joggers are known as sportswear, styling them properly can actually make a difference. There are many ways joggers can be paired, maybe with sneakers (or other shoes), a fancy shirt, or just a clean-looking shirt. There is little to no chance of a wardrobe malfunction.

Joggers have now triumphed over sweatpants to be the king in this space and people are loving being able to style them however they like.

What are joggers made of?

With different uses and a difference in style, the materials used for joggers also differ.

Joggers are made from polyester for gym wear. Almost all joggers are made with elastic in the waist and sometimes in the ankle cut. It makes the style chic and comfortable. Also, the fabric used in joggers is lightweight and soft for a long and comfortable day.

Style Tips For Wearing Joggers

Joggers are everyday look pants and can work all year round. They give a sleek look to your style and there are many style tips you can try with your joggers.

They can be used for workouts and other athletic activities. As a pant, joggers were primarily made for sports to absorb sweat, and the whole world uses them for this. People are now sliding their sweatpants aside and choosing a jogger. Due to the styled ankle and the comfort of a jogger, they recommended more than a sweat pant. Joggers also do not trap heat inside (leading to sweats in the body). Joggers are made with lightweight and comfortable fabric which makes them the best among the two.

Admit it, we all love casuals. They are something to be comfortable in and also spontaneous. It is best to create a casual look in public places and not in formal settings. Casuals can be worn anywhere from meeting friends or go shopping. Joggers can be paired easily with a relaxed shirt or tee-up top. A tee, a pair of sneakers, and a jogger will always be better for comfort than wearing a pair of denim jeans. With the right tips and wardrobe ideas, you can pair tee-shirts/regular shirts and shoes easily with not-so-tight, slim joggers of the right color.

Jogger pants are so versatile that you can even wear them for work sometimes. Be it a business meeting or work brunch, you can find the right pair of pants suited to the occasion. You can hardly say this for denim jeans or sweats, can you? You can find leather jogger pants and dress-like pants perfect for a day of work. You can start pairing them to look and feel cool among your colleagues.

You need to relax after a hard day of work so you slide into your pajamas and just dream away but why not be comfortable and styled at the same time? Joggers with drawstrings are best for this and are much more relaxing than they look. The soft fabric and ergonomics of these pants can be so comfortable that you can sometimes even go to public places wearing these. Loungewear is more polished than other forms and can be paired with jackets and tees of your liking.

Due to the fabric, joggers can keep you really warm throughout the winter days in your legs, and even when the fabric is so soft and thin, they do their job well. Joggers are all-year outfits and can be added to any collection you have. You can create a classic winter style by wearing a turtleneck tee or top and a leather jacket with the right pair of joggers.

Popular Brands Of Joggers

There are hundreds of brands in the world that make joggers.

Many brands have tried making joggers different for different occasions. There are bigger companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, GAP, United Colors of Benetton, and H&M who make them, however, there are many other brands that you can choose from just by feeling the fabric. Color choice matters too.

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