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Kelly Wakasa is also a professional soccer player and owner of a merchandise line.
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About Kelly Wakasa

Kelly Wakasa is a well-known social media star and skateboarder from Hillsborough, California.

Kelly Wakasa makes entertaining videos on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Kelly Wakasa is a talented American Youtuber known for his skating videos and vlogs.

Kelly Wakas is also a talented and innovative photographer and videographer, and he has a good number of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Kelly Wakasa's Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Kelly Wakasa's net worth?

Kelly Wakasa's net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, which has been earned throughout his career as a social media star.

How much does Kelly Wakasa earn per year?

The annual earnings of Kelly Wakasa are not known in the public database. However, he earns the most from his YouTube channel videos and Instagram endorsements.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kelly Wakasa?

Kelly Wakasa stands at the height of 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is Kelly Wakasa?

Kelly Wakasa was born on November 27, 1999 and is 22 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

On November 27, 1999, Kelly Wakasa was born in Hillsborough, California. Kelly Wakasa attended Burlingame High School in Burlingame and studied at the University of Arizona campus. However, he dropped out of the University of Arizona campus in 2021 and moved to New York City to pursue his career. He currently lives in New York City as of May 2022.

There is not much information available regarding Kelly Wakasa's parents or personal life. Kelly Wakasa grew up with a younger sister and two older brothers. His nickname is simply Kelly.

In his early life, before fame, Kelly Wakasa was an outstanding soccer player who made it onto the national team before turning to skateboarding. His older brother was a Phoenix Rising FC professional soccer team member.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kelly Wakasa dating?

Kelly Wakasa is unmarried and is not dating anyone as of May 2022. On social media, Kelly Wakasa keeps his personal life and love life very private. Hence, his relationship status is single. However, he was once linked romantically to a woman named Ashley.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kelly Wakasa is a well-known YouTuber from Hillsborough, California. Despite joining YouTube on November 20, 2013, he began his experience with the platform on April 28, 2014 and published his first video on that day. He mostly posted skateboarding trick shots and montage films. He also refused to share videos since he aspired to be famous. He kept adding skate videos to the channel for a few years before entirely revamping the subject. Regardless, his popular videos containing skating content have aided in reaching the initial subscriber milestones for his channel.

Kelly Wakasa is a famous Instagram star who earned recognition by sharing images to his Instagram account with motivational remarks and reels. Kelly Wakasa is extremely popular on Instagram, the world's most popular photo and video-sharing social media platform, and is well-known for his outstanding performance on this platform.

In April 2014, Kelly Wakasa started uploading skateboarding footage to his YouTube channel. He has also started his own business and created his own line of items. Kelly Wakasa also uses the internet to demonstrate his photography and videography abilities. On his self-titled YouTube channel, he has videos called 'Handboarding Vs. Fingerboarding', 'Game Of SKATE With Fetty Potter!', 'Going Back To High School UNDERCOVER On First Day!', 'Going On Date With My Crush 8 Years Later!' 'LAND A TRICK For MONEY$', and others.

Another YouTube channel was officially launched by Luke Eich and Kelly Wakasa on May 29, 2019. 'C'mon Now, Are You, Serious?!?', 'Surprising Best Friend With Trip Out Of Country For First Time', 'Doing Everything We DON'T Want To Do', and a slew of other videos are among the most popular.

Kelly Wakasa has also gained thousands of followers on his Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts thanks to his skating content. Kelly Wakasa's most popular YouTube video, 'Surprising My Best Friend After Years Apart!', has received millions of views.

Kelly Wakasa's Hobbies And Interests

Kelly Wakasa is very much interested in skateboarding, and he makes YouTube videos on the subject. Later on, his interest became pursuing a professional career in making skating videos and short videos on social media. He is also very much into photography and videography.

Other Interesting Kelly Wakasa Facts And Trivia

  • Kelly Wakasa started his own merchandise line. He and his friend, Luke Eich, collaborated on the YouTube channel Life Of Luke And Kelly.
  • Kelly Wakasa's Instagram account has a picture of him with his pet dog.
  • Nigel Alexander enjoys Kelly Wakasa's videos.
  • Kelly Wakasa is one of the most well-known YouTube stars in the country.
  • Kelly Wakasa's been on YouTube for about eight years and generally uploads more than skating videos.
  • Kody Wakasa is the older brother of Kelly Wakasa.

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Kelly Wakasa Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Kelly Wakasa

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180 cm


YouTube Star, Skateboarder


Burlingame High School

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Kody Wakasa
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