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About Ken Langone

Kenneth Gerard Langone Sr. KSG is a famous Italian-American billionaire, businessman, founder, financier, and philanthropist.
Ken Langone has built his empire from scratch to a multi-million company. His life is awe-inspiring, he had a humble beginning before he became the founder of Home Depot.
We can measure the success of his company by its 26th ranking on the Fortune 500 in 2020. He is known for funding companies as a competent investor. Ken Langone is a thriving entrepreneur and has headed many companies and brands during his professional life. In 1974, he was the founder of a venture-capital company that set the grounds for the successful launch of Home Depot. He was the co-founder of the company, which had other partners. Arthur Blank and Marcus were the other co-founders of this company. Langone was able to change his future, considering the background he was born into. Despite being poor, he harbored an American dream. He became the chairman of the 'New York Stock Exchange's Compensation Committee' (1999-2003). Ken wrote about his journey from rags to riches in his memoir 'I Love Capitalism!' in this book, he shared the people responsible for his sky-rocketing success.
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Ken Langone Net Worth, Earnings And Spending Habits

What is Ken Langone's net worth?

Ken Langone is the founder of Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer that provides tools, services, construction, and products across America. He has amassed a net worth of around $3.3 billion in his entire life.

How much does Ken Langone earn per year?

Ken Langone is known for his skills to raise funds for a company, just like he did for Home Depot. In his illustrious career, he was a board member of several companies like General Electric, ChoicePoint Inc., Yum! Brands, Geeknet and Database Technologies. However, there is no information about his annual earnings.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Ken Langone?

This co-founder of Home Depot was born to a working-class family. He is 5 ft 9 in (175.2 cm).

How old is Ken Langone?

His family had an Italian ethnicity and struggled to survive for lack of funds. Ken Langone is a self-made industrialist who made his own fortune. He is currently 86 years old.

Childhood And Education

Ken Langone was born in Roslyn Heights, New York, on September 16, 1935. His family suffered from abject poverty and belonged to a working-class group. Ken was raised in poverty, as his father was a simple plumber and his mother worked as a cafeteria worker. His childhood experiences taught him to value each penny. Ken got admitted into Bucknell University to finish his B.A degree. He was short of $300 to pay for his final semester fees at Bucknell University and got assistance from the Dean's assistant, who paid the university fees.
He further completed an MBA degree from the New York University Stern School of Business.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ken Langone's partner?

Ken Langone is married to Elaine Langone. Irrespective of his net worth now, Ken and Elaine Langone were poor at the early stages of life. Ken had three children from Elaine Langone. The names of Elaine Langone and Ken's three children are Kenneth G. Jr., Stephen, and Bruce Langone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Langone ventured into the world of capitalism in the '60s, when he had zero net worth. He started his career at R.W. Pressprich financial services company at Wall Street. His excellence in developing new business allowed him to climb the ladder of success. He and Ross Perot managed the Electronic Data System's IPO. He soon became Pressprich's president in 1969.
Ken Langone initiated his own venture capital firm, 'Invemed,' as he always wanted in 1974. He became the chief organizer of funds to launch Home Depot. He was a co-founder, along with Arthur Blank and Bernard Marcus. His overall net worth got boosted because Home Depot became a national chain in America.
He further earned the chairmanship of the New York Stock Exchange's Compensation Committee (1999-2003). He also became an integral board member of various other companies and brands.

Best Known For…

He is not only a prosperous businessman but a philanthropist, best known for his charity works. The reason behind his huge net worth is the launch of Home Depot, the largest retail business in home improvement in America. This is the most significant landmark decision in his life that hiked his overall net worth and reputation. He raised adequate funds for this business venture, which resulted in the onset of two depots in 1979. A Home Depot share cost $12 for the public within a short time. He is also a big stockholder and loves raising money for companies. In his interview on CNBC, he shared vital tips to encourage a better net worth. His mindful spending, despite a good salary, has helped him to gather a decent net worth. His net worth is the direct outcome of his hard work and service for 42 years.
He is also known for his charitable works, he has never hesitated to pay more money for a noble cause. He has shelled out a generous amount from his wallet to donate to various organizations, medical research centers, and universities. All his donation has not affected his total net worth.

Charity Work

Ken Langone is a philanthropist. Some of his major philanthropic works include He along with his wife, donated $200 million to 'New York University Medical Center for the Study of medical students.' The department was later renamed NYU Elaine. He donated $11 million to Bucknell University, where he finished his graduation—funded $6.5 million to the 'Kenneth G. Langone Part-time Evening MBA program' of NYU's Stern School. Moreover, he set up Ken's organization that would financially assist young disabled children between 18-21 in Philadelphia. The other donations he made are towards organizations supporting poor children. He is also engaged in charitable works and donated money to 'Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation,' 'The Children's Oncology Society,' 'Animal Medical Center,' and 'The Catholic Church.' He was a board member of 'The Ronald McDonald House of New York,' 'The Medal of Honor Foundation,' and 'Harlem Children's Zone.'

Other Interesting Ken Langone Facts And Trivia

  • Ken Langone has a billion net worth and lives in Sands Point, New York. Earlier, he lived with his family on Elderfield's Road near Flower Hill.
  • Pope Benedict XVI made him the Knight of St. Gregory. He and his family are devout Roman Catholics.
  • Ken Langone is a member of a secret society, named 'Kappa Beta Phi' (ΚΒΦ)
  • His character was played by Ray Iannicelli for the film 'The Wizard of Lies,' an HBO film of 2017.
  • He supports the Republican Party and is the largest donor to the party.
  • Ken Langone always pays his employees more than the government-imposed minimum wage.
  • Bruce Langone is 60 years old and lives in Eldridge Street, New York.

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Ken Langone Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Kenneth Gerard Langone Sr. KSG

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Roslyn Heights



175 cm

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American Businessman


New York University

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