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About Ken Miles

Ken Miles was an expert sports car racing engineer and driver from Britain who made it big in the U.S Race Car Championship.
He was born with the name of Kenneth Henry Miles, and he is valued for his career in motorsports in America. He loved cars from early life and enjoyed driving cars and bikes as a teenager.
Ken Miles was the tank commander in an anti-aircraft unit of the British army during World War II. He was assigned the job of a driving instructor at Blackpool, England. He got a promotion in rank in 1942, he became the staff sergeant. He also participated in 'Operation D Day' the most challenging invasion by Sea. His passion for car driving compelled him to abandon his studies at school at the meager age of 15. A young Ken Miles started his apprenticeship at 'Wolseley Motors' but could not complete it as the company identified his talent and sent him for machinery training. While in the army, he used his skill as a mechanical engineer. He got a job after returning from the war zone. Ken Miles became a famous car racer in the U.S. but was gone too soon.
Find out about the unknown side of this enigmatic personality, learn everything about his personal life.

Ken Miles Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What was Ken Miles’ net worth?

This British-born racer participated in 255 car races, his net worth is around $1.4 million.

How much did Ken Miles earn per year?

In 1966, Ken Miles died in a car accident while testing his Ford J-Car, which caught fire. However, his annual earning was approximately $4000,000 before his death.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall was Ken Miles?

Ken Miles served the British Territorial Army and loved getting photographed in his military uniform. He was 5 ft 8 in (172.7 cm).

How old was Ken Miles?

Christian Bale played the role of Ken Miles in the movie 'Ford v Ferrari.' Ken Miles was only 47 years old when he passed away on August 17, 1966.

Childhood And Education

Ken Miles was born to Eric Miles and Clarice Jarvis on November 1, 1918, in The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield in England. He left school at 15 years to join Wolseley Motors. They sent him to a technical school for training in vehicle construction. Ken raced motorcycles before serving the British army in WWII. He was a driving instructor in the military. He was the founding member of REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers). Ken earned the rank of a staff sergeant before being discharged from duties in 1946.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Ken Miles’ partner?

He was married to Mollie Miles and had a son Peter on September 28, 1950. When Peter was 16 years old, he witnessed his father's death in the J-car crash in 1966.

Career And Professional Highlights

Ken Miles was into motorcycles and car racing, much before World War II. After the final closure of the war, he got back with cars and raced in the Vintage Sports Car Club. The turning point in his life was when he shifted to California in the '50s. He participated in SSCA National Championship in the U.S., first with MG TD and later with his own designed MG Special R1. He went on a winning spree, and in 1955 he started with a Le Mans 24 hour. In 1955, he shared #41 MG EX182 with John Lockett after becoming a member of the MG factory. His training in the technical school helped him in constructing a new car called Flying Shingle, initially called MG Special R2.
In 1956, he started racing in Porsche 550, winning more races. He built the Cooper Miles R3, having the Porshe engine. He won the F class at SSCA races on the west coast with this car. In 1957, he participated twice in the 'Sebring 12 Hours' with partner Jean Pierre Kunstle in the #45 Porsche 550 RS, with no positive outcome.
In 1958, his participation in the USAC Road Racing Championship was a game-changer for Ken Miles. He won Riverside Grand Prix and stood 8th at Sebring for 12 hours using his Porsche 718 RSK. The other cars he used during this time were Ferrari 250 GT SWB, old Porsche 718 RS61, and Maserati.
In 1962, Ken Miles was hired by Carroll Shelby as a test and development driver, both were close friends. Miles constructed the Shelby Cobra that was used in the Riverside race with a second position. He used Shelby Cobra at 'Sebring 12 Hours' and other U.S. championships. He won the 'Daytona 24 Hours' in 1966 and 'Sebring 12 Hours' with the #1 Ford GT-X1.

Best Known For…

Ken Miles is known for winning the U.S. Road Racing Championship in 1961 with Porsche 718 RS 61. However, his most remarkable race was in 1966, when he won the Daytona 24 Hours and Sebring 12 Hours. His race car was Ford GT 40, which won the race. In the same year, he completed the Le Mans 24 Hours with #1 Ford GT40 Mk II, securing the second position. He won the Riverside Grand Prix with his Porsche 550. Earlier in 1953, he won 14 SSCA races and continued the winning streak in 1954. In 1956, his car Porsche 550 dominated the west coast. In 2001, the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America inducted the name of Ken Miles after his death.

What awards did Ken Miles win?

Ken Miles had 129 wins in his entire career, he got a posthumous 'Carroll Shelby Spirit Award.'

Other Interesting Ken Miles Facts And Trivia

  • Ken Miles started motorcycle racing at the tender age of 11 years.He met his future wife as a teenager in school.
  • At the age of 15 years, he built an Austin 7 Special and named it ‘Nellie.’
  • He was first a good mechanic, then a good driver.
  • He was a fitness freak and an avid jogger.
  • Ken once gave toilet training to a cat.
  • Miles kept himself updated about the latest development in engine technology.
  • People who met him felt him charming, witty, and sarcastic.

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Ken Miles Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Kenneth Henry Miles

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The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield


172 cm

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Racing Driver

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Mollie Miles


Eric Miles, Clarice Jarvis

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