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About Ken Norton Jr.

Born Kenneth Howard Norton Jr., Ken Norton Jr. is the son of popular '70s World Heavyweight Champion, Ken Norton Sr.
Norton Jr. is a retired American football player who was one of the best linebackers in the NFL. He currently works as an American football coach and is currently the head coach of UCLA.
Interested in learning more about Ken Norton Jr.'s net worth, his career, accomplishments, family, and personal life? Keep reading to find out more.

Ken Norton Jr. Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Ken Norton Jr.’s net worth?

Ken Norton Jr. is currently estimated to have an $8 million net worth, a fortune mostly amassed from his time as an American football player and coach.

How much does Ken Norton Jr. earn per year?

Ken Norton Jr. currently earns about $1.6 million per year.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ken Norton Jr.?

Ken Norton Jr. is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is Ken Norton Jr.?

Born on September 29, 1966, Ken Norton Jr. is currently 56 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Named Kenneth Howard Norton Jr. at birth, Ken Norton Jr. is the son of former World Heavyweight Champion, Ken Norton Sr., and his first wife, Jeannette Henderson.
Norton Jr. was born in Jacksonville, Illinois. He attended Westchester High School in California. He played on the school's American football team as a running back.
After graduating high school, Norton Jr. attended college at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he also played American football from 1984-1987. While playing for UCLA though, his position would be changed from running back to linebacker, a position he would continue to play for the rest of his football career.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ken Norton Jr.’s partner?

Ken Norton Jr. is married to Angela Norton. The two have three children named Brittney, Sabrina, and Ken Norton III.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Norton Jr. is best known for his trade maker, boxing at the goal post. He is also the first UFC player to win three consecutive Super Bowls. He is also the first player to have won consecutive Super Bowls despite having changed teams. Norton also worked as a television commentator.
Ken Norton Jr. had a successful football career both during his college days and his NFL career. His transition into the realm of coaching was also greeted with success. Norton's career as an American football player started way before his NFL draft. In high school, he helped his club, the Bruins, win four successive bowl games. During his time playing for college, he led the team with 106 tackles in 1986 then topped that in the following year with a solid 125 tackles. In the three years he played for his college, he had a sum total of 339 career tackles and earned himself a number of awards and titles.
After graduating from college, Norton Jr. was drafted into the National Football League and played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1988. Unfortunately, most of his rookie year was spent on the injured reserve list. From his second year though, his career started picking up, and by 1990, he became a full-time starter for the Dallas Cowboys. He would then go on to be sidelined for the last two games of the season due to a knee injury but would return in 1991. It was in 1992 that his career truly started blossoming though, leading the team's defense and accumulating 120 tackles. That year, he helped the Cowboys win their first Super Bowl in the '90s. That year, the Cowboys had the number one defense in the league. That was also the year he started doing his famous punching at the goalposts, or the air, after good games as a tribute to his father's boxing career.
Norton Jr.'s fame would only continue to increase during the rest of his stay with the Cowboys. In 1993, he managed to lead the team with 159 tackles, despite having to play through torn biceps. That year, he helped the Cowboys win their second straight Super Bowl in the '90s and was selected to his first Pro Bowl. In 1994 however, Norton Jr. left the Cowboys via free agency due to the salary cap instituted by the NFL.
After leaving the Dallas Cowboys, Ken Norton Jr. joined the San Francisco 49ers from 1994-2000. In his first year of joining the club, Ken Norton Jr. won the Super Bowl, becoming the only player in NFL history at the time to win three consecutive Super Bowls. He was selected for his second Pro Bowl the following year and was also named to the NFL All-Pro Team following the year's success.
Ken Norton Jr. finished his 13-season NFL career with 12 sacks and five interceptions, three Super Bowls, and two Pro Bowls.
Ken Norton Jr. would later return to the National Football League as an American football coach in 2004 where he would join the staff of the USC Trojan football club as an assistant coach serving as the linebackers coach. In 2009, Ken Norton Jr. would be promoted to assistant head coach for defense.
In 2010, Norton Jr. joined the Seattle Seahawks working as their linebackers coach under head coach Pete Carroll. This was where he won his fourth Super Bowl, this time as a coach. During his time with the club, he drastically improved the team's defense and was institutional in forming the Seattle Seahawks' star linebacker group.
After leaving the Seattle Seahawks, Norton joined the Oakland Raiders as their defensive coordinator from 2015-2017. In 2018, he was hired by the 49ers as their assistant head coach but quit after just one week to work as the defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks where he stayed until 2021. Norton Jr. currently returned to UCLA as the linebackers coach in February 2022.

What awards has Ken Norton Jr. won?

Norton had a successful career both as a player and a coach. He has won many awards such as being a three-time Super Bowl Champion (as a player) and one-time Super Bowl Champion (as a coach), three-time Pro Bowl Champion, being inducted into the UCLA Hall of Fame (1998), Defensive MVP (1987), earning All-American honors (1987), First-Team All-Pro (1995), Second-Team All-Pro (1993), and First-Team All-American (1987).

Other Interesting Ken Norton Jr. Facts And Trivia

  • Norton Jr. has four Super Bowl rings, three as a player, and one as a coach.
  • Norton Jr.'s jersey number was 51.

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Ken Norton Jr. Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Kenneth Howard Norton Jr.

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188 cm

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American Football Player, Coach



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Angela Norton


Ken Norton, Jeannette Henderson


Kenisha Norton, Keith Norton, Brandon Norton, Kenejon Norton

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