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Kim Ah-Joong is popularly known for playing the lead role in the romantic comedy '200 Pounds Beauty'
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About Kim Ah-Joong

Kim Ah-Joong is a South Korean actress, model, and singer. Born in October 1982, she rose to prominence with her starring role in the romantic comedy '200 Pounds Beauty', which brought her critical acclaim and the Best Actress award at the 2007 Grand Bell Awards. Ah-Joong had her movie debut in 'When Romance Meets Destiny' in 2005 and later secured her first major role in the daily soap opera 'Bizarre Bunch'.

Kim Ah-Joong's talents extend to singing as well. She released soundtracks for '200 Pounds Beauty', including hits like 'Beautiful Girl' and the Korean rendition of 'Maria'.

Throughout her career, Kim Ah-Joong has showcased her creativity and skills in a variety of roles in both film and television, establishing her as a figure in South Korea's entertainment industry.

Kim Ah-Joong: Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kim Ah-Joong’s net worth?

As of 2023, Kim Ah-Joong has been estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million.

How much does Kim Ah-Joong earn per year?

The exact annual earnings of Kim Ah-Joong are not publicly disclosed.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kim Ah-Joong?

Kim Ah-Joong stands at a height of 5 ft 6 in (170 cm).

How old is Kim Ah-Joong?

Born on October 16, 1982, Kim Ah-Joong is 41 years old as of October 2023.

Childhood And Education

Born in Hwigyeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea, Kim Ah-Joong attendeded Hwikyung Girls High School. She completed her broadcasting degree program at the Women's Dongduk University in South Korea. Later, she got a master's degree in journalism from Korea University and finally went to Switzerland, where she studied at the International Hotel Management Institute, earning a degree in hotel management.

Aside from the information about her brother, Kim Se-Joong, there are limited details available regarding her family life, including her parents and any other siblings she may have.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kim Ah-Joong dating?

Kim Ah-Joong is not known to be publicly dating anyone. She also doesn't have a history of dating anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Kim Ah-Joong made her acting debut in 2004 with the TV series 'Love Survival' in a cameo role. In the same year, the Korean actress also played a role in the traditional TV drama series 'Emperor Of The Sea'. She made her film debut in 2005 with the romantic comedy movie 'When Romance Meets Destiny'. Kim Ah-Joong also starred in the family drama series 'Bizarre Bunch'.

Kim Ah-Joong's most popular award-winning performance was in the musical romantic comedy film ‘200 Pounds Beauty' in which she played the leading role of Kang Han-na/Jenny. Apart from her acting roles, Ah-Joong is a talented singer and has given her voice to the song 'Beautiful Girl' and the Korean version of the song 'Maria'.

In 2002, Kim co-starred in the romance film 'My PS Partner' with famous South Korean actor Ji Sung. The following year, she was featured in the romantic comedy film 'Steal My Heart'. Kim Ah-Joong has also appeared on the television talk shows 'Strong Heart', 'Healing Camp, and 'Aren't You Happy'. She got critical acclaim for her award-winning performance in the television series 'Punch'. She has also starred in the drama series 'Wanted'.

In 2017, she appeared on the small screen and played the lead role in the medical fantasy serial 'Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo'. Kim starred in the movie 'The King'. Kim Ah-Joong has also appeared in the released soundtracks of artists Shin Hye-sung and Youme and has done some choreography in the music videos.

What awards has Kim Ah-Joong won?

Kim Ah-Joong, a celebrated figure in the South Korean entertainment industry, has received numerous accolades that showcase her talent. Her role in '200 Pounds Beauty' earned her the Best Actress award at the 2007 Grand Bell Awards. This performance also brought her the Korean Popularity Award at the 44th Grand Bell Awards ceremony the same year.

In 2006, she was recognized with the Baeksang Arts Award for the Most Popular Actress In Film category, again for her work in '200 Pounds Beauty'. Additionally, she received the Blue Dragon Film Award Popular Star Award - Female in 2007, further highlighting her standout performance in the same film. Her collection of awards, especially for '200 Pounds Beauty', reflects her contributions and widespread acclaim in the South Korean film industry.

Aside from her performance in films and TV series, Her vocal performances in this film led to her receiving a number of awards. Kim Ah-Joong won Digital Music Awards by Cyworld in 2007 for her song 'Beautiful Girl'. Additionally, her rendition of the song 'Maria' garnered her the Golden Disk Ceci Special Award in 2007. These music-related honors underscore her versatility and success, highlighting her accomplishments as both a skilled actress and a talented singer.


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Kim Ah-Joong Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Kim Ah-Joong

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South Korean

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170 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Child Star?



Actress, Model, Singer


International Hotel Management Institute

Net Worth



Kim Se-Joong
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