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About Kim Zimmer

Kim Zimmer is one of the most famous veteran American soap opera actresses from the United States of America.

The actress hails from Michigan and is renowned for her remarkable roles in numerous television drama series, theater roles, and movies. She is also to have appeared in guest roles in two television shows.

Kim Zimmer, born Kimberly Jo Zimmer found fame with 'Guiding Light', an American tv series where she essayed the role of Reva Shayne in 1983. The series hit headlines for being the second-longest-running television series ever and has found its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for running successfully for 57 years.

Kim Zimmer Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Kim Zimmer’s net worth?

Kimmer Zimmer has a net worth of approximately $6 million as of 2022.

How much does Kim Zimmer earn per year?

The February-born actress Kim Zimmer's earnings per year are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Kim Zimmer?

According to available information, Kim Zimmer is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How old is Kim Zimmer?

As of 2022, Kim Zimmer is 67 years old as she was born on February 2, 1955.

Childhood And Education

Kim Zimmer was born in Grand Rapids of Michigan on February 2, 1955, in the United States of America to parents Burdina Elva, her mother, and Walter Jack Zimmer, her father.

The February-born celebrity actress graduated from the Forest Hills Central High School in Ada Township.

Kim Zimmer later attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and then the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco for her further education.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Kim Zimmer’s partner?

According to the latest available news as of 2022, Kim Zimmer married the famous actor and director Allen Cudney Weary in 1981. The couple is parents to three children- Rachel Weary, Max Weary, and Jake Weary. Jake is also in showbiz like his parents. He is an actor, songwriter, music composer, and singer.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The actress from Michigan is famous for her iconic roles as Echo DiSavoy in 'One Life To Live', Jodie Walker in 'Santa Barbara', and Reva Shayne in the drama series from 1952 'Guiding Light' (for which she has won five prestigious awards). 'Guiding light' remains the star attraction of her acting career.

Kim Zimmer commenced her career working on stage- her earliest role on television was in the year 1978 as Bonnie Harmon in 'One Life To Live'. Then she gradually came into the limelight and since then she has been unstoppable.

She, in 1978, played the character of Nola Dancy Aldrich in 'The Doctors'. Kim Zimmer was cast opposite Kathleen Turner in 1981 in the film 'Body Heat' in which she was the female lead but in July 1982, she left the show on maternity leave.

She made a comeback in 'One Life To Live' as Echo DiSavoy for a very short while. In the year 1983, Kim Zimmer played Reva Shayne in the tv soap opera 'Guiding Light' and in the year 1990, she left the show. She returned to 'Guiding Light' in April 1995 and played Reva until the show's end in September 2009. Zimmer's amazing collaborative work with actor Robert Newman (Josh) earned them the epithet of 'super couple'.

She was a part of the TV soap opera 'Santa Barbara' from 1992-1993 where she played the role of Jodie DeWitt Walker. In the year 1995, Zimmer was seen as Mr. Pitt's attorney in 'The Diplomat's Club', an episode of 'Seinfeld'. In the year 2010, Zimmer resumed playing the role of Echo in 'One Life Too Live'. Kim Zimmer has also contributed significantly to the soap opera 'Ryan's hope'.

Kim Zimmer was also featured in a story with her former co-star Jerry verDorn (Clint Buchanan), Erika Slezak (Viki Lord), and Robin Strasser (Dorian Cramer).

Her television programs include 'Designing Women', 'Models Inc', 'Babylon' and 'MacGyver'.

She has played a number of theater roles. She was a part of Connecticut Repertory Theatre's production 'Odysseus D.O.A.' playing the role of Mrs. Hayes.

Zimmer has worked in numerous productions of 'Gypsy', a musical, initially in 2006 at Augusta's Barn Theatre, Michigan, and later opposite Robert Newman at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera in 2015. Kim Zimmer has also appeared as a guest in shows such as 'The Rosie Show' in the year 2011 and 'The Martha Stewart Show' in 2005.

Zimmer launched her memoir in 2011 named- 'I'm Just Sayin'!: Three Deaths, Seven Husbands And A Clone! My Life As A Daytime Diva' co-written with Laura Morton, enumerates her life as an actress in daytime soap operas.

Charity Work

As a part of her charity work, she selflessly aids in raising funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Kim Zimmer has also donated her Emmy Awards (2004) outfit to the auctions of the Clothes Off Our Back charity.

What awards has Kim Zimmer won?

Kim Zimmer has won the Daytime Emmy Award four times in 1985, 1987, 1990, and 2006 respectively and the Soap Opera Digest award once in 1988 as the lead actress in the drama series 'The Guiding Light' (1952).

Other Interesting Kim Zimmer Facts And Trivia

  • The February-born American actress is an Aquarian.
  • The American actress was initially a professional diver.
  • Kim Zimmer's son Jake Weary is famous for his role as Luke Snyder in the CBS soap opera 'As the World Turns On'.
  • Karen Ann Zimmer is the older sister of Kim Zimmer.
  • Kim Zimmer's eye color is Blue.
  • Kim Zimmer is also good at French, Spanish, and German.
  • Kim Zimmer still avails public transportation.
  • One of her chief interests lies in enjoying a vacation in Tahiti and Taos, New Mexico.
  • Kim Zimmer has performed her own nightclub act.
  • The soap opera celebrity is ranked among the elit list of most famous celebrities hailing from the United States.

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Kim Zimmer Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Kimberly Jo Zimmer

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Grand Rapids



178 cm

Eye Color





American Conservatory Theater

Net Worth



Allen Cudney Weary


Burdina Elva Zimmer, Walter Jack Zimmer


Karen Ann Zimmer
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