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About Laila Berzins

Laila Berzins is a voice actor, comedian, writer, and singer based in Los Angeles.

Born in Connecticut, Laila Berzins offers a wide range of accents and delivery styles and has over 10 years of experience. She works for anime series and video games.

Laila Berzins voiced Nora Césaire in the English dubbed version of 'Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir'. She centered herself in LA and worked on other projects like 'Son Of Bigfoot', 'The Wild Life', and 'Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty'. Laila Berzins also voiced commercials for SoCal Gas, Target, Google, Hidden Figures, and Nature Valley.

Laila Berzins Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Laila Berzins’ net worth?

The approximate net worth of Laila Berzins is $1 million.

How much does Laila Berzins earn per year?

The annual income of Laila Berzins is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Laila Berzins?

Laila Berzins stands at a height of 5 ft 4 in (162 cm).

How old is Laila Berzins?

Born on October 4, 1983, Laila Berzins is 39 years old as of January 2022.

Childhood And Education

Laila Beth Berzins was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She did her Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of CT/Theater Studies, Wheaton College.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Laila Berzins dating?

Laila Berzins is single as of 2023 and is not dating anyone.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Laila Berzins has a storied career in film and television. She has been a voice actor in commercials for Google, Nature Valley, and Febreze, while her immense range of characters and dialects (from the boy and teen voices to animals and creatures) has served animation clients like Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, YouTube and Funimation.

Laila Berzins has voiced characters in games like 'Final Fantasy Explorers', 'State Of Decay 2', 'Star Trek Online', 'God Of War', 'World Of Warcraft', 'Atlus Fenrir For Sega', and 'Smite'. The actress lent her voice to various narrations for Microsoft, Lyft, Nike, Motorola, Weight Watchers, Toyota, and Intel.

Some of her known voice roles include Sadie Croaker from 'Amphibia', Yana from 'Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty', and Willa from 'ThunderCats Roar'. Laila Berzins also voiced Weecha in 'Son Of Bigfoot', Ken Oyonagi in 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Diamond Is Unbreakable', Xiao in 'Genshin Impact', and Misuzu in 'River City Girls'. Laila Berzins has been voicing Mrs. Croaker/Lysil /Brian for 'Amphibia', since 2019.

Other Interesting Laila Berzins Facts And Trivia

  • Laila Berzins is a voice actor known for voicing Milluki Zoldyck, Xiao, and Fanatio Synthesis Two.
  • Her numerous male/female character voices range from young to old, and sweet to sassy. She has a deep powerful voice capable of gravitas and knowledgable reads, and a dynamic range.
  • Her vocal specialties include moms, villains, boys (kids to teens), and animals. 
  • Laila Berzins was nominated for the Voice Arts Awards

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Laila Berzins Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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West Hartford



162 cm

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Wheaton College

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