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About Lang Leav

Lang Leav is one of the most well-known poets, authors, and novelists.  

The date of birth of Lang Leav is September 8, 1980, while the place of birth is Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Lang Leav is also renowned as a best-selling author of New Zealand and a social media star who has become well-known for posting poems to her wildly famous Instagram account.

She has almost or more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, where she writes on relationships, identity, and other topics. She, similarly to Zoe Arabella, is an Instagram-famous poet. 'Love & Misadventure,' the debut poetry collection of 2013, was well-appreciated by her readers. The zodiac sign of Lang Leav is Virgo.

'The Universe Of Us' from 2016, 'Lullabies' from 2014, 'Sea of Strangers' from 2018, and 'Memories' from 2015 are some of her best-selling works. Lang Leav has won a 'Goodreads Choice Award' for the category of 'Best Poetry' in her professional life in 2014. She was raised in Australia.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lang Leav's net worth?

The net worth of this poet and author is $1-5 million. Her net worth is earned through her writing career as a poet, author, and novelist.

How much does Lang Leav earn per year?

The per-year or annual income of this poet is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lang Leav?

The height of this poet and author is 5.4 ft (164 cm).

How old is Lang Leav?

Lang Leave, the famous poet, is 41 years old as far as her birth date.

Childhood And Education

Lang Leav was born and raised in a refugee camp in Australia. She is the eldest of three children, and her family moved to Australia in 1981. The mother of Lang Leav was a seamstress, while her father practiced acupuncture.

In a refugee settlement, Lang Leav grew up in Cabramatta, Sydney, and had a passion for books that began early during her school time. Leav studied at Sydney's College of Fine Arts in Australia. The zodiac sign of Lang Leav is Virgo.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lang Leav's partner?

Lang Leav is married to Michael Faudet, as per sources.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Her debut poetry collection or book, 'Love & Misadventure,' was well-received by her fans in 2013. 'The Universe of Us,' published in 2016, 'Lullabies,' published in 2014, 'Sea of Strangers,' published in 2018, and 'Memories,' published in 2015, are some of her best-selling works.

What awards has Lang Leav won?

In her professional life, Lang Leav has received a 'Goodreads Choice Award' in 'Best Poetry.'

Other Interesting Lang Leav Facts And Trivia

  • The poet Lang Leav is Thai.
  • Lang Leav published her debut novel, 'Sad Girls' in 2017.
  • 'langleav' is the name of Lang Leav's Instagram handle account.

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Lang Leav Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

Nakhon Si Thammarat



164 cm


Poet, Author, Novelist


College of Fine Arts, Sydney

Net Worth



Michael Faudet
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