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Laura Rutledge is an American reporter and Miss Florida 2012; learn more fun facts about her.
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About Laura Rutledge

Laura Rutledge is an American reporter on ESPN and CNN International.

Laura Rutledge was former Miss Laura Mckeeman before marriage. Besides being a sideline reporter, Laura Rutledge is also a host on SEC Network.

Born on October 2, 1988, Laura Rutledge is a former Miss Florida 2012. The American beauty pageant titleholder is from St. Petersburg, Florida. Rutledge is married to Josh Rutledge, a professional baseball player, and they have a daughter named Reese Katherine Rutledge.

Laura Rutledge’s Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Laura Rutledge’s net worth?

Laura Rutledge earned most of her income through her career as a sports journalist and a television host. Rutledge made nearly $1 million worth of net for herself as of 2022.

How much does Laura Rutledge earn per year?

Laura Rutledge withdraws her salary from her career as a reporter and her presence on ESPN and in the television industry. Rutledge nearly makes $400,000 annually as of 2022.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Laura Rutledge?

Laura Rutledge is nearly 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How old is Laura Rutledge?

Born to her parents on October 2, 1988, in St. Petersburg, Florida, 33-year-old Laura Rutledge turns 34 in October 2022.

Childhood And Education

On October 2, 1988, an ESPN reporter was born in St. Petersburg in, Florida, to her parents, Robert McKeeman and Deborah McKeeman. She has two siblings, Alex and David McKeeman. The whole McKeeman family was enthusiastic about sports.

Laura Rutledge attended Celebration High School in the city of Celebration, Florida. After graduating high school, Rutledge decided on her path of becoming a sports journalist. Laura Rutledge got offers from both the University of Florida and Florida State University. Ultimately she chose the University of Florida for her graduation in media and communications.

Rutledge funded herself by working at the on-campus radio station during her graduation.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Laura Rutledge’s partner?

Josh Rutledge, a baseball player from Colorado Rockies fame, met Laura Rutledge through a common friend in 2011. For the first time in Birmingham, Alabama, they met each other and started dating soon. The duo got married on December 7, 2013. Josh Rutledge and Laura Rutledge live together in Alabama with their daughter Reese Katherine Rutledge.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After working part-time in the college radio, Laura Rutledge got her first job as a radio jockey at WRUF radio station. This station used to operate from the main campus of the University of Florida.

During Rutledge’s senior year in college, she was offered her first internship program at Fox Sports Florida. Earlier she was rejected from Fox Sports, but she kept on trying, and one of her friends from Fox Sports helped her get that internship. Laura Rutledge copied DVDs of sports broadcasts as part of her internship. This was not it for her, one of the presenters had some conflict with the broadcasting unit at the last minute, and Rutledge got her chance to be on television live. Though it was for a brief period, Rutledge was appreciated for her time on screen.

When asked to present professional baseball team games like Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Chargers, Laura Rutledge started her sports reporting. Fox Sports broadcasted them, and Rutledge was now officially a famous Fox Sports reporter.

After winning in Miss Florida pageant, being top 16 in Miss America, and being a sideline reporter until 2012, Rutledge resumed where she paused her broadcasting career. Laura Rutledge covered the Lakeland, Florida, held National Paintball Championship in 2012. Rutledge then worked as an on-field reporter for Fox College Sports.

In 2013, after Fox College Sports, Laura Rutledge appeared on Fox Sports San Diego for the show named ‘Chargers Insider’ featuring the American soccer team San Diego Chargers. Laura Rutledge was also the host of the show called ‘SD Live’. Rutledge is currently the host and the producer of the show.

After being popular on Fox Broadcasts, Laura Rutledge started hosting ‘Coors Light Postgame Show’. Rutledge was part of the halftime programming of college soccer games.

Rutledge aimed to work for ESPN when she was hired for SEC Network, which ESPN Inc owns. On SEC Network, Rutledge worked as a host for the ‘The Paul Finebaum Show’. This show is about calling random people and asking questions regarding sports.

Laura Rutledge now works as a reporter and host for ESPN and CNN International, covering college and state teams like Tampa Bay Rays.

Rutledge was part of the pre-game show ‘SEC Nation’ as a host and was also part of another show, ‘NFL Live’.

Rutledge was part of the show ‘Get Up’ before joining ‘NFL Live’. Talking about her other work as an anchor, Rutledge covered ‘The Home Depot College Football Awards’ on SportsCenter. This was the NFL Draft and an ESPYs event. Apart from covering soccer, Rutledge also has covered basketball, gymnastics, baseball, and softball.

Rutledge has been part of many championships such as College Football Playoffs, both seasons of Women’s College World Series and College World Series, and NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships.

The sports anchor was part of CNN’s shows like ‘New Day’ and ‘Early Start’ before making her way to ESPN. Rutledge was also featured in ‘Morning Express’ on HLN with Robin Meade.

Charity Work

Laura Rutledge surprised her friend Rhiannon Potkey with a $10,000 check donation for Potkey’s non-profit organization Goods4Greatness at Academy Sports plus Outdoors.

Rutledge has been the ambassador of the Miracle League, and this organization builds a baseball field for specially-abled kids.

What awards has Laura Rutledge won?

Laura Rutledge was 2012, Miss Florida. Rutledge was also one of the top 16 contestants of Miss America in the following year.

Rutledge has won at UF the 2011 Red Barber Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.

Other Interesting Laura Rutledge Facts And Trivia

  • Rutledge’s parents, Deborah McKeeman and Robert McKeeman are college soccer fans, and then Laura McKeeman got her enthusiasm for sports from them.
  • Even her siblings, the McKeeman brothers, were too much into sports. This made her watch sports and enjoy them a lot.
  • When she was a little kid, Laura Rutledge started prepping for a beauty pageant; she even attended ballet classes.
  • Laura Rutledge is active on Instagram and has thousands of fans.

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Laura Rutledge Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Laura McKeeman

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

St. Petersberg



178 cm

Eye Color



Sports Reporter


University of Florida

Net Worth



Josh Rutledge


Deborah Jones McKeeman, Robert McKeeman


David McKeeman, Alex McKeeman

Annual Earnings

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