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Leonard Katzman, an assistant director, screenwriter, producer, and showrunner of the CBS oil soap opera 'Dallas'.
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About Leonard Katzman

Leonard was a television producer, screenwriter, and director from New york city.

On September 2, 1927, he was born in New York City, USA, and died on September 5, 1996, in Malibu, California, USA. His zodiac sign was Virgo.

He is most known for producing the five-part mini-series 'Dallas', which was broadcasted from 1986-1991 and became one of television's lengthiest dramas.

Leonard Katzman started his career in movies and series. He was cast in 'Reporter' (1945), 'Superman' (1948), 'Batman And Robin' (1949), 'The Great Adventures Of Captain Kidd' (1951), and 'Riding With Buffalo Bill' (1954). He spent most of the '50s as an assistant director, primarily alongside his producer relative, Sam Katzman. He worked on feature films such as 1951's 'A Yank In Korea', 'The Giant Claw' (1957), 'Face Of A Fugitive' (1959), and 'Angel Baby' (1961). Katzman also starred in television shows such as 'The Adventure Of Wild Bill Hickok' (1951), 'The Mickey Rooney Show' (1954), and 'Bat Masterson' (1958). 

In the '60s, Katzman stepped into the world of production. He started working as an assistant director and associate producer for the 'The Adventure Drama Route 66' (1960), which aired until 1964. His debut work as an assistant director and producer became his favorite project. Along with his work in television production, he occasionally continued writing and directing. His work in TV production included shows such as 'The Crime Drama Tallahassee' (1961), 'The Western Drama The Wild Wild West' (1965) as a second unit director, and the second season of 1969's crime drama show 'Hawaii Five-O' that he worked in until the '70s, in the 70's 'Legal Drama Storefront Lawyers', and in the 1970's western drama show 'Gunsmoke', in which he worked for the final five seasons until 1975, in '70s TV series 'Men At Law' he worked as a production manager. He also appeared in the spin-off series 'Dirty Sally' in 1974 and in 'Legal Drama Petrocelli' until 1976. Through these two, he got nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award.

In 1965, he was the producer, director, and screenwriter of 'Space Probe Taurus', a science fiction and horror movie known as 'Space Monster'. This was his only feature picture experience other than as an assistant director.

Leonard Katzman Net Worth, Earning and Spending Habits

What was Leonard Katzman's net worth?

Net-worth of Leonard Katzman can be estimated to be between $5 million, based on his successful career as a producer, screenwriter, and director.

How much did Leonard Katzman earn per year?

Per-year earnings of Leonard Katzman will be based on the number of movies and shows he produces in a year.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall was Leonard Katzman?

It is unconfirmed how tall Leonard Katzman was.

How old was Leonard Katzman?

On September 2, 1927, Leonard Katzman was born in New York City. His zodiac sign is Virgo, as he was born in September. He passed away on September 5, 1996, in Malibu, California, at 69.

Childhood And Education

Leonard Katzman was born into a Jewish family in New York City, New York, on September 2, 1927. When he was a teenager in the '90s, he put his foot into becoming an assistant director and followed his career. His uncle, Sam Katzman, a Hollywood producer, assisted him. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Leonard Katzman's partner?

Leonard Katzman married LaRue Katzman. They had three children. Frank Katzman, Sherril Lynn Rettino, and Mitchell Wayne Katzman. Before meeting LaRue Katzman, Leonard was the biological father of Gary Katzman, who was later adopted and given the surname Gary Klein.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Leonard Katzman is best known for producing 1978's CBS oil soap opera 'Dallas'. It ushered in the '80s trend of prime-time soap operas. David Jacobs originated the show, and Leonard took over as a de facto showrunner during the second season when Jacob left to establish and eventually lead the spin-off series 'Knots Landing' of 'Dallas'. The series, which began as a series of self-contained plots, grew into a series under Katzman's direction. From the second season onwards of 'Dallas', he served as the producer. While he worked as a producer, Philip Capice worked as an executive producer. Then, in the show's ninth season, some creative differences occurred that led Katzman to step away from production. He didn't wholly step away but became a creative consultant instead. Apart from working on this role, in the meantime, he also worked on the 1985 drama series 'Our Family Honor', which was created by Lawrance Gordon. But at that time, there was a rise in production costs and declining ratings, so Katzman was asked to return to the program in his previous role by Lorimar and star Larry Hagman. Later, he was promoted to executive producer with the tenth season premiere.

What awards did Leonard Katzman win?

Leonard Katzman won the Lone Star Film and Television Awards Special Award in 1997.

Leonard Katzman also won the Western Heritage Award for his 1955's fictional television drama, 'Gunsmoke'. He shared the award with the show's producer, writer, director, and co-stars.

Other Interesting Leonard Katzman Facts And Trivia

  • While an executive producer, Leonard Katzman also continued producing 'Dallas' in 1991 until the end of the series and directed more episodes at 'Dallas' than anybody else.
  • After 'Dallas', Leonard Katzman became the producer and screenwriter of 'Dangerous Curves' (1992), a crime thriller. It was broadcasted on CBS' late-night drama block crime time after prime time.
  • Leonard Katzman did his job of being an executive producer and produced the second season of the 1993's drama series 'Walker, Texas Ranger', which was CBS's original network.
  • In the subsequent seasons of 'Dallas', Frank Katzman, Mitchell Wayne Katzman, and John Rettino (Leonard Katzman's son-in-law) have all worked.

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Leonard Katzman Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Leonard Katzman

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New York City


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