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About Les Gold

Born Leslie Gold on June 20, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan, United States, Les Gold is a remarkable name in the pawnbroker industry.

Not only as a pawnbroker, but people also know him as a media personality, a reality TV star, and an author as well. Les owns a pawn shop called American Jewelry and Loan which he opened in 1978 and most people know him for his appearance in the popular TV series, 'Hardcore Pawn' (2009-2015).

Gold, through following his ancestor's business legacies has attained a huge success in the pawn industry. His success story has been shown in the popular TV show 'Good Morning America' (1975).

Les Gold Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Les Gold’s net worth?

Les Gold has a net worth of around $5 million.

How much does Les Gold earn per year?

Les Gold has an annual income of $45,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Les Gold?

Les Gold is a 6 ft 2 in (187 cm) tall personality.

How old is Les Gold?

Les Gold was born on June 20, 1950, which makes him about 72 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Les Gold was born Leslie Gold on June 20, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan. Leslie 'Les' Gold hails from a pawnbroker family and he is the third generation who is in the pawn business from his family. He has completed his schooling at Oak Park High School, Michigan. There is no further information about his higher studies.

His grandfather had a company called Sam's Loans, a pawnshop located at Detroit, Michigan Avenue. The pawnshop building is now heading towards a transformation into a pawn shop-based restaurant called Gold Cash Gold.

Before Sam's Loans became non-functional, Gold's target was to start a business from this ancestral shopping center only at the age of seven, but he could not. He was in Hebrew School when he started his first business of selling pizza slices from whole pizzas to his schoolmates at the age of 12. His first sale and his first business pushed him further in the business.

Later on, his pawn business was spread globally and now he is a renowned media personality, reality TV star, and owner of a pawn shop.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Les Gold’s partner?

In 1975, Les Gold married Lili Gold. With Lili Gold, he has two children.

Their son Seth Gold and daughter Ashley Broad are also successful in their lives. Ashley has completed her bachelor's from Michigan State University. She is a co-owner of American Jewelry and Loan.

Gold's son Seth Gold is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He is also the co-owner of their pawn shop American Jewelry and Loan along with his sister.

Both Seth Gold and his sister have dedicated themselves to American Jewelry and Loan. As of 2022, Les Gold, with his wife Lili Gold and children, lives in Detroit and enjoys his business.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After not getting proper results from his grandfather's pawnshop Sam's Loan, situated in Detroit Michigan, he started his pawn shop American Jewelry and Loan in 1978. The pawnshop was then located at Green Eight Shopping Centre located on 8 Mile Road in Oak Park but later it was shifted to Greenfield Road, Detroit in 1993. After relocating, American Jewelry saw its most successful days.

As of 2022, the shopping center is situated in three different locations. More than 200 people work under this name and each day they serve at least 1000 customers.

To promote American Jewelry and Loan, Les Gold took the help of TV commercials that gave producer Richard Dominick the idea of a TV series on his business. As a result, the reality TV show 'Hardcore Pawn' was made and telecasted on truTV in 2009 and ran until mid-2015.

The show was about covering the daily activities that were made in the shop. The reason behind the hype was the rivalry between the co-owners. In the third season of the show, Les and his son Seth became the executive producers. After the show, Les Gold became a famous media personality.

His inspiring success story was portrayed in the show called 'Good Morning America'. It was telecasted on the ABC channel.

Les Gold has established himself as a well-known author as well. His famous autobiography book 'For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker' was published on June 1, 2013, by publisher Penguin/Portfolio.

Charity Work

Les Gold, the famous personality is associated with various charities and philanthropic works. Les Gold is associated with The Heat And Warmth Fund. In collaboration with this trust, Les Gold reaches out to the underprivileged and pays their electricity bills.

What awards has Les Gold won?

Les Gold, the celebrity pawnbroker, is not only famous for his actual profession but also a renowned author who has written a book on his life. The book is titled 'For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker'.

It was released by Penguin/Portfolio in 2013 and created a buzz among his fans. For its popularity, it secured the 4th position in the list of The New York Times Best Seller.

Les Gold’s Hobbies And Interests

Les Gold shares his interest in writing.

Other Interesting Les Gold Facts And Trivia

  • Les Gold's Zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Les Gold is the third generation of being a pawnbroker from his family. His grandfather is the one who started the pawn business.
  • American Jewelry and Loan running since 1975, is owned by Les Gold a pawn shop that is recognized worldwide.
  • At the age of 12 when Les Gold was at Hebrew School, he used to buy pizzas and resell them slice by slice to his friends and that's when he stepped into the world of business.
  • Detroit-born Les Gold is quite an active user of Instagram and he has nearly 26000 followers on his account.

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Les Gold Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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Leslie Gold

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187 cm

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Pawnbroker, Reality TV Star, Author, Media Personality


Oak Park High School

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Lili Gold

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