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About Lindsay Brunnock

Lindsay Brunnock was born Lindsay Antonia Brunnock in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Art direction has a huge impact on Lindsay Brunnock, and thus Lindsay chose to become a film art director. Lindsay Brunnock is one such art director who has been associated with this profession for a long time now.

Lindsay Brunnock is an English art director who hails from a reputed family in England. She was always fascinated by art and took art direction as a profession. Lindsay Brunnock began her career in 1996 when she first worked as an assistant designer for 'The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall', a mini-series, and then as a designer for 'The Moonstone', a TV film. She has also worked in famous movies like 'A Merry War' as an assistant art director, ' The Abduction Club' as a stand-by art director, and 'The Last King' as a stand-by art director. She is married to Sir Kenneth Branagh, a British actor, producer, and director. Although there is no record of her working after 2006, she is in the limelight now and then, making public appearances with her husband. Her hard work and dedication are the primary reasons for the accomplishment of her career as an art director.

Lindsay Brunnock's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lindsay Brunnock’s net worth?

The net worth of Lindsay Brunnock is around $3 million, and her combined net worth with her husband is nearly $63 million as of 2022.

How much does Lindsay Brunnock earn per year?

Lindsay Brunnock's last work was in 2006, after which the art director was not associated with the art department of films or TV series. Although the annual earnings of Lindsay Brunnock as an art director are estimated to be around 60,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lindsay Brunnock?

Lindsay Brunnock's height is not known.

How old is Lindsay Brunnock?

The art director and wife of the British actor Kenneth Branagh, Lindsay Brunnock, was born on April 5, 1970. She is about 52 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Lindsay Brunnock is from Cambridgeshire, England, and was born to James Brunnock and Margaret Brunnock. James Brunnock was a multimillionaire entrepreneur from Britain. Lindsay was fond of art from an early age, but no information is available regarding her educational background. However, she stepped into this profession after she graduated from her university and became a film art director. No other details are available about her family.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lindsay Brunnock’s partner?

Lindsay Brunnock is married to Kenneth Branagh, a famous British actor, producer, and director. Although he was born in a non-acting family, with working-class parents and two siblings, he is considered to be a very popular and talented actor. The film 'Belfast' made in the direction of Branagh, received seven Oscar nominations for the 2022 Academy Awards. Kenneth Branagh is an Academy Award- nominations-winning actor who happens to have been the president of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art situated in London since 2015.

Lindsay Brunnock and Kenneth Branagh got married in 2003, and Lindsay is his second wife as Kenneth Branagh was previously married to Emma Thompson. Both Lindsay Brunnock and Kenneth Branagh got to work in the same TV mini-series called 'Shackleton'. Lindsay was already charmed by the actor when they crossed paths while filming. After Kenneth's breakup with Helena Bonham Carter, he began dating Lindsay Brunnock. And after two years of dating, the couple got married. Lindsay and Kenneth do not have any children, however, they are married to each other for the past two decades. 

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Lindsay Brunnock's career began in 1996 after she graduated from her university. Lindsay Brunnock's passion and love for art led her into this profession, in which she has justified her role as an art director. Although most of her work eventually happens off-camera, she has secured her place in the film industry.

In 1996, she worked on the sets of 'The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall'. She also got the opportunity to work for a TV movie in the same year, 'The Moonstone'.

In 1997, Lindsay worked on 'A Merry War' as an assistant art director. In 1998, she worked in 'The Governess', followed by 'This Year's Love' in 1999. She began in 2000 by working in 'Born Romantic'.

In 2002, she got to work on two most crucial projects, 'The Abduction Club', which received critical acclaim, and the TV mini-series 'Shackleton', which was a highly successful movie. It was during the filming of this TV series that she met her husband, Kenneth Branagh. 'Shackleton' is primarily based on the life of Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton and his South Pole expedition. Lindsay Brunnock worked in two episodes of 'Shackleton' as a stand-by art director.

In 2003, she was the stand-by art director of the TV drama movie 'Ready When You Are Mr. McGill', 'Bright Young Things', and 'The Last King' featuring Rufus Sewell, Rupert Graves, and more. Also, in 2003, she worked as an art director in the TV movie 'Loving You'.

In 2006, she worked in 'Stater For 10' as an assistant art director. Since 2006, she has paused her work as she was not part of any film or series. 

Lindsay Brunnock’s Hobbies And Interests

Her hobbies involve various kinds of artwork, and her passion for art enabled her to take up art direction as a profession. 

Other Interesting Lindsay Brunnock Facts And Trivia

  • It was Kenneth's ex-girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter who initially introduced Lindsay Brunnock to Kenneth Branagh in 1997. 
  • Lindsay belongs to a reputed business family in Britain and her parents are James Brunno, and Margaret Brunnock.
  • Lindsay is married to one of the greatest actors of all time Sir Kenneth Branagh.
  • She is popular as the daughter of James Brunnock, a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur.

Lindsay Brunnock Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

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