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Lola Glaudini is a well-known American actress and a film producer.
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About Lola Glaudini

Lola Glaudini is a well-known American actress as well as a film producer.

Lola Glaudini was born on November 24, 1971, in Manhattan, New York City in the United States of America. Lola Glaudini is well-known for her part as Elle Greenaway, which is one of the major roles in the critically-acclaimed American television series 'Criminal Minds'. In addition, she was cast in the recurring role of captain Shadid in the TV series 'The Expanse' which is a science fiction TV series.

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Lola Glaudini’s Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Lola Glaudini’s net worth?

Lola Glaudini's net worth is estimated at $4 million.

How much does Lola Glaudini earn per year?

Lola Glaudini earns approximately around $500k per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Lola Glaudini?

Lola Glaudini is 5 ft 8 in (172.7 cm) tall.

How old is Lola Glaudini?

Lola Glaudini is 51 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Lola Glaudini was born on November 24, 1971, in Manhattan in the United States of America. Robert Glaudini is her father. Robert Glaudini used to be a playwright and Nina Diane Kapler Rosen is her mother. She comes from a Jewish family, lives in California, and works as a writer as well as a college instructor. Although there is no information available about her siblings, Lola belongs of American nationality, Sagittarius is her zodiac sign, Caucasian is her ethnicity and Italian is her ancestry. Lola Glaudini joined John Marshall High School, then she enrolled in Bard College.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Lola Glaudini’s partner?

Lola Glaudini and her spouse, whose name is Stuart England, are presently enjoying their married life together. By occupation, Stuart England is a famous jewelry designer. Lola Glaudini and Stuart England have two children together whose names are Valentino England and Montaigne England.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

1996 was the year that Lola Glaudini made her first appearance as a performer in the entertainment world; she was cast in the film 'Without A Map' as Anna, which was also her first movie. Since then she was cast in many films from 1996-2020 such as 'The Diviner', 'Dave's Blind Date', '7 Songs', 'Down to You'. In addition to that,  in 2006, she played a supporting role in the sporting movie 'Invincible'. She's In Portland is her recently released movie in 2020.

Besides her career in the film industry, Lola also worked in TV series, she was cast in her first TV series NYPD Blue in 1996 in the recurring role of Karen Thanos. She was also cast in the biggest hit 'Criminal Minds' TV series as Elle Greenaway. In 2004, she was cast as A.J. Laveau in the Las Vegas TV series. In 2010, she played Kat Damatto as the main role in the 'Persons Unknown' television series.

What awards has Lola Glaudini won?

Lola Glaudini was awarded the Drama-Logue Award for 'Best Actress' for her performance in the drama 'Demonology', which was presented at the Mark Taper Forum.

Other Interesting Lola Glaudini Facts And Trivia

  • Lola Glaudini is a popular actress, who is originally from New York and currently living in Los Angeles California.
  • Lola Glaudini also had a cameo appearance in 'Your Friends & Neighbors' a Neil LaBute film that was released in 1998.
  • Lola in her entire acting career featured in many films as well as in many TV series such as films like 'The Awkward Moment', 'Jack Goes Boating', and so on, television series like 'Criminal Minds', 'NYPD Blue', 'Las Vegas', and so on. Her appearances in these television series, as well as films, helped her to increase her net worth.
  • Lola is currently continuing her career as an actress and her recent TV series appearance is from 'The Offer' where she was cast as Candida Donadio.
  • Lola Glaudini left 'Criminal Minds' and her position as Elle.
  • She is also very active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She has around 31k followers on Instagram.

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Lola Glaudini Birthday & Fun Facts Facts

Birth Name

Lola Glaudini

Date of Birth




Place of Birth

New York City



173 cm

Eye Color

Dark Brown




Bard College

Net Worth



Stuart England


Robert Glaudini, Nina Rosen

Annual Earnings

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