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Longest Book In The Bible: Book Of Psalms Facts For Kids

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The Psalms is a book that contains a number of songs that are sung in the praise of God on different occasions.

Three John happens to be the shortest book of the Bible. There are only 200 words in Three John in the original Greek language.

The Holy Bible is the sacred book in Christianity, Rastafari, and many other religions, originally written in Hebrew and Greek. It contains religious texts about different traditions. Originally, the Bible contained 80 books, but later 14 books have been removed due to some reasons. Now, the Christian Holy Bible contains 66 books and 1189 chapters and is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. Also, it has been translated many times and there are many versions of the Bible available in the market under various denominations. After you are done reading about the longest book in the Bible and its verses, you must know about what is the shortest book in the bible and butterfly meaning in the bible.

Which book has the longest verse in the Bible?

The exact number of verses in the longest book of the Bible is still debated. No one can actually tell the number of verses that are in the Bible because Hebrew words were translated into English. Translating one Hebrew or Greek word in English might require multiple English words.

The ninth verse of the eighth chapter in the book of Esther is the longest verse in Bible. This is shortly known as Esther 8:9. It is a 90-word long verse. The book of Esther has a great mention of Esther. As described in the Bible, Esther was the Jewish queen of a Persian king.

Other than Esther, there are some other verses in the Bible that also top the list of the longest verse. Jeremiah 21:7 is the second-longest verse in the Old Testament with a length of 83 words. The third longest verse in the Bible with an 81-word length is Ezekiel 46:9 which also belongs to the Old Testament.

Two Chronicles is another popular book with 822 verses and 36 chapters. Two Chronicles have been compiled by a Jewish scholar. Two chronicles cover the time period commencing from the rise of King Solomon to the throne and the book two chronicles ends with the exile of the southern kingdom of Judah.

How long is the book of Psalms?

The Book of Psalms is likewise mentioned as the Psalms. Psalm is a word of Hebrew and Greek origin, which means 'instrumental music' or 'song of praise'. This book of the Bible contains the words accompanying the music. Psalms are also known as the book of poetry. Amongst the 66 books of the Bible, the Psalms is the longest book when measured in the number of chapters as it is further divided into five books. These all books are a part of the Old Testament, which contains the writings about the Israelites. Psalm 119 happens to be the longest Psalm in the Bible.

This longest book of the Bible contains a total of 150 hymns. Many of them have their individual titles, which refer to different things. Some are musical directions while some are references to the types of musical composition. It also contains directions for the occasion to use different types of psalms such as for the temple, for the memorial offerings, etc. Each psalm is for a different occasion. Many psalms carry the name of the individual about whom they are written such as David, Solomon, son of Korah, Moses, Asaph. The Psalms is full of real-life struggles.

Other than Psalms, there are some other books in the Bible that make their name the longest books of the Bible. Isaiah happens to be the second-longest book in the Bible. It makes its name on the list of longest books with 66 chapters in it. Prophet Isaiah states a vision wherein he saw God in the book. The book of Isaiah states that God will return exiles who redeem themselves to Jerusalem.

The 12th longest book of the entire Bible, is the Gospel of Luke.

Who wrote the entire book of Psalms?

The Bible, which is believed to be the word of God, is not written by a single person. It was often believed that a single person wrote the entire Bible, namely Moses. He was the prophet who led Israelites from Egyptian captivity and guided them through the Red sea. But later, many scholars found and now most of them agree that the Bible is written by a number of people belonging to diverse occupations. It has been widely accepted that the writings of the Bible are the words that were passed on from generation to generation orally.

The book of Psalms is no exception to it. Well, how can a single person write 150 hymns by himself? There is a contribution of at least six authors in the writings of the Psalms. More than 70 hymns are written by an author named David. David was the king of Israel for almost 40 years. Yes, 40 years. Can you believe how long this man has ruled over Israel? In the Bible, it is believed that he was chosen for this purpose because he was 'A man after God’s own heart'.

After David, one of his sons named Solomon, became the king and wrote some other hymns, and contributed his part in the writings of the Bible. King Solomon was renowned for his wisdom all over the world. There is a story behind this wisdom of the king. It is believed that once God asked Solomon to demand whatever he wanted. Well, instead of wealth, Solomon asked for wisdom. Then God made him the wisest man of Israel. What would you demand from God if he asked the same question to you? Chocolates or Ice Cream?

The other authors of the Psalms are Ethan and Heman, Asaph, Moses, and the sons of Korah. All of them were wise and considered to be chosen by God to deliver his words to the common men. Each of them has contributed their best in the creation of the books of Psalms. The Apostle Paul knew the Hebrew scriptures extremely well. One Samuel is one of the longest books in the Bible with 20,361 words. Some of the verses in One Samuel eleven surpass Esther 8:9 when it comes to the length.

What are the 7 types of Psalms?

150 psalms is a lot to read and understand by anyone. To make them easier to understand, they have been divided into various categories by various people on the basis of different criteria. This is similar to the division of subjects you have in your school. Some divide the Psalms as primary categories and their subcategories. But the famous and easy-to-understand categorization of these hymns is in seven different genres based on their context.

These seven different types of Psalms are the following.

Wisdom Psalms: These psalms contain the guidelines for what is right and what is wrong.

Royal Psalms: These psalms refer to the messianic rule of Christ.

Lament Psalms: These are the prayers to God for his deliverance from the moments of despair. There are both individual and communal laments in the Psalms.

Imprecatory Psalms: These psalms are to invoke God’s wrath and judgment on the psalmist’s enemies.

Thanksgiving Psalms: These psalms are the word in God’s praise. There are both individual and national praise psalms.

Pilgrimage Psalms: These are the psalms that are sung by the worshipers traveling to Jerusalem for Jewish festivals.

Enthronement Psalms: These psalms are about the sovereign rule of God over his creations.

Since the Psalms is the longest book of the Bible with 150 chapters, it is not quite possible for everyone to read it with ease. There are many strategies and techniques to read the Psalms as defined by many scholars, priests, and other experienced people. Some read all the five books of the Psalms in just one sitting, while for some it took them some days to complete it.

The Psalms are supposed to be read in the order of their chronologies. This is how one can grasp the very essence of it. But it is not a compulsion, you can read the Psalms in a different order also. It is also advised to read the books in one sitting to catch the message in an efficient way. Some prefer to read book by book, while some prefer to read it in sections.

There are so many great messages to learn from the Psalms. One of them is from Psalm 23, which states that 'The Lord is the Shepherd I shall not want'. There are three truths in it. The first is 'The Lord' which denotes that God is the supreme being and no one is above him. The second is 'My Shepherd' which denotes God’s gentle nature, and also provides that anyone can approach him for help. And the third is 'I shall not want' which you can say only when you can say 'The Lord is my shepherd'.

After reading a psalm at the funeral, it ends with the word for the praise of God. People say 'This is the Gospel of the Lord, then Praise to You, O Christ'.

Do you know what the last word in the Bible is? It is Amen. And do you know what the word Amen stands for? Amen means ‘truly’, ‘it is true', and ‘let it be so’. This is one of the Hebrew words which was used as a confirmatory response. Amen has been used in the bible several times.

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