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Longest Living Cat Breeds You May Not Know About!

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Though cats don't really have nine lives, they are still quite long-lived!

Though cats live for around 15 years on average, it is not uncommon for many of them to make it to the age of 20. There are a number of natural factors which decide this, though extra efforts taken by owners greatly increase a cat's chances of living a longer, fuller life.

The breed of a kitten can greatly determine how long it may live, though its genetics and the care taken by its owner play a huge part as well. According to the 'Guinness World Records', the oldest cat to ever live was 38 years when she died and was taken great care of by her owner! All other cats on the list were reported to have a very good relationship and emotional bond with their humans, which led to them living beyond their 20th birthday! To learn more about the world's oldest cats, read on!

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Longest Living Cat Breeds

The breed of a cat plays a big role in determining how long it can live. Cats are amongst the most popular pets, and people seek cats that will spend a long time with them as loving members of their household.

Some of the cat breeds that live the longest are as follows.

Persian cats are beautiful, luxurious cats known for their soft, silky fur. Though they are known to live for more than 20 years, they are prone to a number of illnesses, which is why it is important to take good care of them, and taking them to the vet for regular checkups is essential.

Siamese cats, known for their distinct appearance, are muscular, posh-looking cats that can live for up to 15 years! They are very sweet and vocal, making great pets for cat lovers.

Balinese cats are very similar to their cousins, the Siamese cats. These cats are almost indistinguishable except for their long fur. They can live for between 15-20 years.

Burmese cats descend from Siamese cats, and they can live for between 20-25 years, having a quite long lifespan! They are indoor-only cats and are quite particular about their hygiene. The oldest Burmese cat ever reached its 35th birthday!

Oriental shorthair cats are very docile, obedient and are quite active. They can live for between 10-15 years.

Sphynx cats are hairless cats that can live for between 8-14 years. A Sphynx Devon-Rex cat reached 34 years of age and is the fifth oldest cat to have ever lived!

The Oldest Ever Cat In The World

According to the 'Guinness Book of World Records', the record for the world's oldest ever cat goes to Creme Puff, owned by Jake Perry of Austin, Texas. Creme was born on August 3, 1967, and died shortly after her 38th birthday on August 6, 2005, making her the oldest cat ever at 38 years and three days old.

Jake Perry of Texas was a very dedicated cat owner and ensured that Creme Puff was in top health. He attributed her long life to a special diet, which consisted of dry cat food along with turkey, eggs, broccoli, coffee, cream, and an eyedropper of red wine every day.

38-year-old Creme Puff was also given a lot of special attention by Perry and was kept active. The house was equipped with a special outdoor enclosure for his cats to run around with, and they were able to roam around the house and climb freely. They were also kept visually stimulated with documentaries and series in a special home theater that was built for them.

Creme Puff's owner, Jake Perry, also has a claim to the world's fifth oldest feline, Granpa Rexs Allen, who lived to be 34 years old. Rex, a Sphynx-Devon Rex of Texas, won the 1999 'Cat of the Year' award from a cats and kittens magazine posthumously.

The second, third, and fourth ever oldest cats were Baby, Puss, and Ma, a female tabby.

Orange cat scratching in yard.

The Average Lifespans of Cats

The average life of a domestic cat has been estimated to be between 12-15 years. In terms of human years, the first year of a cat's life is equal to 15 human years, the second year amounts to nine, and each additional year for the kitten after that tacks on around four years.

With this logic, a 21-year-old cat can be considered as a centenarian i.e. 100 years old! There are a few cats that have exceeded the 100-year mark and have lived long, fruitful lives.

A few tips to help your feline live past the average mark can be used. Though animal genetics are important, they only account for around 20-30% of whether your cat will lead a long life or not. Being an efficient pet owner and making sure to do all you can is also important to add to the longevity of your cat's life.

Make sure your cat remains active and playful by providing climbing perches, scratching posts, interactive gadgets, and toys to keep their mind sharp and curious. Exercise is even needed for senior cats, with a few chasing toys such as lasers recommended to keep them on their toes. Keep their litter boxes clean, and change out the insides regularly so that they do not contract any diseases or infections.

Keeping an eye on your cat's appearance can help to recognize signs of any health problems or medical concerns. Their hair should be thick, their eyes clear, and their nails clean. Anything that does not seem right must be discussed with a vet. A cat that reaches 20 years of age is most likely to have done so by being in the ideal weight range. Regular exercise and a vet-approved diet are very important to keep your feline friend healthy, even after their metabolism slows down due to old age. Their food and litter boxes can be kept in hard-to-reach places, which prompts them to move in order to access them.

Many long-lived cats have been reported to have a good relationship with their owner or with other pets in the house. Keeping a few cats together may prove beneficial for their health, as they will socialize well, keeping them happy and emotionally content. Owners who have an emotional bond with their kitten are also more likely to take better care of them, as they see them as companions rather than just pets.

How old is the oldest living cat?

It is unclear which cat currently holds the record for oldest living cat, though the last known contender, Rubble, recently passed away at the age of 31, according to the news. The British Maine Coon cat, who was born in 1989, was owned by Michele Heritage of Exeter, Devon, since she was 20 and would have been 150 in human years when he died! The longevity of Rubble's life has been put down to the love and pampering given to him by his owner, akin to what she would have given her own children. It is unknown which cat took over the record as the oldest living cat after Rubble died.

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