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19 'Mad Men' Facts To Know Everything About The Iconic Tv Show

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'Mad Men' is an acclaimed TV show.

The show ran for seven seasons and had 92 episodes. The only actor who was featured in all the episodes of the show happens to be Jon Hamm.

The world met Don Draper, the lead character of 'Mad Men', through its pilot episode. The story of a man who became one of the most influential creators of advertisements. His cut-throat and sly persona reeled the audience into knowing more. The glamorous show was inspired by the behavior seen in real ad agencies. Each episode took you deeper into the world of ad creators in New York and their hedonistic behaviors. The characters were played by actors who rose to fame with the launch of each season. Christina Wayne is credited for bringing together this incredible cast that effortlessly played their scenes. This addictive show is worth binge-watching, especially if you are interested in the ad industry! Even the former US President watched the third season and reportedly enjoyed it.

It's not surprising that such a magnificent show has many interesting tidbits to share. Continue reading to discover more about the characters, the audition process, awards, and seasons of the famous television show.

Cast And Characters In 'Mad Men'

A successful American television show, 'Mad Men' tells the story of Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency in New York. Part of the reason for its success was the well-developed characters. Here are some information about the most loved characters of the show.

Don Draper is the charismatic lead character of the show. With his suave persona, he is the successful co-founder of the ad agency. He is described as a master scammer and trickster. He is the glue that keeps the world of 'Mad Men' intriguing and exciting.

His childhood was not as glamorous. An illegitimate child, Don Draper spent his early years growing up in his uncle's brothel. He masked his past during the Korean War where he switched his identity with a lieutenant of the same name.

Don tricks Roger Sterling into believing that he offered Don a job in Sterling Cooper. This is how his journey as an ad king began.

Roger Sterling is the son of the co-founder of Sterling Cooper. He joined the company after his multiple positions in the military. He has had a turbulent personal life having many short-lived relationships.

He is a heart patient and has been shown to suffer from multiple heart attacks. This also leads to Don being offered a partnership in the advertisement agency. Together with Don, Roger created a new company that kept the original employees of the previous agency.

Peggy Olson is Don's secretary. The memorable character was played by Elisabeth Moss. She may have started as a secretary but was later promoted to copywriter. She has many romantic partners but has never been married.

Betty Draper is Don's ex-wife. She met Don when she was working as a model for a print ad where Don was working as a copywriter. She had two children with Don, Sally, and Bobby. This fictional character was played by January Jones.

Awards And Nominations

'Mad Men' ran for seven seasons and has 92 episodes. Since the pilot episode, the show has garnered positive attention worldwide for its storyline and cast. The weekly television show and its actors have gained a lot of prominent awards and nominations.

'Mad Men' has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards 116 times out of which they won 16 awards.

The actors, writers, and other creators have been awarded in multiple categories at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

'Mad Men' has the record for being the first show to win the Outstanding Drama Series four times out of the eight times it was nominated. In 2008, the show made history by gaining this award and became the first cable show to win it in its first season.

At the BAFTA awards, the show has been nominated in the International series category. They won the Best International show award in 2009 and 2010.

Main actors and other cast members have been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards from 2008 to 2016. The cast won multiple times in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series category.

They have won the TV Program of the Year award at the AFI Awards, USA every year since its inception.

The show is the winner of the One Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Television Series category at the Art Directors Guild from 2008 to 2016. The show has also gained several nominations and wins at the Critics Choice Television Awards.

They have also won multiple awards at the Golden Globes. The categories include Best Television Series - Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama.

This is a critically acclaimed show and this has been proved multiple times. They have been nominated for the Television Critics Association Awards in multiple categories.

The final season of 'Mad Men' is the seventh season.

Behind The Scenes Facts

There are a lot of behind the scenes facts about the 'Mad Men'. In fact, the show also shot many behind the scene videos and put in online for the fans. Here is a look at some interesting facts about the script, actors, writers, costumes, and more.

John Hamm who plays the role of Don Draper knew the monologues of the character by heart. Why? Because he had to audition several times before he was finally selected to play the iconic role.

Apple juice, ice tea, and onion juice were consumed by the cast on the show.

January Jones, who played Betty Draper, originally auditioned for the role of Peggy Olson.

Clothes, decor, art, and other props used by the show went to become a popular trend as per the lead actors.

John Slattery who plays Roger Sterling originally auditioned to play Draper. However, he was offered the role of Roger instead.

Since the pilot episode of 'Mad Men', the show has become one of the most critically acclaimed television shows. All the episodes give you a fictional insight into the cut-throat world of advertising. Apart from the professional aspect, the writers have done a brilliant job in exposing the private lives of the rich and successful in New York.


Is 'Mad Men' based on a true story?

'Mad Men's script is inspired by the events that took place in a real ad agency.

What is wrong with Draper's wife?

Betty Draper has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Who plays Don Draper in 'Mad Men'?

Jonathan Daniel Hamm plays Don Draper in 'Mad Men'.

How many seasons does 'Mad Men' have?

'Mad Men' had seven seasons.

Why did 'Mad Men' end?

'Mad Men' ended because its writer Matthew Weiner refused to continue.

When did 'Mad Men' start?

The show started on July 19, 2007.

Where is 'Mad Men' filmed?

'Mad Men' may have been based in New York but it was shot in Los Angeles.

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