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About Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106–43 BCE) was a prominent Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher, and writer who played a significant role during the political crises that led to the Roman Empire's establishment. Born into a well-to-do equestrian family, Cicero was educated in Rome and Greece, and his career saw him serve as praetor, quaestor, consul, and proconsul.

In 63 BCE, Cicero delivered a powerful speech revealing Catiline's plan for a violent coup. This led to the Senate declaring martial law and the execution of the plotters. Cicero was honored as 'Pater Patriae', meaning 'Father of The Country', for his actions.

As a writer, Cicero contributed significantly to Latin literature, with his works encompassing a wide range of genres. He is renowned as a foremost Roman orator and pioneer of Ciceronian rhetoric. His philosophical works, while not considered groundbreaking, provide valuable insights into the leading philosophical schools of his day.

Childhood And Education

Marcus Tullius Cicero was born in 106 BCE in Arpinum, Italy, to a wealthy landowner also named Marcus Tullius Cicero, and his mother, Helvia. He had a brother named Quintus Tullius Cicero. Cicero's father, a semi-invalid, could not enter public life and compensated by studying extensively.

From a young age, Cicero and his brother Quintus showed a keen interest in philosophy and public speaking, studying the writings in their father's library. Recognizing their interests, their father took them to Rome for a superior education.

Cicero was educated in Rome and Greece, and he did military service in 89 BCE under Pompeius Strabo. Cicero's childhood and education were marked by his intellectual curiosity and his early exposure to philosophy and rhetoric, which would later shape his career as a statesman, lawyer, scholar, and writer.

Family And Relationship

Marcus Tullius Cicero's partner was Terentia, whom he likely married in 79 BCE. She was instrumental in Cicero's political life both as a benefactor and as a fervent supporter. The marriage ended in divorce around 45 BCE.

After Cicero's divorce from Terentia, he married a young girl, Publilia, who had been his ward. However, the marriage did not last long.

Marcus Tullius Cicero had two children: a daughter named Tullia, and a son named Marcus Tullius Cicero Minor.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Marcus Tullius Cicero played a pivotal role in the events that paved the way for the Roman Empire. Renowned as one of Rome's most skilled orators and prose writers, his impact on the Latin language was significant.

Cicero served as consul in 63 BCE and as governor of Cilicia from 51-50 BCE. In 63 BCE, Cicero delivered a powerful speech revealing Catiline's plan for a violent coup. This led to the Senate declaring martial law and the execution of the plotters. Cicero was named 'pater patriae', meaning 'father of the country', for his service to the republic.

In 60 BCE, Julius Caesar offered Cicero a place in his alliance with Pompey and Marcus Licinius Crassus, later known as the First Triumvirate. Cicero declined, fearing it would undermine the Roman Republic.

Cicero received his education in philosophy from three notable teachers: the Epicurean Phaedrus, the Stoic Diodotus, and Philo of Larissa from the Academic school, covering the major philosophical schools of his time. He introduced the Romans to the chief schools of Greek philosophy and created a Latin philosophical vocabulary. His philosophical writings include treatises on rhetoric, philosophy, and politics, and he wrote more than three-quarters of extant Latin literature that is known to have existed in his lifetime.

Notably, he also had a law career; Cicero began his career in law under the tutelage of Scaevola, the greatest lawyer of his time. His law career saw him defend Sextus Roscius, leading to his acquittal, among other notable cases.

Cicero's writings constitute one of the most renowned collections of historical and philosophical work in all of classical antiquity. Also, Cicero wrote and received many letters, much of them addressed to his friend the knight, Titus Pomponius Atticus, essentially introducing the art of refined letter writing to European culture. His works on rhetoric, such as 'De Inventione' and 'De Oratore', represent his major contribution to the theory of (Latin) rhetoric.

Although he was an accomplished orator and successful lawyer, Cicero believed his political career was his most important achievement. This is perhaps because his political career provided him with several opportunities to influence the trajectory of Ancient Rome.

Other Interesting Marcus Tullius Cicero Facts And Trivia

  • Cicero fled Rome in 58 BCE after Publius Clodius Pulcher enacted a law that banished anyone who had executed a Roman citizen without trial, which targeted Cicero for his actions during the Catilinarian conspiracy in 63 BCE.
  • During the civil war between Caesar and Pompey, Cicero tried to uphold republican principles. However, these efforts were mostly in vain, and Rome still transitioned from a republic to an empire.
  • Cicero's death was by assassination in 43 BCE, on the orders of Mark Antony, a political rival. After his death, Cicero's head and hands were taken to Rome and nailed to the rostra in the Roman Forum, a platform from which he had often spoken.

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