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Marvel Wolverine Facts: Get To Know The Superhero Better

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Wolverine, or as we know him, Logan, is a rather curious Marvel character.

As is common with comic book heroes, the character history of Logan was not always well defined. Initially made as a way of targeting the Canadian fanbase, Logan went on to win hearts all around the globe.

The fame and popularity of Wolverine as a Marvel character is such that the writers had to eventually scratch their heads and come up with a proper storyline regarding the character and how he came to have such claws. The story that they came up with was that he was a part of the Weapon X program.

Through the years, this Canadian superhero has been a part of several Marvel comics and movies. The actor Hugh Jackman is synonymous with the character and brings great emotions to the big screen when playing Logan. If you have been sad about Hugh Jackman not being Wolverine anymore, try reading these facts to cheer yourself up.

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Indestructible Facts About Wolverine

Wolverine is a very famous Marvel character and for all the right reasons. With his adamantium claws and a body that seems to be nearly indestructible, Wolverine is a great addition to Marvel teams and the company has benefitted greatly from the sheer fanbase that the character brings with it itself.

It is believed that Wolverine's body had a healing factor, which makes him nearly indestructible and adds to the awe that fans and admirers feel when they read the comic books or simply admire the grace and rage that Hugh Jackman brings to the role with his acting.

One of the Wolverine fun facts is that his adamantium skeleton and other immunological factors make him a superhero that cannot really be killed. If you follow Marvel comics closely, you will realize that Wolverine has survived some situations that we would have definitely not found ourselves out of in a single piece.

Since his body is partly made of an indestructible metal known as adamantium, any injuries or scars can easily be healed. So far, Wolverine has managed to be beaten up by giants such as Hulk and still managed to survive. He was introduced as a villain in 'The Incredible Hulk' 1974 issue.

In one of the episodes involving this great anti-hero, Wolverine regrew his entire body from a single drop of blood. This shows that the man could stand pretty much anything. In this episode, our favorite Marvel character was caught in a bad situation with some aliens and got completely annihilated. It is therefore only a matter of time that Marvel can manage to pull something of the likes on the big screen and make the theatres come alive with some hooting and wooing!

One of the rather fascinating facts is that Wolverine was not always this man. As a child, Wolverine is said to have been skinny and weak. The writers of the comics took a fair bit of time in order to develop the historical storyline that Wolverine would later go on to fit.

In the first issue that Wolverine appeared in, the writers used him as an anti-hero who would fight Hulk. Hulk had entered Canada and Wolverine being a Canadian character would bring joy to the fans there and would also help in skyrocketing sales in the region.

Over time, the character gained unmatched fandom and the team of writers was forced to create a character history of such a great hero. Wolverine movies, for the longest time, only lay emphasis on his mutant abilities and not the place of their origin. It was in a series named Origin, released in the early 2000s, that the Marvel universe clarified how and when Wolverine came to be such a mutant.

Superpowers Of Wolverine

When Roy Thomas approached writer Len Wein for the making of a Canadian character that would bring some joy to the Canadian Marvel fanbase, the initial idea was that the character would be short-lived and therefore would not require much of a historical context.

In the initial briefing of the character, Roy Thomas suggested that Wolverine be a skinny and young boy, just like Spiderman. However, this was not to be. When Len Wein was given the power to mold the character to his liking, the rather severe-looking, old Wolverine emerged.

Nearly none of the original plans about the character were sustained. The idea was to say that the Wolverine origins could be linked to the High Evolutionary. Even though Len Wein denies such claims, there have been many editions that suggest that this character would be nothing but a highly evolved wolverine.

What we later got was a storyline in the series named Origin. According to this, a stalky and weak boy named James Howlett volunteered for the Weapon X program. This program was known to have been an off-shoot of the program that made Captain America come into being.

In the Weapon X program, the aim was to make Wolverine the world's greatest fighter. In order to do so, his bone structure received an installation of an indestructible metal known as adamantium. The retractable claws that we see on Wolverine now are products of this installation, as well as the animal rage that makes them pop out.

For years, it was believed both by fans and writers that the claws were just a part of the Wolverine costume. However, as the need to develop the character further and give it some more depth presented itself, the bone claws came to be defined as ones that could vanish completely inside the hero's knuckles.

In the movie 'Logan', people could be seen crying for more reasons than just one. Not only was it the last movie featuring Wolverine, or at least the last one that would have Hugh Jackman in the titular role, but it also humanized the character and showed how he bled every time the claws came out.

Wolverine's DNA was altered in the program and his memory was also erased. This made him an unwavering part of the X force. However, the writing team at Marvel has done an excellent job at making the emotions in such a severe character shine out and take the limelight.

One of the great facts about Wolverine is that he had a son named Daken.

Origin Of Wolverine

As much as we would want to believe that Wolverine had always been like this, the adamantium claws did not pop out of his hands until late in his life. Wolverine had a troublesome childhood. He was a skinny and sickly boy, who was fathered by a rich plantation owner. However, he was not Wolverine's father.

His real father was someone else named Thomas Logan, who was the groundskeeper. Late in his life when his real father killed the man that nurtured him all his life, the adamantium claws made their first appearance. We can only imagine what the boy would have felt when such claws suddenly popped out in a fit of rage and anger.

It was X-Men writer Chris Claremont that decided that the claws would add much more to the character if they could retract completely inside the skin, and made Wolverine do so in Uncanny X-Men. This can be understood as a new era in the development of the character and the rest remains to be etched in history.

Facts About X-Men

In the Marvel universe, there are more than 10 different types of adamantium metal. In Wolverine's body, the ninth kind of adamantium was used.

One of the Wolverine Marvel fun facts is that the character first had retractable claws in the Uncanny X-Men. Before this, the claws were believed to be a part of the costume.

A Wolverine fact that you may not have known is that there are certain substances in the world that Wolverine will not be able to survive, or at least would have a tough time recovering from. Such substances would include the Muramasa blade and carbonadium.

Did you know that Wolverine and Spiderman's minds were once swapped by the infamous Jean Grey!

He was intended to be a villain in the first 1974 comic in which he featured.

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