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15 Mind-Blowing Wind Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

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Wind energy has become one of the highly prevalent renewable sources of energy. 

In this growing world, where energy consumption has increased, one cheap renewable energy available is wind energy. Wind power is at present one of the best alternative sources of energy. 

Wind energy or wind power has become one of the most widely used resources used by various energy departments to generate electricity in different regions. And we can indeed say that this renewable electricity source is a clean source of power and is being used for all the good reasons. In addition to that, wind energy is one pollution-free way to harness electricity. In fact, due to its mass production and different types of government subsidiaries, wind power has become an affordable energy source like never before.

You might be thinking this form of energy is new, but the truth is it's not. It is not really a completely new thing but has garnered popularity in recent years. This form of energy is also useful nowadays because it does not contaminate the environment. It is also inexhaustible, reducing the use of fossil fuels. All these things have led to an increase in the demand for wind projects, not just for commercial usage but also for mass production in different rural areas.

After reading all these things about wind energy, you might like to know more about wind turbines, wind farms, wind speeds, offshore wind, and all other wind facts. Then here we have collected all the possible facts about wind energy for you. 

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Offshore Wind Facts 

Offshore wind energy or planetary wind power is the energy that is taken from the force of the strongest winds flowing out at sea. These strong winds are then captured by different wind turbines that have blades and are located at the shore. Consequently, they are supplied to the plants made by the energy department to supply or generate electricity production.

One of the fantastic offshore wind facts you might not be aware of is that this wind energy has the power to deliver a huge amount of clean and renewable energy to fulfill the electricity needs of the cities near the United States coastlines. 

The wind industry has also adapted offshore wind power to harness energy, and thus some of the largest turbines are being installed near the different coastlines of the United States and Australia. As the air moves in with high pressure, the turbine towers start their process of generating electricity. The amazing thing about offshore wind energy is that the wind turbines that are used in this process are high and extremely tall so that they capture the strongest winds possible from the offshore area. In fact, the blades of these offshore wind turbines can be as huge as a football field. This is also one of the major reasons why offshore wind turbine blades suffer logistical challenges during transportation. But these large wind blowing blades are also significant because only they can produce more and more electricity. Besides that, one thing you might find extraordinary but is absolutely true is that offshore wind turbines can float.

Wind Energy Facts 

Wind energy is here to stay, and we know how it plays a key role in protecting natural fuels and acting as a great source of renewable energy. Yet, the history of wind energy dates back many years. In 200 BCE, in Persia and China, this energy form was used for crushing and grinding grains, sailing ships, and pumping water.

Not just this, the first modern turbines that were available on the earth's surface were built in Vermont in the year the 1940s to trade winds for energy. So you can see the growth momentum of wind power since the time it was used by ancient mariners and till now. All turbines installed in different or same location spots do not require water for their functioning, and this is the only form of energy that doesn't require help from this natural resource.

It was also noticed that wind energy provided electricity to various small business areas, rural communities, and wind farms of California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont. This is also one of the primary reasons why various countries are now focussing on installing turbine towers so that they can easily power up their nations without exploiting the natural resources. 

Wind Turbine Pros and Cons 

One of the biggest pros of wind power from turbines is that the wind energy generated from a wind turbine is a clean energy source and does not harm the environment at any cost.

It is a great option to be used as a domestic energy source for electricity in different households and commercial locations. But with good things come specific cons as well. The initial cost for installing wind turbines is really quite expensive, especially if you want to connect it with your power lines. Another con that often gets ignored about wind power generated from turbines is that they can negatively harm the wildlife. 

If we talk again about the pros, wind turbine energy is sustainable, cost-effective, free fuel, and has low operating costs. All these pros also help in contributing to local and rural communities. As it works with the supply of wind, there is no expense of fuel cost. However, all these wind turbines are only available in remote areas as they are a bit noisy. In fact, many people do not like the way they look, and thus they do not choose to install wind turbines in their wind farms.

Hot air turbines installed help in producing wind energy.

Wind Turbine Facts 

The wind turbine is a great piece of equipment that has blades to capture the kinetic energy of wind, and then the shaft connected to it transfers motion to generate wind speed that will directly induce a huge amount of electricity. You may not know, but a wind turbine produces electricity up to 2681-4021.4 hp (2-3 MW). According to scientific reports, the average wind turbine has an efficiency of 20-30%. This is also the reason why the wind industry is employing more and more laborers to work in different wind farms. 

Most of the wind turbines that are installed in a wind farm have three blades and have a height of up to 300 ft (91.4 m). In addition to that, the usage of these wind turbines also reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide by almost 138 t (125 mt). A 2011 study also found that wind energy is one of the most economical sources if the turbines are placed about 15 rotor diameters apart.

Since wind energy is one form of solar energy, we can also call it solar wind energy. The reliable advantages of wind power surely make it one of the widely used renewable power sources in various countries. So, if you really want to make a difference, think about these wind facts and switch to this renewable energy source if possible and start using the electricity generated by these wind speeds. 

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